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MJ's Final Resting Place -- No Visitors, Please

8/18/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're planning on going to Michael Jackson's burial site at Forest Lawn Memorial Park and dropping off some flowers, think again -- the mausoleum where he's being buried on August 29 isn't open to the public.

The Great Mausoleum -- where stars like Clark Gable and Jean Harlow were laid to rest -- is considered a private area, where only property owners and family members are allowed to go. It's monitored by security cameras to catch any trespassers who snoop around.

Graceland, it is not.


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my 3 cents    

Let me get this straight....Micheal Jackson died on June 25, 2009 and now they are going to lay him down on August 29, 2009 (on what would have been on his birthday). thats 65 days if my math is correct. I could understand the sentiment of that date, but I just think the family waited to long for this.

1855 days ago


I almost wanted to respond to some of the hateful comments, but I guess I will be the better person and stick to the issue at hand.

This is a BEAUTIFUL final resting place, absolutely breathtaking, and Michael definitely deserved the best. I too, however, am somewhat disappointed that there won't be anywhere for fans to visit or grieve. However, some of these disgusting remarks makes me understand why the family chose to do it this way.

Finally you can rest in peace Michael, and I feel that doing this on your birthday is absolutely perfect, and it will hopefully bring your family and a lot of other people who love you closure (hopefully)! I'm sorry that I won't be able to visit, but I believe you will understand. I will see you in Heaven; I am looking at the (wo)Man in the Mirror as I speak to ensure that this happens. I love you, and you nor what you contributed to this world will never be forgot.

Haters can respond if they want. It doesn't matter, I won't be back to check. I just had to speak my peace.

1855 days ago


Good! Glad to hear this!

1855 days ago


Bummer...they should build a statue of him somewhere. Perhaps Gary, IN would be a nice place to have some type of Graceland. Maybe an exact replica of Neverland ranch with all his things there, so we fans can pay our respects. Man I want him back so bad. I wish some scientist would clone him so the world can experience his magic all over again.

1855 days ago


I just checked out the virtual tour of this Great Mausoleum & this place is gorgeous! Very private & peaceful looking. It's very "noble" looking too; like someplace a king might be buried. There are beautiful works of art from Michelangelo. Frank Baum author of the Wizard of Oz is there, Sammy Davis Jr., & the narrative stated there is a large statue of Jesus "welcoming little children". I don't know but it sounds like a pretty good choice to me!

1855 days ago


Excellent news. Finally Michael's wishes are respected.

1855 days ago


Uh, Kelly, I tried to read your post but it made no sense. Maybe you could re-post it, but in English this time. On second thought, never mind, nobody cares out you or your gibberish rants.

1855 days ago


If the burial "is cosed to the public" as the JACKSON WHORE CLAN states they WOULD NOT HAVE announced the date, time and place. They're hoping hoardes of people show up to keep the story in the pap rags, etc. As Jackson decays he's rapidly getting more and more IRRELEVANT.

1855 days ago


R.I.P. Michael Jackson We will miss u so much and we love u 2 all the people that had bad think 2 say about this man u know what u can do K!!s M! A!! hater#####

1855 days ago

seeking the truth    

WHY do people who say horrible things about Michael and say they 'don't care' waste their precious time commenting then...? Sad eh!

I hope he gets the privacy and respect buried there that he deserves. It is odd its on his birthday though... I know his family are JWs but he bought the kids up to celebrate birthdays...

1855 days ago


It is a beautiful spot---one his children will be able to go to without a media circus to mourn him. I'm sure there will probably be a public location with memoriablia fans can pay respects.

1855 days ago


mj always treated his fans with courtesy, love and respest for all those years he was in the public eye.even at trial he always gave a wave.he even made sure to thank the guy wanding him doen at the courthouse.always took the high road .i was in awe of how he carried on with all the vultures trying to get hteir pound of flesh.geraldo riviera was the only one who cut him some slack.lets give him a break now and let him rest in peace for his kids know the jackson boys are going to keep hyping in the media

1855 days ago


#50-R/E-WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO CLONE THAT DRUG ADDICT FREAK- Gee I don't know "MJ IS A FREAK", why would anyone want to hear anything you've got to say on the matter for the BAZILLIONTH TIME????

1855 days ago


1855 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Haha... I knew this public statement smelt of Sunshine.

According to NYT.... "In its release, the publicity firm Sunshine, Sachs & Associates said that Michael Jackson..........."

1855 days ago
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