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Roker -- Sunny with a Chance of Black Pride

8/18/2009 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Watch Al Roker's shock and awe on the Weather Channel this morning when it dawns on him that there are three brothas doing weather at the same time.

Al Roker: Click to watch
Co-anchors, Alex Wallace and Scott Williams were a little stunned by Rev. Al's revelry.


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Roker was being racist because he identified the other two by race and celebrated it. That is racism plain and simple.Had he said "Hey, my pals Joe and John are on right now too!", there would be no issue.

There is a double standard when it comes to speech. It is because of the constant propaganda as to what is PC. When you follow the dogma of being PC you are surrendering to the propaganda of the ultra liberals. But in reality, PC is just as controlling, racist, and discriminatory as that which it rages against.

I do not pay attention to the PC nonsense. Names, expressions & ideas are only "insensitive" because some group said they were and lobbied and yelled to have them declared so in the media.

A persons intent is the only thing that determines the meaning of what they say or do.

1892 days ago


First of for everyone saying "ohhh if white people did this....." White people are on the news EVERYDAY for as long as news has been on tv. Its nothing to be commented about because its nothing new. It wasnt a "racist" remark....Rocker was simply 3 black dudes on tv at the same time because its something that will most likely not happen everyone who thinks its racist shut up...sit down and go read a damn history book.

1892 days ago

Very Proud    

Here's my thoughts.

What made this Inappropriate for me was of the venue he used to celebrate the Black Race.

• There is a time and a place for everything. I don't feel that his comments of "Three Black Men.... Wahoo..." should have been aired on National TV.
• If a White person would have used his exact words with the exact sentiment.....

That's how it is WRONG! He wouldn't like any more than I did if it was in reverse order.

 In this day and age, as a white person, we are constantly forced to watch every word we speak so that we don't say something that can offend someone else.

 for example.....

 I went to the flea market this weekend and I jew’ed the guy down to $10 bucks"

Now what that really meant was I bartered or finagled or hashed out a price for an item...

 Do you think that the statement would have offended the Jews? Yes I am sure it would have.

 So what I am trying to say here is this. Everyone is responsible for their words.

Al Roker CHOOSE to play the "BLACK" card on national TV.

 It Offended me as well as many others. He might of said this in his home or at a small party or such and it would have been fine. But to speak it to National TV and Party aobut it was wrong.

I don't consider myself as a racist. I love everyone by their actions!

"Honesty, Integrity, Pride, Professionalism, Morality"

That is what makes up a good person to me. I don't see black, brown, yellow or white when I meet people and make friends. I see their actions.

While the black race has been slaved in the past, they are "NO LONGER" It's not about color any longer it is about who you are and how you act. They have the same things available as any other culture. Get and education, work hard, & even someday become the President of the United States. That is the same for everyone period.

What he said offended me and may others because "HE CHOOSE TO BRING RACE INTO IT" not me.

If white people have to watch what they say.... Then so should the black race. and any other culture or race.

NO Double Standards...

1892 days ago


If a white person said this, then it would be a huge deal and they would be racist!

1892 days ago


Please NBC, you guys need to get a new person to do the weather.
Al Roker seems to have gotten very obnoxious, his lame attempts at
humor have gotten very strange and is not funny. Please NBC, you really need to consider changing the weatherman. Al seems to have lost his mind, and is to full of himself. Fat, bloated pig that he is. Please, Please dump Al's fat unattactive behind once and for all.
Can't stand this man............

1892 days ago


Welcome to my blog :Under The Same Blue Sky(

1891 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

He made a big deal over what? Cosby Show, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Here are 3 television shows that were mostly black if not all....and there were many more! This idiot acts like its the first time 3 blacks were ever seen at the same time on a show. So... makes me believe there is much more too it. He is racist.

1891 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

If anyone is interested... weather channel website has a feedback link at the bottom of their pages. I used it to send in a complaint!

1891 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

#102.. you are the idiot because you are stating that anything not BET or black must be white. The weather channel is not white. If it were .. BLACKS would not be on it!

1891 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

LOL @ #89 - First time ever... Give me a break.

1891 days ago
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