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Real OC Housewife

Pay Up or Get Out!

8/17/2009 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lynne Curtin from "Real Housewives of Orange County" could be evicted from her home -- if she doesn't come up with more than $12,000 in the next three days.

Lynne Curtain eviction notice: Click to launch
Just minutes ago, Curtin and her husband received a 3-day eviction notice from the owner of the Laguna Beach house where they live. Yes -- they're renters.

According to the notice, the couple owes the home owner a $10,000 security deposit, $600 late fee and $1,763 in other expenses. The homeowner also claims the Curtins have been delinquent on their utilities -- which have now been shut off.

And it gets worse -- the Curtin's real estate agent claims the reality star and her husband never forked over $2,500 in commission for getting them into the house back in June.

The best part -- Bravo cameras happened to be rolling when the eviction notice was served ... wonder if they'll exploit that storyline on the show?


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Maggie, Vickie's company is part of AIG who took billions of American TAXPAYERS dollars and gave it to CEO's for bonuses, a lot of that money was sent OVERSEAS. Vickie is as much a hanger-on-er as the rest of these low class hood rats who are part of Bravo's UNreality series. You won't find many people who support Vickie, she was the least favorite housewife in a vote by Bravo viewers, she'd probably be voted worst looking, worst skin and biggest Amazon. She needs to quit eating, she's the size of a horse compared to the rest of the OC women.

1891 days ago


With parents like these, no wonder the oldest daughter is an alcoholic lush while still in her teens. Sadly, Lynne and hubby Frank are effin' trash. (Can't wait until the show comes back to see how Bravo spins this saga lol!!!!)

1891 days ago


Ok, now that's how many of the not really so 'Real Housewives of OC'that have lost or are in the process of losing their digs? All of these people are the same ones that show off their faux lavish lifestyles wanting us to be so entrigued by and envious of them? I'm lovin it, it's about time these major Posers are being seen what for they really are, and the word 'real' is NOT included! Enough of this BS already, bring on the rich that really do have the jack to back it up!!Or, better yet, just show actual real people that work hard to have a nice home, you know the ones who are what they say they are AND really really pay their way! CLUE!

1891 days ago


Please, please Bravo: Show us the eviction noticed being served. I wonder if they'll camp out at the beach. We're pretty friendly to the homeless in Laguna. Sorry Lynne, but too funny!

1891 days ago


Jazzy, Jeanna Keough's homes are up for a short sale, Tamara and Simon Barney have their home up for a short sale, Slade lost his home to foreclosure.
Sheree Whitfield lost her home to foreclosure, Lisa Wu lost her home to foreclosure, NeNe Leakes was renting her home and was evicted so the Atlanta housewives aren't much better off.

In NJ Teresa Guidice has judgements at the courthouse, she can't afford to pay for the vacuum system in the home, the staircase hadn't been paid for and also the fertility clinic has not been paid. Teresa was spending money left and right but wasn't pay her bills and scammed people who provided services.

The NY women seem to be the most financially least so far.

1891 days ago


I never liked this family any how. Strange people, and none of them (except the husband) had a brain.

1891 days ago


Help understand something here, you can't afford to pay your bills but on the show last year your buying your daughter a BMW for her birthday, I think both of them need a real dose of reality........JUST SAYIN'

1891 days ago


come to think of it, the husband never had a brain either. If he did, they wouldn't be getting eviction notices

1891 days ago


I like my nice little insignifigant life thanks.

I have a solid 22 year marraige, 3 kids grown up, and two grandkids
that I would NEVER expose on TV to be judged by the public. My life is 50 times better without all the money and 'fame' Puke.

WHY would one want to be on such a superficial show I have zero idea. Then they drag their children, for those who have them, into it. Gee, Mom's making an ass out out of herself on TV again!

What in the world is great about being rich and famous? Not me, too much money comes with too many problems. Then the famous thing? No way. I bet there are many celebs right now who would trade places with me in a second. I can actually go to the mall without being followed. I can accidently trip and it won't be on TMZ!

1891 days ago


Here is the list of the Bravo Housewives Series Foreclosed/Short Sale/Given Notice of Eviction

OC Housewives:

Slade Smiley (foreclosed)
Tamera Barney (Short Sale verge of eviction-including a court case for the $40,000 watch her husband hasn't paid for)
Jeaana Keough (served eviction notices on four properties)
Lynn Curtin (renter who doesn't pay her bills-evicted from apartment)

Atlanta Housewives:

Lisa Wu (or Vu) whatever her name is -- (short sale on home)
NeNe Leaks (renter who was evicted)

It's sad but I have no sympathy for them... And the funny thing about this show is they all continue to fake like they HAVE money and are rich....

Can someone please call in the show or a radio station when they are promoting their delusional wealth and pin them up about why they can't pay their bills?

I predict Vicki from the OC is next. I have always wonder how a lady that sells insurance live a lifetsyle they she does. It just not add up. Don;t get me wrong. There is money to be made from insurance, but not enough to live like a CEO of a fortune 500. Vicki's asset 9according to the show) where two house over a million, a house on the lake, and she was also looking at selling the lake house for a million dollar boat. Seriously. She will the next one on the list.

1891 days ago

vegas baby    

I can't understand why the owner of the property allowed Lynne and family to move in before the security deposit was paid. Most (if not all landlords) want the security deposit upfront and they do a thorough credit check of their potential tenant. I have a feeling there is fault on both parties (lessee and lessor).

1891 days ago


From Hotlanta to Laguna, the recession is hitting everyone - but, before Bravo goes and comnmences to do these reality shows, shouldn't they FIRST find out if these people REALLY have the money or not? this is the third or fourth housewife to get booted out of a gated community.

1891 days ago


yikes....... are these women really wealthy or not? Geez, they sure do portray that on TV- I'm sure these networks would have us believing that they are wealthy when in fact I have a much fatter wallet than they do & I'm the working class!Oh well- that's reality shows for ya!

1890 days ago


Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! This is hysterical! She's my least favorite housewife of the OC cast. She looks like a man, watches while her underage daughters drink and thinks she's hot. She and her family are on this show trying to make people believe they're wealthy and it's such a sham. She also makes and sells these ghetto cuff bracelets for (she claims) like, $300/bracelet. She'd better get out and start selling a few more! I hope Bravo films her being served the eviction notice.

1890 days ago


If their so rich, why don't they buy a house??? Bunch of phoneys. I heard none of the Atlanta housewives have money either. hahaha

1890 days ago
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