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Adam Lambert -- This Is How He Rolls

8/18/2009 11:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his Rihanna pompadour weave, Escalade windshield aviators, Ed Hardy -adjacent t-shirt (with one sleeve rolled up) and Tony Soprano-approved man-bracelet, "American Idol" winner runner-up Adam Lambert hit up a Subway restaurant in NYC on Monday.


No word if he chose a 6 inch or a foot long.


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wow could whoever wrote this be anymore insulting??
because whoever couldn't be any more of a douche lmao
anyway i happen to like adam lambert and people
need to stop trashing him because hes an awesome guy
and he has amazing talent. leave him alone for a bit

1856 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

This guy is just plain creepy. Glad he didn't win American Idol. Gays stick together like glue, don't they? I don't like to see guys wearing eyeliner and lipstick. Some twit said that people who don't like him are uneducated. Well, I have a Masters Degree, do you? Gays are getting as defensive as Blacks. Get the chips off of your shoulders. American Idol is going to crash and burn without Paula.

1856 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Sorry that so many gays have become so combative. It doesn't do much for your cause. I have gay friends who are great and don't flaunt their sexuality all the time. People would like you more and not be so citical if you didn't priss around looking and acting like freaks. No, I am not a Republican. I'm a Democrat.

1856 days ago


If you negative knuckleheads had any brains you'd realize that speaking badly about someone usually makes others come to their defense. You're only defeating your purpose. Adam fans aren't going to all of a sudden say, OMG, you're so right and I'm so wrong! Get over yourselves. What kind of losers have time to go on-line to look up people they hate and write childish comments, anyway. Adam Lambert's career will probably take off and he'll make lots of money, but even if he doesn't, it matters little. You'll still be on the internet and living your loser lives. Adam's Rolling Stone magazine sold more copies than any other this year and you can throw as many hissy fits as you want, Adam Lambert still has more fans than you'll ever have!

1856 days ago


Adam is Gorgeous and talented, jealous haters go away!

1856 days ago


Bangy, bangy, bendy, bendy, lost my mind on all his candy!

1856 days ago


Hey wait a minute wher is Kris ?

1856 days ago


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1856 days ago


What is up with that shirt sleeve and huge bicep?
What a butt plug!

1856 days ago


I forgot all about him until now, I guess the right one did win.

1855 days ago


Someone please tell me how this guy is considered sexy..I don't get it bad skin...died greasy looking hair ...a somewhat chubby formless body that looks like it has never seen the inside of a gym...and yet he has his sleeve rolled up? to show off his guns? Looks more like a gay woman than a gay man. Again...just who is it that thinks this guy is sexy...talented ..yes ..but sexy? Most people I know think he looks kinda ...well...creepy.

1855 days ago


LMAO at the 6-or foot long. You guys kill me. I give TMZ this: no need to bore us with politically correctness. Which is great!!!

He is a cute boy, but honestly I don't see the worship over his body...the RS cover sent ppl mad! But, then again, I am a straight woman.

1855 days ago


Looks fat ...

1855 days ago


I LOVE ADVIS! Who cares if he eats a footlong, Advis can eat me if he wants too. Love him so much!

1855 days ago


Adam or KD Lang? LMAO

1854 days ago
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