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Jackson Doctor Didn't Live at Michael's Place

8/15/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray was not living at Michael Jackson's home when the singer died.

As we first reported, paramedics found Jackson in Dr. Murray's room. The doctor had administered Propofol to Jackson while Michael was laid out on the bed.

When EMT workers arrived -- and subsequently when police came on scene -- there was no evidence that the doctor had been staying in the room. There was no luggage, no clothes of Dr. Murray's ... no signs he had been staying there.

Authorities believe Dr. Murray generally showed up in the evenings to administer drugs and left during the day. We're told the doctor had administered Propofol to Jackson in the room numerous times. Essentially the bedroom became a home clinic for Jackson, with drugs -- including Propofol -- hidden in the closet area.

As for where Dr. Murray was staying, law enforcement sources say they have evidence he was living in Santa Monica -- approximately eight miles from Jackson's Holmby Hills home. Interestingly, Nicole Alvarez -- the woman who bore Dr. Murray's 7th child -- lives in a Santa Monica apartment.


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Dr. Murray was a inpet doctor. He might be ok for cadiology,but he was probally told by Dr.Thome Thome how to administer the Diprvin to Jacko,and he just could not get that right even. Thome Thome frightens me more than Murray.

1859 days ago


Reply to #32, It is illegal to have that done to a child in the U.S. If Michael was aware of his condition why was he trying to have a baby with his wife Lisa Marie? And for those who believe Michael was afraid of sex or asexual I don't believe it, Lisa Marie said he was a passionate lover, I don't believe Lisa Marie would have stayed in a sexless marriage for close to 3 years.

Please note also his brothers voice is still very soft too, not as soft as Michael's but there voice is soft.

1859 days ago


TMZ posts this old news because they need the hits. MJ generates the most interest and hits which translates to money to pay for those law enforcement leaks.

1859 days ago


I think I knew that a while back when this first happened TMZ. It was reported that he would go there in the evenings. Slow reporting today? This is not new news.

1859 days ago


TMZ posts this old news because they need the hits. MJ generates the most interest and hits which translates to money to pay for those law enforcement leaks.

1859 days ago


Conrad will be living in the big house soon, San Quentin.

1859 days ago


The truth is if you take the name Michael Jackson out of the equation - a man died . A certified cardiologist bought a medicine that should only be sold to anestheologist to be used in a hospital setting with proper cardiac monitors and back up medicines. This doctor failed to follow any of those proceedures. A man died. The doctor left his patient unattended in a blatant disregard for the care of his patient. A man died. A man died here because this doctor couldn't be bothered to follow the rules. Whether or not Michael Jackson used other drugs seems to be secondary to that fact. This doctor also has been said to have given him demerol shots. A man died.
Can anyone say murder 2 and wrongful death?

1859 days ago


Here's a good article to read, long with good information that will explain a lot:

Authorities Facing Tough Challenges in Michael Jackson Case
By Howard Breuer
Originally posted Saturday August 15, 2009 12:10 PM EDT,,20298137,00.html

1859 days ago


62. Good comment.

1859 days ago


TMZ must you put keep putting that picture of the the Bebe Momma out there. I doubt if this is the stage of how she wants to be introduced to the world.
Note to Gold Diggers: Be careful out there. You see how you can get caught up and it ain't even gotta be your fault.

1859 days ago


Would the person posting the foolish Nobel Peace Prize campaign attempting to name Michael Jackson as a prospect - stop it already. He is dead and does not qualify. He was a chronic drug addict and kook. Money from the sale of his music does not buy him the respect of Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Nobel would not only be rolling in his grave - he'd be doing somersaults over someone as gross as MJ being honored with a Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps Dr. A-hole Klein could establish a North American Man/Boy Love Association prize just for MJ. They could name it the NAMBLA PIECE PRIZE

Hey, that baby mama is typical of wannabe look-I'ma-Hottie. Females like her think we are impressed that they wear the look of M-O-N-E-Y. Actually, I think that they look like they should no longer qualify as a special interest minority. They have equal opportunities to be doctors and celebrities with expensive tastes just like the white entertainers. What do they do for their community?

1859 days ago


i don't care where he was or why he left Michael alone. bottom line is Murray gave him the propofol and Murray left Michael alone under the influence! Murray murdered Michael Jackson and i will believe that in my heart till i die.

1859 days ago


Whereas only certain people can nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize and the person must be living.

1859 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!
We all want to be with you, Michael. Love you with all of our
hearts, souls, brains, and beings........Your true fans.

1859 days ago


#8, I had to look. You and anyone else signing or agreeing with this "petition" need counseling, and quickly.

The truth will come out one way or another, and that right soon. But you've got to hang on to verifiable realities in the meanwhile.

It isn't a matter of hating or loving MJ. Take care of YOURSELF.

1859 days ago
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