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Goldblum's New Chick

35 Years Younger

8/17/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Goldblum, 56, scored himself a new GF -- one who was barely a fetus when "Earth Girls Are Easy" came out.


The girl is 21-year-old Tania Raymonde, who played Ben's daughter on "Lost" ... and probably gets confused for Jeff's daughter whenever they go out.


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Suburban Dog    

yo jeff get that ... she's a hottie

woof woof

1854 days ago


I have always liked Goldblum and personally think he is hot. Sometimes I have this weird dreams, he is at a party rolling joints. I don't know why because I don't smoke. However, I hate to see him dating a little girl. I hope it just isn't true. It's just to creepy. Now, I'll probably dream he is chasing little girls at a park or something. Just kidding! sort of.... ha

1854 days ago

B. Ryan    

stop hating on jeff she's 21 for petes sake let the man have some fun.....

1854 days ago


Maybe it is for real cos she's more than a bit of a horse face and not hot in any way. Still is gross though.

1854 days ago


He's like a breathing ATM machine with no limit and you don't even have to remember the passcode. If she can get past the few wrinkles, black eyeliner and rogaine, I say go for it girl. She doesn't even have to put a bag over his head. He's not bad to look at. There are worse fish in the sea to reel in. I hope she gets some bling out of him.

I think he's pretty intelligent, so she'll have to learn to pretend to be listening to him ramble on and damn on and on. That will get old pretty quickly, but she can just do something cute to distract him. Men are easy to distract. I say all in all, he's a great catch in this horrible economy.

1853 days ago


Well good for him I'd date him if he didn't have a gf lol. I may be 21 too, but I'm mature and not naive. & As long as she's legal and not stupid that's what more important, regardless if people disapprove.

1539 days ago


Although she is too young to be able to form a sane judgement on dating a man so much older with so much more experience, there is nothing illegal about them "dating". But from the looks of this one pic, it seems more than 'dating". A woman or man should wait until at least her late 20's to early 30's to have a relationship with someone much older. If it goes beyond casual shagging with a 21 yr old, you're going to have big problems guaranteed in 1 or 2 years. She will try to get pregnant 9 out of 10 times and pull an Oksana.

1394 days ago


I know they are public figures but they have a right to do anything they want and, though sick, both must be getting something or have a plan. At 59 years I just don't understand why men my age want someone 21 years old it is truly sick. It seems worse for the female as all you can point at is greed, sick better than greed to me. I can't believe they do it for publicity because it is always really bad publicity. Some sort of denial sickness about our age or health? Anyway, stay the hell away from my daughter you sick man. Go Jeffy have a sweet time. Why would anyone be surprised at any level of the stuff coming from show business people? They in a different universe than us.

1394 days ago

Ava Demetrius    

Jeff, no other beckons sensuality so firmly; modestly yet indirectly, he looks great next to anyone! Never even when he attempts does he pull off ridiculous. Sinceriously, he is one of the greats on and off the screen and deserves to experience whatever his heart reaches out to in peace without judgement. Surely the beauty will be enlightened as well as enraptured. By opportunity of such a liaison she will evolve both as an actress and a soul.

932 days ago
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