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Paula A's Plan B

8/17/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Paula Abdul say even though "Dancing with the Stars" ain't gonna happen, she's still talking to ABC about a show of her very own.

As we first reported, Paula met with ABC honcho Steve McPherson earlier this week and now we're told one of the cards on the table is a possible variety show. And we're told they also discussed a talent competition with Paula in the Simon Cowell seat. Sources say Paula also talked about her desire to become the executive producer.

And there's this little tidbit. We're told Paula's feelings about being "disrespected" by "Idol" execs is more intense than ever after learning Victoria Beckham pulled in a fortune -- reportedly $275,000 an episode.

But sources say she'd still come back to Simon -- if the price ($10,000,000 a year) is right.


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Hey, I will go on the show for $2 or $3 million. Just kidding. Paula should be happy for whatever she can get.. How many unemployed people are there in the U>S. that would love her former job?

1860 days ago


Paula needs to get over herself. She's not worth that much money nor is she talented - she lip sinks everything or the music is so loud purposely so no one can tell what a terrible singer she is.

1860 days ago


AI will not be the same without Paula, plus I think thye had too many Judges when they added Kara last season. She sjut did not click with the show. I may just ignore it altogether this season like they ignored Paula. If Ryan is worth 45 mil, then Paula is worth 10 easy.

1860 days ago


Victoria will be golden for the show. Paula, you are so OVER! Grab your drug bottles and just get LOST!

1860 days ago


Shouldn't the judges on this show actually know a thing a two about music? Victoria Beckham is hardly in the know! This is a washed up former Spice Girl. Hello.

Come on, I seroiusly doubt ANY of us would remember her had she not married whom she married and turned into a plastic procedure queen. She has zero talent, lets face she just happen to fit into the niche they needed in the Spice Girl line up.

This woman has true delusions of grander!Besides, she is just plain weird.

1860 days ago


Save Paula. Show her the Money, show her the money LOL. Seriously she deserves to be paid what the others get paid. WHat people make shouldnt even be on the news. This is ridiculous. I would never run around where I work telling people what I amke. Why do these people think its okay to announce it. this is where the trouble starts. SHOW PAULA THE MONEY

1860 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

Someone needs to tell Paula it's over. Her PR spinners are working over time, her agent tried to get her a gig with DWTS, but it wasn't what SHE wanted, so she nixed it. All this nonsense about her exploratory meetings with "suits" at ABC, is nonsense. They had someone sit down and listen to her wishes, desires, plans hopes and dreams. Her half-baked ideas didn't fly with the secretary to the secretary to the secretary of programming at ABC.

Does Paula want to make some money? While she still has the AI aura around her, and she still has some celebrity cache' she should work a deal to do Vegas. Get a contract for 3 years and if she's lucky she can eak out $5M a year to do a production in residence at some Vegas venue.That is where I would go, Paula. Sell jewelry and do Vegas.

1860 days ago


I do think that Paula should look into making an idol show for children ages 3-15 or else. I know they tried that at the beginning of AI show and it didn't work out, but I seriously believe that there is a 'time for everything' and this is the real time. Paula get to it!! I along with millions of people would support you in this journey and with your tender nature and 'good spirits' you will find success.'Paula and the little Idols' should be the name of the show. Or better yet, why don't we come out with a contest to name the show. And don't listen to the narrow minded, negative people trying to bring you down because there is much more people that think the world of you. It will be great, we love you Paula!!!!

1860 days ago


Just let the viewers decided. Use the famous 1-888-VOTE-IDOL technique to vote if Paula should be a judge or not for next season. Idol will make money off the deal, AT@T will make money off the deal, and the viewers get what they want. Hey, some of us like watching a train wreck every week. It makes us feel better about our own pathetic lives.

1860 days ago


To the person who said black women get the least money for their services, I can only use 2 words - Oprah Winfrey.

1860 days ago


Paula who?

Come on. She had TWO friggin hits over 20 yrs ago, she was LUCKY to be sitting in that chair for 8 years, especially as wasted and incoherent as she was.

To say she's replaceable is an understatement.

If you want to bring back drunks from the 80's I'd much rather see Billy Idol... now that would be something to watch.

1860 days ago


Paula is whack!

1860 days ago


haha, this stupid drunk lush bitch cant get a job anywhere.
Couple more weeks and she wont be able to get arrested in America. This is what happens when you get greedy and u think your greater than what you are.
This stupid bitch is the Susanne Sommers of 2009 ruining a perfectly good career thinking the show revolved around her when it really goes around another star.

1860 days ago
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