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Dr. Conrad Murray Has Patients

8/18/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray may be on the hotseat with the LAPD over Michael Jackson's death, but that's not going to cramp his style when it comes to proving to the world he's a beloved MD.

In addition to his "thank you" video, Dr. Murray posted contact info for 14 of his patients who would give testimonials. They wouldn't talk Propofol, but were more than eager to give props to the good doc.

Here are a few highlights:

Rev. Floyd Williams: "If Murray wasn't black, none of this would be happening. It's the media hype to show that black folks are still the minority"

Eliza Robertson: "If Katherine [Jackson] is that concerned she should have stopped all of the painkillers [Michael] was taking before. I would have tried to get him on a better road."

"[Dr. Murray] would leave Las Vegas and come take care of me in my home [in Houston], and pay me visits, and give me checkups. I don't believe that Murray would have given or prescribed MJ anything he didn't ask for."

Ben Mask: "When Dr. Murray moved his office into my neighborhood there wasn't a lot of money out here just a lot of old people living off checks. When he came out here he was behind on his bills and he needed the money. If I was in his shoes I would have taken the money too. It was an offer he couldn't refuse. It could be a set up ... You just never know, things are so crooked."

Robert "Bobby" Day: "He was the type of doctor that people would want to hug on their way out. He never rushed people and he was wonderful with following up. Everyone adored him."

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I can't believe someone is trying to play the race card...that is too ignorant.
Greed from the doctors who prescribed and administer drugs to whomever can pay (no color nor religion needed). And of course the drug addict him/her self.
I am tired of this already. He hated his father who won't shut up and the mom is looking like a failure as a parent let alone a person.

1895 days ago


This has to be some kind of joke. Is this a satire? He didn't just go and blame Katherine Jackson for his failures in the medical profession? If Mr. Conrad were not present to ADMINISTER the Propofol, Mr. Jackson would not been able to ADMINISTER it himself. If Mr. Conrad were paying attention to his CLIENT (who, by the way, didn't hold a gun to his head), instead of chatting away with god-knows-who (or sleeping himself), Mr. Jackson would be alive today.

1895 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

Michael picked Dr. Murray! Earlier Dr Murray claimed AEG never paid him’ for his Two Months of service to Michael, and AEG claimed contract with Dr. Murray was bothersome, but’ acceptable, and payment to Dr. Murray had been, only’ awaiting Michael’s signature. AEG paid rent at mansion and at 8/17/2009 press conference, AEG claimed to have now paid Dr. Murray, why would AEG pay Dr. Murray the $15,000.00 per Month without contract, when he admitted abandoning patent under anesthesia.

Michael’s Mom petition’ is asking Judge about contesting un-notarized Will’s validity, was Michael’s previous Will’ witnessed by third party notary, understanding children’s name’s are wrong on this Will, then’ if Will is invalidated {jailing trustee’s} will Michael’s children each split 33%, or will Government claim Million’s of the Million’s.

Michael’s Mom is thinking Wrongful Death lawsuit’ to force Dr. Murray’s arrest, for allowing Michael’s breathing tube to become dislodged causing Oxygen starvation, can Wrongful Death Trial be docketed, before Manslaughter is charged, assuming will’s contested.

Michael said on phone to nurse, half of my body is hot’ and half of my body is cold’ the anesthetic must be refrigerated’ once unsealed or it fester’s and some lot’s were recalled, but’ nevertheless Dr. Murray grossly neglected his patient’s care by abandonment, then’ made phone calls, claimed warm body, week pulse, cpr on bed, with one hand behind back, before disappearing for day’s after cranking the all the heat up, failure to arrest’ warrant’s refusal to believe autopsy’ justification, I think police got mad a Michael for singing about unreported paternity suit with Billy Jean’ … … … King.

The same fly-by night Pharmacy Dr. Murray used for supplying Michael’s Anesthesia, was implicated for selling Steroid’s to Wrestler’s, Sport pro’s, firemen, school kids and Chris Benoit’ it seams'no substantial repercussions were received, somehow their doors were not padlocked last week.

I myself believe Michael took pill’s/med’s primarily for stamina, sleep, pain and suffering’ not enjoyment, although’ Lisa did push him into rehab {proving some abuse resulted} but’ we all say’ having the oxygen tank’s, and Med’s, in the home, around the children, is very problematic. Anesthetic can be given to a superstar at home, in bedroom, with the proper equipment’ and the proper amount of personnel’ safely {a three or more person job, with E.K.G. +} recreational drug abuse never caused Michael’s death.

1895 days ago


You have got to be kidding me! These are the people he want to give testimonials on his behalf. With some of those remarks, it would have been better not to list these people.

1895 days ago


Mr. Conrad doesn't get it. His incompetence caused the death of a FATHER OF 3, a man who in 40 years entertained and enriched the lives of MILLIONS of people...a man who, in 40 years, brought JOY and HAPPINESS to ill and deprived children. He killed a man who, singlehandedly, donated $300 MILLION to charity improving the lives of how many people? What, exactly, has Mr. Conrad contributed to the world that is comparable? Put every single one of Mr. Conrads patients together and their financial contributions wouldn't equal Michael Jackson's charitable contributions!!! A you F'in kidding me? The balls on this guy~

1895 days ago


Rev. Floyd Williams: "If Murray wasn't black, none of this would be happening. It's the media hype to show that black folks are still the minority"

My response:

If Murray weren't an idiot, Michael would be alive. Race has nothing to do with it. Murray is an idiot, pure and simple.

1895 days ago


First of all, AGREED, what the h*** does race have to do with making a bad decision. Last I checked, all races pretty much had that one down. Secondly, I don't care if MJ was offering hundreds of millions of dollars, you DO NOT GIVE ADMINISTER A DRUG THAT IS ONLY USED FOR SURGERIES to a patient that just wants to go to sleep. That is negligence in the grossest form and if he is proven guilty he should be punished. PERIOD.

1895 days ago


In response to Rev. Williams comment...I disagree. I believe the minority issue here is ignorance. And furthermore, a true person of God would NOT pass judgement on another in ANY situation.

1895 days ago


These testimonials make me want to vomit. No matter how much these people like Dr. Murray, the fact remains that no reputable doctor would give a patient diprivan in a home environment. The Jackson family and fans should scream bloody murder until Dr. Murray is sitting in a jail cell where he belongs! Furthermore, it appears money meant more to this man than the life of a human being.

1895 days ago


This is just so stupid I don't care if Murray is orange and Michael was white. This man was murdered and 3 small children lost a father. The amount of racist comments on this post really show how far we have come. Those of you who say race does not matter go back and read some of these stupid post. Racism seems to be alive and well in America today.

I don't care if Jackson asked for an overdose this man represents a medical healing profession. The fact that he is a black man is not important he needs to be a human being and a doctor when it comes to his patients.

And the post that attack the family members is stupid. I have lost a child myself and until you have
walked in Kathrine's shoes and had to bury a child you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

I am sick of all this racist crap. Is there any one on this planet that realizes the true victims here are
Michael and his three kids. My god what have we become this is sickning. We sound like a bunch of heartless racist animals promoting hate. If you don't believe me just wait there will be at least one racist brainless jerk that will respond to my post with some stupid racist rhetoric. I guarantee you some stupid ass will just confirm what I have stated in the next few post. And thats really sad its a testament of what some of us really care about and that is "hate". SAD

1895 days ago


I don't care if Dr. Murray is black, white, yellow, red, green or purple. I DO care that he apparently administered a potentially, and in this case actually, life-threatening drug without the proper resuscitation equipment in place. I DO care that he apparently administered that drug in a setting for which it was not authorized. I DO care that he reportedly performed a one-handed, on-the-bed version of CPR that any medical personnel knows would be inadequate, and I DO care that Michael Jackson died while Murray was supposed to be monitoring him!

1895 days ago

toeknee gee    


1895 days ago


Those patients just didn't know any better. It is evident that medical care for them was not a given. Even roadkill looks great when you are hungry.

1895 days ago


Rev Williams Please the race card. Michael Jackson was BLACK. That makes no sense. This man is guilty of negligence at the least and possible criminal behavior. Doctors have to first do no harm. He did harm him. Why has he not been arrested?

1895 days ago


What a horrible list of supporters. I would be embarrassed.

1895 days ago
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