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Obama Girls -- Mighty Morphin Jr. Park Rangers

8/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Their father is the President, their mom is the First Lady, and now the Obama girls have a title of their own: Junior Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park.

Obama Girls

The First Family
made the trip to Grand Canyon National Park over the weekend. Scott Kraynak -- the Park Ranger who gave the Obamas their tour -- told us Malia and Sasha were fast-tracked into the Jr. Rangers program since they only had one day to do it ... one of the perks you get for being the spawn of the most powerful man on the planet.

Scott said Sasha was made an honorary Coyote and Malia an honorary Scorpion -- the girls even received their very own Jr. Ranger patches for their accelerated accomplishments.

As for President Obama, Scott said he was genuinely interested in learning about the park and kept asking him all sorts of questions about it.

It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things.


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It's incredible that the Obama haters are out in force even over a simple thing like a trip to the Grand Canyon. What exactly is Mrs. Obama supposed to wear to a national park? A dress and pearls? Get off your high horses and realize she dresses appropriately for the occasion. At least she's a real person and not a fake, plastic, first lady. The Obama haters have their own agenda and will stop at nothing to get their digs in and criticize everything the Obama's do. Why don't ya'll go and do some fancy pageant walkin' with your buddy Sarah Palin.

1892 days ago


So many jealous petty people. Michelle is at the grand canyon, how would you dress losers? We have the angry repubs with there religion and guns (keep clinging) and the plain haters who are sooo jealous a black man is president.


1892 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

God Bless America,

Only four, eight years tops...

1892 days ago


The oldest daughter is real tall.What is she 5

The older daughter seems real tall for her age.She will be dunking over her old man one of these days.

1892 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

seriously, dude. "jealous" is such a tired, childish word...

1892 days ago


# 22 Baby I would have loved to take my family on a vaction too when hurricane Katrina hit and I was strugging then and still struggling your just now feeling it America was doom when Bush was in office you had your blinders on. So blame it on the black man well half black. I am an Obama supporter and the Republicans are so backwards anything Obama does he did this or he did that nonsense. Come on Sara Palin VP (dumb as a box of rocks) that is the face of the Republican party idiots trying to critize when there the ones that f@ck up everything.

1892 days ago


When George W. Bush and party were in Southern Oregon a few years ago a resident asked them how they liked the view flying into the Rogue River Valley (we think our valley is pretty). Bush replied that he never "sees" any of the views anywhere that he travels in the United States. So much for making us feel "special." NOT

1892 days ago


Why does TMZ feel the need to insert stupid political commentary? At the end of the day all this website does is post pictures of celebrities and their toes, cellulite, feet, etc. TMZ commenting on politics is like Jenna Jameson commenting on abstinence. Please just stick to pictures of celebrities and their body parts.

1892 days ago


Manchelle Obama looks like Sasquash, she has such a lazy looking body, and she really needs to do something about thhose cottage cheese thighs. Man Manchelle is UGLY !

1892 days ago


Obama showing his kids how deep hole is he has gotten this country into ! This MESSAIH is so WORSHIPPED because he is HALF black , LOL !God help us all !

1892 days ago

Just Saying    

You know how when you were a kid and your mom would tell you: " You
can't go outside and play until you finish your homework"?

Someone needs to tell that to the President!

1892 days ago


Oh oh! All this fuss about Michelle's great arms......her legs sure are not great! A first lady in shorts? As far as people guiding her in fashion. She has plenty. Someone slipped up.

1892 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

This summer we paid for the vacation in Europe and Africa. Now we are paying for their vacation out west. Then we will pay for their vacation on Cape Cod. Every time they take off in Air Force One (and the other 2 planes)it cost $60.000 to just turn on one engine. The Obamas thinks they won the Lottery. Awful people !!!
Obama is a swaggering. strutting, egotisital, arrogant, tin horn, socialist, Dictator. When can impeachment proceedings start?

1892 days ago


Michelle, no matter what you wear you are still fabulous. You are bright, intellectual and a very beautifull woman. Dont change for these ignorant people that all they ever do is waste time just being critics with no good cause. They hate but dont even know why they hate, it just feels cool to hate.
Ignore the minority, they are all idiots. They cant achieve anything worthwhile in their lives so they bring down the people that have achieved and continue to achieve.

May you and Mr Obama have a very beautifull life. You are both such nice people unlike some of the other hypocrites that were once
called presidents.

1892 days ago

Just Saying    

Let the money fighting begin!

1892 days ago
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