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Goldblum's New Chick

35 Years Younger

8/17/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Goldblum, 56, scored himself a new GF -- one who was barely a fetus when "Earth Girls Are Easy" came out.


The girl is 21-year-old Tania Raymonde, who played Ben's daughter on "Lost" ... and probably gets confused for Jeff's daughter whenever they go out.


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it kind of looks silly...seriously silly....weird!

1871 days ago


This is like child porn to me. How disguting of a man to take advantage of a girl 35 years younger. What does this say about him? It says volumes.

1871 days ago


I have always loved Jeff, I think he is hilarious. I had a crush on him when I was 15 and he was in Jurassic Park. She has been working for a while, and has her own money, she does not need his. They seem like a good match, they are both quirky.

1871 days ago


I kinda could care less either way. They're decent enough actors. No thrills but no venomous hate either.

1871 days ago

Black Power    

They are both adults and can do whatever they want. She's a decent looking woman and he, even at his age, has been a health nut and has kept up his body. I know there are a lot of people out there who disagree with the age difference, but they seem to be happy. And if it doesn't work out between them, they'll move on. Too much hate on this site.

1871 days ago

OC Get A Life    

So much anger and hate for a young woman that no one knows and a great artist. Life is all about assets, this woman's are obviously youth and beauty - Jeff Goldblum - is very famous, talented, and let's not forget wealthy. Hey, if they are happy, what is the big deal? It is not like marriages or vows last a very long time in modern society.

1871 days ago


#15 Truth:

Ewww. I had no idea about Patrick Stewart. That's just so wrong.

1871 days ago


its their life and they should be able to do what they want without other people judging. Their just living their life. All kinds of different people attract and connect with eachother, thats life

1871 days ago


Theirs a lot of jerks out there always saying mean insensitive dumb things and being negative, dont judge.

1871 days ago


"Life is all about assets"

God you're sad and materialistic.

The group mind has spoken - 35 years apart is pathetic. It borders on kiddie porn. They wear their agendas on their sleeves. He's famous, they're eating at an OUTDOOR CAFE IN HOLLYWOOD. They want the photos. It's a game. We're calling it out as lame. It's not love, its theater and we're not fooled.

1871 days ago


I hope this lovely YOUNG actress doesn't fall for him too much; he's got a history a mile long of "lovin' and leavin' them". He's just playin'...just sayin'!

1871 days ago


She played Malcolm's first girlfriend in Malcolm In the Middle, but this kind of have the ewe factor dating some one that can be your grandchild, really what do they have in common?

1871 days ago


For all those saying how happy we should be for them, life is short, blah, blah, blah, if this were YOUR daughter would you be feeling the same? Chances are, he would be older than you if not about the same age! Yeah, I am sure you would be thrilled...I am not trying to begrudge someone their happiness (yes, technically they are both adults, etc. it's between them), but come on, I find it difficult to believe you all find this to be just sooo normal.

1871 days ago

sure man    

this is exactly the type of behavior that republicans do.....they throw everything out the door when it comes to sex........they did it for illiterate sarah palin, mindless carrie prejean,, etc etc.......anytime they see a youthful pair of breasts, they hide their bible under a Penthouse and go to town.

1871 days ago

OC Get A Life    

61. "republicans"??

I have not had such a great laugh all day - thank you.

I do not believe that sexual impropriety is based on political (or any other) affiliation. All American citizens: Democrats, Republicans, and even Indpendents; share the same biological as well as sociological drives. It is up the individual to act within or outside of socially accepted guidelines.

But, hey, if it get's you off to imagine your Republican friends having better (or more exciting) sex lives than you - have at it.


1871 days ago
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