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Obama Girls -- Mighty Morphin Jr. Park Rangers

8/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Their father is the President, their mom is the First Lady, and now the Obama girls have a title of their own: Junior Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park.

Obama Girls

The First Family
made the trip to Grand Canyon National Park over the weekend. Scott Kraynak -- the Park Ranger who gave the Obamas their tour -- told us Malia and Sasha were fast-tracked into the Jr. Rangers program since they only had one day to do it ... one of the perks you get for being the spawn of the most powerful man on the planet.

Scott said Sasha was made an honorary Coyote and Malia an honorary Scorpion -- the girls even received their very own Jr. Ranger patches for their accelerated accomplishments.

As for President Obama, Scott said he was genuinely interested in learning about the park and kept asking him all sorts of questions about it.

It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things.


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leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

Check out the girl on the right digging for gold in her nose. Shes up to the knuckle.

1861 days ago


Gee another vacation..He should go with Mayor Vagigrossa some where. Make it a long one

1861 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"It was BUSH'S fault I couldn't fix the economy!!!"

---Obama on his last day in office, 2013

1861 days ago


Really, you would think the first lady would have a little pride in the way she dresses in public! She looks like she's ready to wash the car or work in the yard. So classless! She really needs to look at previous first ladies' attire as she doesn't seem to have a clue. Doesn't she have a personal staff that includes someone to fill her in on proper etiquette? She is an embarrassment!

1861 days ago


It's nice to see that we can afford to send the family on vacation, while the rest of us try to figure out how to buy food, clothing , school supplies, gasoline, and pay the electric bill this month. Where the hell is that women from Tampa, Fl, that said if Obama got it he would take care of us. I'm still waiting because he hasn't paid one of my bills yet, or maybe I should just quit the 3 jobs I have to work to see if that is how her system planned to work.

1861 days ago


"It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things."

I wish he would take some time to learn the American people don't want his brand of change. Buyers remorse... good god, I can't wait until we vote his ass out of office.

1861 days ago

just wondering    

"It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things."
Most, if not all, of our Presidents already KNEW about the National Park System, and KNEW how many states there are, and KNEW enough not to bow to a middle-east ruler, and KNEW that police doing their jobs are not "acting stupidly", etc., etc. As good old Joe Biden said, the Oval Office is NOT the place for on-the-job training!

1861 days ago


yeah, i really like how he took time to "learn the facts" before judging the officer who arrested his buddy... god. give me a break.

1861 days ago


Michelle, I like you, but you are the First Lady. It is possible to dress down and yet be dressed nice? The clothes look terrible...

1861 days ago


What is wrong with the way the First Lady is dressed? She is on vacation in the mountains. High heels just don't cut it...

1861 days ago


Mr Obama has to be one of the most charasmatic, genuine man alive. Sorry He is right behind Nelson Mandela (Madiba). They are both amazing men and we are very privilledged to have had and have them as leaders. We couldnt ask for any better. Yes Obama, maybe hitting the odd hiccup but he is working though it.
Unites States you should be so very proud of your leader just the same as South Africans are so very proud of Nelson Mandela.
As for Michelle Obama she is the greatest. So what if she is not a fashionista, she is still a very bright, intelligent woman who is just as amazing as her husband. Pity you haters didnt have Hitler as your leader instead.

Long live Mr Obama, you are so loved!

1861 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"It was BUSH'S fault Obama couldn't fix the economy!!!"

---Obama's supporters on Obama's last day in office, 2013

1861 days ago

just sayen    

You know I would like to take my kids on vacation too but can't due to the vacations of those in office I have to help pay for.
It's time to do what you promised for the American people and stop spending our money wasting plane fuel traveling the country parks or across the world & those nights out on the town, (how much do we pay for that to happen, plus security times ?) which the American people can't afford our own self due to bailing those who make more $ then they should ever make in the first place then bail them out of the holes they dig them self into. I don't see the Gov. bailing out Americans when they make poor business decisions.
We as your boss paying your pay check feel it is high time to get back to work.

1861 days ago


# 5 Are you human are not living a reality what do you what her to wear would a dress with stocking and pumps a hairstylist and makeup artist would have been better looking. They are all dressed fine to visit the Grand Canyon. And to the Dumb Republican all Presidents know about the national parks well all presidents did not have young children that would have like to visit the Grand Canyon.

1861 days ago



1861 days ago
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