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'So You Think...' Star Charged with Rape

8/18/2009 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

alex da silvaA former choreographer for "So You Think You Can Dance" was arrested again for allegedly sexually assaulting four women -- but this time he's actually being charged with a crime ... or eight, to be exact.

Cops say Alex Da Silva was arrested this morning at his North Hollywood home, after the District Attorney filed an arrest warrant charging him with eight felony counts of assault.

That includes four counts of forcible rape, two counts of assault with intent to commit rape and two counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object.

The D.A. says the alleged assaults occurred between August 2002 and March 2009. The four alleged victims were between the ages of 20 and 26 and were all dancers or aspiring dancers who say they met Alex through his dance instruction classes.

Alex was arrested for pretty much the same thing back in April, but prosecutors declined to press charges -- saying further investigation was needed to move forward.

Alex is being held on $6.2 million bail.


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And here everybody thought it was all over by now.

After his release in April Alex Da Silva has told his side of the story to Edie the Salsafreak:

and made a show about the entire thing:

Guess we'll have to wait and see what comes up during the trial.

1802 days ago


Well he should forget bail and just spend his money on a LOT of lube because his butthole is going to get blown out in prison.

1802 days ago


#25 Men don't rape because it's the only way for them to get sex. They rape because they like the power of the act. They like taking from a woman what she doesn't want to give him. And just because a woman flirts with a man doesn't mean she wants to have sex with him. At least 4 women, who don't know each other, have come forward. Where there's smoke, there's a fire.

1802 days ago

Alec Gonzales    

The master of free penis tango lessons will soon be accepting new pupils at chino hills prison... i wonder if his cell mate can samba?

1802 days ago


He is not Italian he is from Brasil.

1802 days ago


Hey Brownie, what kind of an idiot are you?! No woman should have to give it up in order to succeed at anything, and even then, it's not rape but sexual harassment. Regardless, Alex was not the kind of power player who could make anything happen for anyone even if he wanted to do so. He was just a hired gun with no power. The guy is a sleaze. Yeah, I know the dude. I don't know if he raped these women, but he was sure full of himself and on a power trip.

1802 days ago


He was not on Dancing with the Stars. He and his wife were on SYTYCD this season and previous seasons. I don't believe a word of what is being said. After he was arrested back in April, he still appeared on SYTYCD. If he did what they say, WHY now are the 2002 people coming forward? I would have went to the police the first time it happened to me. Don't believe everything you read. You know the saying "innocent until proven quilty".

1802 days ago


I have known Alex for a long time..overall he is a cool guy..a little arrogant but i don't see a rapist. I've been to his house, hung out with him, he tried to hit on me but i told him was END OF STORY. He didn't try to force/rape me. S#$% it would have been a good fight if he did try cause he is about as petite as me. I think these girls better be for real with their allegations cause accusing someone of something of this magnitude is life changing. Sounds to me like a case of "Regret" on the females part. They made a decision..even if they felt a little pressured and now they wanna call rape. If he is guilty he needs punished and deserves jail. But if these females are just pissed off at the regretable choice they made and wanna punish him..that's F'd up! I just hope that the truth comes out, whatever that may be!

1802 days ago


MOST of you are a bunch of hater, probably ignorant, Republicans or Conservatives... what ever happened with the so called "innocent until proven quilty" some times I wish I can Move out of this planet and if I could I would.

Lest just see what comes out of this, then and only then YOU HATERS can go at it if he is indeed guity, until then put a BURRITO in your mouths..............

1802 days ago


It's about time an intelligent District Attorney was put on this case.  Former lacking DAs is the reason for the case being dragged on for so long.  Alex is a criminal and deserves everything that is to come - life in prison.  Rapists don't show their dark side to the public.  Their own families don't even know it!  May justice be served.  

1801 days ago


#35 What happened was that they didn't feel that they had enough evidence to convict him, and they weren't going to file charges unless they knew they could go to trial and win. In the interim, 3 other women stepped up with the same story -- 3 women who did not know each other. They discovered a pattern and felt that they could now prove their case against Da Silva. You are innocent until proven guilty, but where there is smoke, there is fire. It's one thing to have 1 woman make a claim, but it's a whole other thing to have 4! This guy is going down.

1800 days ago

Antonio T.V    

I have known Alex for 7 years now.For those of you who dont know him, He is one of the nicest guys around. In all this time that I have known him, I have seen a lot of girls come up to him and flirt and then I would see them leave together,from a club or from a studio.No doubt about it, Alex is a player, and He loves women. I just do not think that he is the kind of person who would rape a woman. I know that rape is about power and about taking something from someone by force. I just do not think that He is capable of that. there are a lot of ignorant jokes and comments that I read here. Put yourself in his situation: would you like to have ignorant people who do not know anything about the matter believe everything they hear and post horrible comments about YOU? I think that if He did these horrible things, He should pay for the crime--even though I just hang out with Alex about one week ago, and He is a friend. I just hope that you all can give him the benefit of the doubt until he is proved guilty--that is the right thing to do, at least in this country of ours that believes in "innocent until proven guilty" --not the other way around.

1799 days ago


This is utterly ridiculous. I've known him for over 12 years. People are so quick to judge. A bunch of easy to believe the bad...jealous idiots...

1787 days ago


Do they have enough charges now to "move forward"? If people weren't so incredibly stupid, this wouldn't be happening. We have a great justice system. Ruin as many lives as possible, and then, just maybe, you can get caught, do it again, get caught, and then, finally, have to meet bail to go out and do it all over again. Sad situation all around.

1762 days ago


i agree with the person who said you guys are a bundle of idiots who are believing this crap about alex. this is all a bunch of crap. of course alex would never rape anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1430 days ago
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