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Obama Girls -- Mighty Morphin Jr. Park Rangers

8/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Their father is the President, their mom is the First Lady, and now the Obama girls have a title of their own: Junior Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park.

Obama Girls

The First Family
made the trip to Grand Canyon National Park over the weekend. Scott Kraynak -- the Park Ranger who gave the Obamas their tour -- told us Malia and Sasha were fast-tracked into the Jr. Rangers program since they only had one day to do it ... one of the perks you get for being the spawn of the most powerful man on the planet.

Scott said Sasha was made an honorary Coyote and Malia an honorary Scorpion -- the girls even received their very own Jr. Ranger patches for their accelerated accomplishments.

As for President Obama, Scott said he was genuinely interested in learning about the park and kept asking him all sorts of questions about it.

It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things.


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Does this guy ever do any work?Seems like all he does is travel around and see how often he can get on the news.

1891 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Tracey, who are you? Michelle's mother? The Obamas are typical Chicago thugs!

1891 days ago


# 73 Obama is a clown? WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? Do you go around picking up the elephants droppings at the circus. Is that where you met him? Hmmm, I wonder what you do for a living that you recognize a clown so easily.

1891 days ago


Do president's ever do any work any more? Or just start wars and blow up the economy.

1891 days ago


#85 No i am their fairy god mother. Thugs??????????????? Sorry do tell us when where you mugged by them, or by their family.
And by the way in case you are wondering I am WHITE! PURE WHITE!!!! so dont come with any racist remarks.

1891 days ago


No i am not but i would love to. Do you think you could put in a good word for me. As for a beer feast, no darling i only drink cosmopolitans and champagne but maybe he wont mind having a glass of champagne with me.
So what do you say, can we have fun now????
Sorry as for your last question, no i havent met them yet, but my husband has.

1891 days ago


His oldest daughter is real tall for her age.It wont be long before she will be dunking over her old man.

1891 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Tracey, you sound like Pure White Trash. You must be counting your food stamps in a trailer park OR maybe you are Michell's mother? However, we do have freedom of speech (so far) so you can say any dumb thing you want to say.

1891 days ago


BO is has his booger block game on with he short one ! The tall playa will booger dunk on him with her moves.

1891 days ago


> 87. So sorry #85 by comment was meant for #87. Do tell us when were you mugged by them or when was your property vandalised by them considering they are mugs. DO TELL?????????????? I am so curious

1891 days ago


Yea the senseless war in Iraq for years that my children children and great-grandchildren and great great children will be paying for a trillon or more dollar war that accomplished nothing and lost of countless young lives. And hurricane Katrina thousands still homeless and rebuilding. They should have been following Bush crooked ass he's now chillin alcholic in his 5 million dollar home laid back fat he's made his money retired.

1891 days ago

Allred Tree    

Was Malia named after Malcolm X who is thought by some to be her grandfather? Google his pictures and see how he and barry look almost identical! Google his muslim name!

1891 days ago


# 92 You must be a midget and jealous you had her height models are tall Uma Thurman is beautiful and she what 6 feet so what.

1891 days ago


#91 White trash counting stamps. Hmmmmm! Do you want a saucer with milk. If you can call an Advocate trash, well i cant say much on that but as for freedom of speech i totally agree with you.
You think the way you do and that is you. Dumb i think you should revisit that. Now can we be friends? I hate this slatting, you are very much entitled to your opinion.

1891 days ago

just wondering    

"It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things." For instance, how many trillions of dollar bills it would take to fill up the Grand Canyon? Which is the same amount he's spent so far with his stimulus crap. Or maybe he's looking for a deep hole to permanently bury his college records and his birth certificate. But he gave no live interviews - no place to set up his teleprompter there, I guess. My "HOPE" is that we still have a country left by the time we "CHANGE" presidents in 3 - 1/2 years. This one is a real doofus!

1891 days ago
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