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President Obama Graduates to the Hard Stuff

8/16/2009 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack and Micelle ObamaLike a college student who turns 21, President Barack Obama has moved on from beer to hard liquor.

President Obama and the First Fam visited Macayo's in Phoenix last night to celebrate the president's half sister's birthday. We talked to the restaurant who told us that in addition to having the triple fajitas, Michelle and Barack each had a Tres Margarita -- made with Sauza Tres Generaciones Plata Tequila, Presidente Brandy (fitting), and Patron Citronge.

His bill ran around $200 -- and he tipped each waitress 20% and an additional $100 each.

You'll remember, Obama downed a Bud Light when he met with VP Joe Biden, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the man who arrested him -- Police Sergeant James Crowley.


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While I really don't agree with much of what he does, I must admit that Macayo's is absolutely delish. I can't imagine how one could rack up such a bill there, as they are reasonably priced. Must have been more than four people. Macayo's is a fun environment, really good food and margaritas too! Maybe he will come to his senses when drinking...!

1894 days ago


What do you expect people. He doesn't do anything anyway.

1894 days ago


Very good analogy by Hater to quote the Maya Angelou Poem "Hater"
It is so simple minded that these people TMZ alike to sit and judge, ridicule, disect the lives of not only the stars, but this president. All those who have so much to criticize this president about are those who are angry that there is a black president. Everything he does is scrutinized from his jeans to his drink. It's unfortunate that people still can't get past their differences to the point that they'd wish this man would fail in his attempt to make change in American. Has it not occurred to you Rush Limbaugh idiots that rhetoric like that is the reason that we are in the situation that we are in, and that to wish that this president fails includes all Americans. George Bush and others initiated this recession along with the greeds of other presidents in the past, President Obama has obtained the bulk of all of the past presidents mistakes and therefore, as a black president, he will take responsibility now and after he leaves office, because of idiotic and unsubstantiated reporting such as this. Anger and hate are so powerful and is always used by idiots. We all need to pray because whatever happens during and after President Obama leaves office is all in Gods hands, something those same people who wish harm on others don't seem to recognize or respect either.

1894 days ago


and all you OTHER Obama haters: LOLOL You idiots are worried about the President having a drink at dinner...big deal. Bush Boy used to suck them down in teh White House before he left office!! Why do you think his wife left him?

And you are even more idiotic to think the secret service took over the whole restaurant for the president. Think again.

ANd my how all you morons FORGET that our problems started NOT WITH OBAMA - but with the LAST PRESIDENT!!!!! The Drunk!!

It's also obvious none of you have ever gone out to dinner with a group of people. $200 is pretty reasonable.

1894 days ago


G-d some of you people are stupid!!! And nasty!!!

My guess half of you are young 20-somethings that do nothing all day but text message and think you are contributing something by saying nasty things about the President.

Grow up, all of you.

1894 days ago


I am down with Obama but, he shouldn't be drinking. Anything can happen at any time and he will need to be fully mentally prepared to deal. It really isn't that much to ask.

And to the haters... we always have something we hate about every president. Bush was a hot mess. Obama hasn't been in office long enough. Give the man a break. Write him... he listens. Don't complain from your couch. Let him know how his decision affect your life.

Anywho... I am down on him too. But I put my two cents in. HOW DARE HE GIVE MONEY TO THE VERY COMPANIES THAT SQUANDERED IT. He should have given the american people, me, the money. Heck we are all in the same position. Give us the money and we will pay our creditors. Trickle up affect. ;-) But... it is what it is... he was not advised properly. At least we are not at war because of it.

1894 days ago


No wonder Obama doesn't have time to do anything but run his mouth...he's always too busy having fun.

1894 days ago


Some of you haters have real issues! Holy Crap, step back and read your hateful comments and if you're not just a bit embarasssed by them, then you are beyond redemption or just plain old dumb. Like him or not, voted for him or not, let the man eat or drink wtf he wants.

1894 days ago


oh gosh and golly. THEY are SUCH an every day, just like you and me couple. WOOOOOOOOOOOW!! now, if i could have the same healthcare coverage as they do then all would be even better!!!!

1894 days ago


I think it's very generous. Waitresses and waiters make FAR under minimum wage and earn their living on tips. It's his money - he earned it and is sharing his good fortune. Maybe that $100 was the difference between buying school supplies for their children or not. Good for him! If he would have left a tip that was under 20%, everyone would be screaming he's cheap. Guy is darned if he does, darned if he doesn't. Give him a break!

1894 days ago

Kim long can continue blaming everything on the previous president? How can you deny that things haven't gotten worse since Obama took office. Will it take one year, two years, three years or four, for you to admit that the situation in our country can no longer be blamed on someone else? The truth is becoming more apparent to more people.

1894 days ago


i would have drank at LEAST that much if they'd ruined my night by being there when I was. How scary. I live in Arizona. Have they left the state yet ? hope so-
and what is this new crap of tracking posters here on this site ??? suddenly my fake name and real email address are required. hey f-you, no right to privacy even on this weird site ?

1894 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

He didn't drive afterwards, did he? All is well.

1894 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hey annie, aren't you late for your Klan meeting? And since you hate this site so much, why don't you wander off to Faux News and practice your racism and lie telling there.

1894 days ago


i dont see where its a big deal. name one president that didnt throw one back now and again. just because hes the president doesnt mean that hes impervious to having to have releasing moments to releive stress from the days work. People really do need to stop putting so much thought into the private lives of celebrities regardless of what genera they come from to hold said title. whats the issue. theyre still human beings who have real lives. just because they have an image to uphold because of their jobs doesnt mean that they dont have the right to privacy. the ability to go out and release tensions as anyone else would. go to dinner alone or with anyone else. go to a football game. the beach. or even have the privacy to smoke a bowl in the privacy of my own home. its no wonder so many act out so often or get in trouble for doing something 'immoral' in public such as picking my nose or jogging down the street. but these are public places. but when what happened to george clooney recently happened... theres a problem. a big one because of the 13 year old. and thats in italy. why is it that this law does not exist in america with its so called rights. it should. bottom line is this. who cares. theyre just like us but with better paying jobs. still get stressed. still need to unwind. get off their backs.

1894 days ago
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