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Jackson Doctor Didn't Live at Michael's Place

8/15/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray was not living at Michael Jackson's home when the singer died.

As we first reported, paramedics found Jackson in Dr. Murray's room. The doctor had administered Propofol to Jackson while Michael was laid out on the bed.

When EMT workers arrived -- and subsequently when police came on scene -- there was no evidence that the doctor had been staying in the room. There was no luggage, no clothes of Dr. Murray's ... no signs he had been staying there.

Authorities believe Dr. Murray generally showed up in the evenings to administer drugs and left during the day. We're told the doctor had administered Propofol to Jackson in the room numerous times. Essentially the bedroom became a home clinic for Jackson, with drugs -- including Propofol -- hidden in the closet area.

As for where Dr. Murray was staying, law enforcement sources say they have evidence he was living in Santa Monica -- approximately eight miles from Jackson's Holmby Hills home. Interestingly, Nicole Alvarez -- the woman who bore Dr. Murray's 7th child -- lives in a Santa Monica apartment.


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please people give it a rest.........You have all slandered Dr. Murray enough. You don't have all the facts, and considering this investigation is sealed how are any of you really getting facts. And not just made up stories. I will laugh so hard when the investigation is over and it shows that Dr. Murray did nothing wrong. The fact that MJ had several dozen doctors on his payroll suppling him with anything and everything MJ wanted. Theres a very good chance that Dr. Murray didn't know of all the drugs mj consumed, therefore he wouldn't have known if there would be adverse reactions. do you all really believe mj had nothing to with his own death ? do you really believe this is a consipracy to point the finger at anyone and everyone but Michael Jackson ! I know many a drug addict, and none of them compare to this drug addict. But then money was never a problem for him to obtain these drugs. he was a full fledged drug addict who consumed thousands of pills every month, he was in total control of his usage. nothing was shoved down his throat, and you all are sadly gullible enough to believe anything thats in the news about this man. until the coroner's office makes a statement and the investigation is wrapped up, stop making ASSumptions about Dr. Murray.

1859 days ago


Of course Dr. Murray did not live with MJ. We already heard Ms. Kai Chase, Michael's chef, that Doctor always came in the evening and left in the morning.

1859 days ago


What we know for sure is that Murray, a cardiologist, not an anaesthesiologist, administered Propofol to Jackson, that's a fact. He had no right to do that, plus he should have monitored Jackson, which he also failed to do, whether he fell asleep or left home or went out to make a phone call (Murray told he couldn't call emergency earlier becuase there were problems with telephones, but had no problems with calling his girl-friend????). So, this man is definitely in trouble.
I have just one question. If he has such bad financial situation, where does he get money from to pay for the lawyers???? He asked Mark Geragos to defend him (E!news), but Geragos declined this proposition, because of the conflict of interests. Geragos also told E!mews, that the only way to defend Murray is to try to present Jackson as a long-term addict, which Geragos could not do because it's not ethical and not true.
So, where Murray get money to pay for all the high profile lawyers he is going to hire now, if he's fully in debt?

1859 days ago


We already know the doctor's program from chef Kai Chase.

1859 days ago


1859 days ago


34. Let's remember that's it the doc's lawyer who has provided much of the info.. alll but admitting that the doc gave MJ Diprivan and now admitting that the doc LEFT the room while it was being given. Even if we were given NO other information from lawmakers' leaks, the info from the doc's camp is enough to get his license stripped and a hefty malpractice settlement. Guess he will have to go back to selling those supercaffienated drinks to other countries cuz he will be MR. Murray, not DR. Murray. With any luck he will be PRISONOR Murray sooner rather than later.

Not a SINGLE medical expert thinks/says that the Diprivan was used in a medically safe environment. Using you OWN words, the doc was in CONTROL of whether or not he agreed to give the Diprivan, no one forced him to hook MJ up to the fatal dose.
Too bad Murray didn't get a longer jail sentence for not paying child support...maybe then he would not have been available to be hired and MJ wouldn't have been killed.

1859 days ago


I remember in the beginning it was reported that Dr. Murray had left Michael house when the paramedics arrived, but it seems to me that if this is true Dr. Murray would have enough time to remove any drugs,luggage,clothes and etc.

1859 days ago


i just wonder if this dr is an addict also.who would be so f..ked up to leave your patient to make phone calls

1859 days ago


Michael Jackson is now a frozen popsicle...what flavor?

1859 days ago


I believe Dr. Murray the no good bastard, either was talking to his baby mama or he actually left in the middle of the night, came back before the chef and found Michael dead. One report said he found Michael around 9.22 am pst, when he checked on him after making phone calls to his family and staff, note another article stated he called his staff instructing them to go to his storage 3 hours before calling paramedics, he called the paramedics around 12:22. Why isn't his ass in JAIL, hell if the police believe you stole a candy bar they lock you up and give you a bail. THROW HIS NO GOOD, GREEDY, NO PAYING BILLS, BABY MAKING FOOL ASS IN JAIL. I have never hated someone so much in my life including the UGLY, LYING DR. Klein.

1859 days ago


32 - Lunarscope is at it again.

1859 days ago


i dont understand how in the world with as many staff members that was in that house no one saw or heard anything??? i dont bleive that!!! i believe dr murray left the house to go to his babies moma and when he returned mj was gone, and he just played everything out from he didnt live there they say he was just there everynight to put him uncer and then he left to go to the closet place to mjs ..why in the world is this doc practicing anything, he was not qualified for any medical precedures he didnt even know how to perform mj-sue from tampa

1859 days ago


THIS guy is a lying POS!.....he didn't live there..he WORKED there...the night shift so I am pretty sure he knew the address since he went there nightly to give MJ deadly propofol....LAPD...arrest this creep already....he killed the king of pop!
RIP Michael....We love you more!

1859 days ago

I love you more michael    

The good doctor was laughing at michael Jackson like his pic when he administered the drug and leave.Poor michael.

1859 days ago

welc ome    

Look at all the things that point to disregard for humane life.
1. the drug
2. not calling 911
3. leaving the room
4. not having proper equipment to safeguard a life.
5. wrong cpr
6. smuggling the drug from vegas to CA
7. having beady red eyes
8. having only one picture on the internet
9. That letter to his patients was just a cover for murder.

1859 days ago
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