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Eric Dane -- I Did Not Have Sex With that Woman!

8/18/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eric Dane Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart did not have sex with Kari Ann Peniche -- but according to Peniche, they had plenty of fun.

Kari Ann -- a dethroned Miss United States Teen -- tells TMZ the video featuring the whacked-out naked trio was shot more than two years ago in her apartment. Kari Ann insists there was absolutely no sex involved -- they played dress up and the two women then soaked together in a bathtub as Eric called "action" behind the camera.

In the video, Gayheart says her "alter-ego" name is "Nina," Kari's is "Fifi" and Dane goes by "Peter," "Cocaine Manor," "Tristan Daily," and "Tuff Hedeman," a famous bull rider.

Kari Ann says the video was stored on the hard drive of her computer, but stolen by Mindy McCready, who was her roommate after the two completed a stint on the TV show "Celebrity Rehab." Kari Ann says she got into an argument with McCready over money and believes the singer took her hard drive when she moved out. Kari Ann freaked out about certain personal information about her on the hard drive and filed a stolen property report with the LAPD.

Last month there was a summit between Eric, Rebecca, Kari Ann and Mindy. Their reps hammered out a deal as to who got what on the hard drive. Eric got full rights to the video and everyone assumed that was that ... until the tape surfaced on the Internet yesterday.

So a little song, a little dance a little betrayal down your pants.


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Looks like someone needs a little publicity. Really, who cares what these people do? We have enough to worry about in this world without even giving a second thought to Hollywood. It's called life people.

1893 days ago

shauna sorry but they are so high on droogas.whatever...ahahaha

1893 days ago


It is not the sex part I am wondering about... it is the drug part. Now I want to know if the police are watching these 3 for drug possession because if this was you or I we would be.

1893 days ago

No Prude    

Who cares? So they had were naked, and possibly had sex..big deal.

All the zealots who think this is amoral make me laugh.

The same zealots probably think sex is just the missionary position, and only last two minutes.

1892 days ago


Concerning Greys: Funny how the black guy was on thin ice then got fired. The gay guy was on thin ice and was written out. Heigl, the woman, is now on the same thin ice and her days are possibly numbered. Wonder what they'll do to this Eric guy? NOTHING, the answer is nothing!Concerning the tape: they discuss hiring the girl and how they were disappointed when they thought they would have to hire someone else. It's an after sex tape. This is just interesting because these celebrities do drugs, run down children w/ their cars, have wild sex, and put it out on video. Then they are the very one's who want you to buy their tickets, listen to their political opinions and ask you for donations. They contribute to the degeneration of our society. They contribute to our "anything goes" nation. They could have kept this all PRIVATE but are so self-absorbed, they don't even have the decency to erase or secure their stupid video.

1892 days ago


Yeah people always get naked when hanging out with friends. Nice try, want to come up with another lame excuse? These people aren't kids, they are approaching their forties. They should know how the world works. If you make a nude tape then chances are that someone is going to see it that shouldn't. And well none of them come off looking good in this one. Miss murderer Gayheart is falling down stoned...classy.

1891 days ago


Mindy McCready has a sextape out herself now and it's dirty like you've never seen. I broke down and got it. I know you can get it here cheap...

1627 days ago


Shoot, I would have like to have been there and made it a foursome! Who cares! They can do whatever they want without it being other peoples business just like I would'nt want anyone to know my buisness. That is why when someone asks I just say Buisness:)

1613 days ago
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