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Michael Jackson Merchandise Hearing

8/17/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids is set to appear in court for the first time today, as lawyers for the estate and Katherine Jackson's lawyers try to reach an agreement on merchandising all things Michael.

UPDATE 7:10 PM -- And we're done for the day. Biggest headline -- the judge has approved a major Jackson merchandising deal, but there is still one more deal (with AEG for a Jackson memorabilia tour) to be decided upon.

UPDATE 7:03 PM -- The judge has set an evidentiary hearing for Friday -- so the AEG deal won't be approved (or denied) until then.

UPDATE 6:45 PM -- An attorney for AEG says the company wants the deal taken care of this week.

UPDATE 6:41 PM -- And we're back on the record.

UPDATE 6:34 PM -- The judge has ordered a short recess in the hopes all sides can reach an agreement on the AEG deal today.

UPDATE 6:32 PM -- The lawyer representing Jackson's kids isn't sure the AEG deal is the best deal out there.

UPDATE 6:24 PM -- One of the lawyers for the special administrators is worried that if the AEG deal isn't approved soon, AEG will pull it off the table.

UPDATE 6:15 PM -- All parties involved continue to express the time constraint they are under -- everyone wants the deals done ASAP.

UPDATE 6:10 PM -- The attorney for the kids just said she is not objecting the AEG deal.

UPDATE 6:05 PM -- An attorney for Katherine just suggested the lawyers for estate have pulled the guardian ad litem towards their side.

UPDATE 5:58 PM -- The deal with Bravado, to produce various different kinds of Jackson memorabilia, has been approved. This deal will generate millions of dollars for the Jackson estate.

UPDATE 5:50 PM -- Howard Weitzman, the attorney for the special administrators, has stated that one of the beneficiaries approves the AEG deal (to put on a Jackson memorabilia tour), but one is against it. We've been hearing Katherine is not happy about the arrangement, so she is probably the one who has objected.

UPDATE 5:35 PM -- The judge has set a tentative date (September 9) to hear Katherine's safe harbor petition. What that means is that Katherine wants to file an objection to the special administrators, but doesn't want to do so if it would be considered protesting the will. Jackson's will contains a no-contest clause -- meaning anyone who challenges it loses their inheritance rights.

UPDATE 5:30 PM -- The judge said that if it weren't for Katherine Jackson's procedural posturing, both parties would not have to spend as much time in court.

UPDATE 5:13 PM -- The judge said he agrees with Lodise -- there needs to be a simpler process put in place so the special administrators of Jackson's estate don't have to go before the judge to do every single thing.

-- The judge wants to come up with a trial date for Katherine Jackson's objection to the permanent appointment of the special administrators.

UPDATE 5:10 PM -- Margaret Lodise, the guardian ad litem for Jackson's kids, has submitted a report to the court.

UPDATE 4:57 PM -- The lawyers are getting into place.

UPDATE 4:47 PM -- Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, the woman who claims to be the bio mom of MJ's kids, is in the courtroom. Let the fun begin!

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I feel so sorry for MJ. He has supported his hole family since he was five years old and now they still want more more more. I can understand that MJ loves his mother but enough now, she has got 40 % of his money so why not be content with that? If she’s not, then she could challenge the will and get nothing, it’s her call. MJ was so smart, he knew what was coming and he was right.

1895 days ago


Why are the executors so opposed to letting Katherine have a say in her son's matters? If everything their doing is ethical, then why not let her have a seat at the table? Katherine is not saying she wants to run his estate on her own, she just wants to be a part of managing it. What's the big deal with that?
Posted at 6:31PM on Aug 17th 2009 by C
She doesn't get a seat at the table because that's not what Michael wanted....with good reason. She and Joe filed bankruptcy, remember? Michael KNEW that this kind of wrangling was bound to happen, especially considering all the financial obligations Katherine has, like supporting his worthless brothers and ole Joe. MJ was savvy enough to appoint lawyers that he trusted to manage the estate. If Katherine wants to file suit that is up to her, but she will never be part of managing the bulk of his estate. MJ may have been an childlike man, but in this case he exhibited some good old fashioned street smarts.

1895 days ago









1895 days ago


That was funny in the courtroom update listed at 5:30pm-the judge says they wouldn't be spending so much time in court if it weren't for Katherine Jackson's "legal posturing"-even the judge is getting sick of her crap. If MJ wanted her involved in his financial/business matters he would have said so!! Go watch the kids mama!!

1895 days ago


Some people are making comments about how Dr.Murray was such a dumb ass & somehow AEG must be involved because Murray "couldn't have carried this out by himself". I really don't understand this logic. It's pretty well know that most people who commit crimes are basically STUPID people! Is it because they can't believe that this whole thing could really be THAT SIMPLE?? So therefore there must be some great conspiracy at work. Yeah, I really think this whole thing is THAT simple. Murray was a quack doc who was only interested in money & would have done absolutely anything MJ asked him to do. Murray's personal "financial picture" is obviously a wreck, he's got 7 kids to support(one of which was just born), his house is getting foreclosed on, getting stripped of his medical license, this man's world was caving in & he knew that if he was unable to practice medicine in the future, his ability to generate income was DONE. Then along comes the lucrative offer from MJ. The answer to his prayers!! He would have done ANYTHING. Yes, this all really is as simple as a dumb-ass,desperate doc who in his typical screw-up manner; probably fell asleep while the Propofol flowed & woke up to a dead body! JUST THAT SIMPLE! TYPICAL "F..UP" CRIMINAL! IT'S WHY THEY GET CAUGHT ALL THE TIME. THEN OF COARSE THEY RUN THEIR MOUTH & JUST MAKE THINGS WORSE!!

1895 days ago


152. Why is Katherina againt the adminstrator's of Michael Jackson Estate? The Estate has brought in so much money that Katerina and the kids with collect.

Posted at 8:32PM on Aug 17th 2009 by Mary

Mary the reason Katherine is against the Executors is because she wants to Michael's money to be used to support his brothers who are all bankrupt or having financial problems and the 40% she is getting is not transferable. When Katherine dies her 40% reverts back to the Estate - she cannot will ANY OF THAT MONEY to her husband or children. Also, the Executors get something in the neighborhood of 10% of the Trust for administrating it and if Katherine got a seat at the table she could appoint another Jackson to replace her when she dies. As it stands now when she is GONE so are the handouts as the children now have a guardian ad litem and the money train for the 'broke' Jacksons will END!

Katherine KNOWS that Paris, Prince Michael 1 and 2 are not her biological grandchildren and that once they come of age and find out how badly their father (yes, he is legally their father) was treated by the family they will NOT take care of the Jacksons like their father did. They may actually dispise them ALL for killing him in their silence and GREED! These are some very intelligent children and they will owe the Jacksons NOTHING! They also OWN the house Katherine lives in.

1894 days ago


Whatever they decide to do with his things, I hope it's in a tasteful manner and with his memory and legacy in mind.

1894 days ago
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