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Leonardo DiCaprio -- Three Chicks, One Night

8/17/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio interviewed a handful of females in his standard 9.95 - 10.00 range while at a club in Saint-Tropez, France on Friday to see who would land the coveted spot as his next girlfriend/future Sports Illustrated cover model.


No word if one -- or more -- of the hotties took the bait.


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Brent Schmidt    

Haha love the Cal State Fullerton cap... you people who are saying Florida State are idiots.

1891 days ago

Sodo Mizer    

Is it a surprise to see a woman do anything to get a guy with money. Dirty sluts. Ask most men if they would sleep with an ugly female if it meant you could be with her and her money and they would say no. Ask almost any female and they will drop panties for a rich man even if they do not find him attractive. Female=money hungry slut.

1891 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

So...looks like it's time to change your logo, Cal State Fullerton.

1891 days ago


He definitely boned out the blonde chick considering its the same night and her ring is on different hands. Good for him! Oh and who cares what hat he's wearing? You'd better be girls talkin about what hat he's wearing, cuz that's just embarrassing.

1891 days ago



1891 days ago


Sorry to inform you jennifertlacey, but yes he was digging that black girl too, she has her arms around him, thery're close together. He likes black women also, duh! Get over it! As for your comment, you said "he wouldn't go out like that". You're just jealous because your some fat, ugly, chick with bad teeth, and a wandering eye. And NO he wouldn't even give you the time of day because you're repulsive ewww!

1891 days ago

doc murry    

yes Madame are truely gifted as your name speaks for itself..I bow to you my lady

1891 days ago

doc murry    

looks like he needs a little work beneath his chin... starting to get that turkey look

1891 days ago

LW in MN    

He must have something to offer the ladies besides his looks. Every once in a while there is a photo of him where he looks pretty handsome, but most he looks below average.

1891 days ago


I must say I don't understand the hoopla over this guy. Don't get me wrong: He's okay, but only okay. I'd describe him as average looking. Certainly nothing to get all hot and bothered about.

1891 days ago

Wanda W.    

It looks as though Leo doesnt miss that Bar Rafefel GIRL at all ! I told everybody that tart is dumb, and while she can attract a man, loses him as soon as she opens her mouth, and he finds out how DUMB she really is is!!!!!!!!

1891 days ago


All you fat married women need to stop hating on Leo. Yeah, you fat broads probably managed to ruin some suckers life but Leo isnt falling for that trap, aka marriage. He is living out a dream: banging hot, new, fresh, young vag every way possible in the shortest amount of time. Keeping these broads at a high turnover rate is the definition of a true player and that is what Leo is. Keep doing your thing Leo, I truly envy you, GO GATORS.

1891 days ago


Leo has become quite the little man slut... NOT attractive!

1891 days ago


I don't care about him at all but the fact that he's wearing a CSUF hat is priceless! Give us some Cal State Fullerton love, Leo! Thanks for the publicity!

1891 days ago


@namahottie ---puhleaze, that black girl is way hotter than Oompa Loompa, short stubby arms, long freekish torso bar... stop being so rasist... Leo can and WILL DO MUCH BETTER than that cheap skeeezer

1891 days ago
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