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Goldblum's New Chick

35 Years Younger

8/17/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Goldblum, 56, scored himself a new GF -- one who was barely a fetus when "Earth Girls Are Easy" came out.


The girl is 21-year-old Tania Raymonde, who played Ben's daughter on "Lost" ... and probably gets confused for Jeff's daughter whenever they go out.


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This is just wrong on so many levels except that of a fantasy that needs to stay only a fantasy.

1802 days ago


OK, we know, we know. It's been well established she was in the season finale of Criminal Intent. I mean the episode was only on last week, for crying out loud.

1802 days ago


Oh, goodie! Now my crush on R-Patz, who is 37 years my junior, doesn't look so whacked out!!

1802 days ago


Jeff kicks ass. The haters on here are nerds with no lives.

1802 days ago

Wanda W.    

Horny old bastard !!!!!!!!! What,Jeff you couldnt find a decent woman your age? You had to troll the school yards for one? Men, some are such pigs!

1801 days ago


Obviously I am the minority here but... I think they look really cute together. The video is adorable. Older men want younger women not just because they look better but because they are far less shrew-like than their forty-something counterparts. And younger women like older men not just because of their money but because they tend to treat their girlfriends like princesses. They appreciate eachother equally. Just sayin'...

1801 days ago


When I was 21 myself and my friends thought it was 'gross' when an 'old man' was even just checking us out.

To me, when we see such a young girl hanging out and lovin' up on, an old man, I wonder what it was in her life that her capable to go there if you will?

Its just not normal to want to have a grandpa in your bed. Its not normal to want to touch an old body. Period.

Skeletons are falling out of this poor girls closet. Icky. Just icky.

1801 days ago


They both look soooooo ridiculous.

1801 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

He is one cool dude!!! I love this guy!!! He's great on Law and Order CI. Can't wait till next year. Very BRILLIANT man!Love his character on the show.

1801 days ago


Hi, I TOTALLY think they look great together! This is completely normal folks, this kind of thing happens all the time. Dating a girl 35 years younger than you is totally cool and is psychologically sound for both parties. My "Jeff" is just a regular guy doing what any dude would do, cuz he's horny and a dude. Are you listening out there casting agents who might be passing up Jeff Goldblum as the leading man? He can get the chicks, this photo this SECRETLY TAKEN photo proves it!

Please do not hit reply, I'm off to handle my other clients ... er "friend" Patrick Stewart whose in the same boat.

1801 days ago


Let's see how long she hangs around if he lost all of his money or if he had a stroke and she had to take care of him for the rest of his life?

Billy Joel ended up looking like an old fool. Paul McCartney got taken to the bank. Larry King has two feet in the grave already, his wife is just waiting to bury him.

1801 days ago


they were both on a law and order episode together, she dies in his arms. wonder if the romance started before or after taping.

1801 days ago


Sue me,but I've always thought he was sexy.

1801 days ago


that's the girl from malcom in the middle

1801 days ago

Lawrence Lugar    

He had a hair transplant, now he feels young and wants to soil his wild oats.

1801 days ago
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