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Big Ben's Lawyers: Emails Shall Set Him Free

8/19/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger's lawyers claim they have emails and IMs proving Andrea McNulty's sexual assault allegations are a load of bull -- including one IM she sent after the alleged incident saying, "I would date Ben Roethlisberger."

Alleged Andrea McNulty emails
Ben's attorney David Cornwell just released a document containing emails and IMs, which he says were sent between Andrea and her fake online boyfriend "Ben the Soldier."

In the docs, Cornwell says Andrea sent one "light-hearted" email to fake Ben around 12:41 AM on July 12, 2008 -- which would have occurred a mere 1.5 - 2 hours after she claims the real Ben assaulted her.

Cornwell says the email "proves that, rather than crying in her truck in the parking lot, and driving away, distraught and crying [which she claims in her lawsuit] McNulty was back at her workstation sending light-hearted emails and engaging in benign chatter with her online boyfriend.

Then, on the afternoon of July 12 -- one day after the alleged incident -- Cornwell claims McNulty wrote, "This golf tournament has been really fun ... speaking of which I need to head over to a dinner with your lookalike [referring to Ben Roethlisberger] and a few others before heading out..."

Ben's lawyers claim she sent another IM to fake Ben in December of '08, saying "I would date Ben Roethlisberger."

Cornwell attached a press release with the emails that included some advice for Andrea -- "McNulty should abandon her lawsuit immediately and admit that Ben Roethlisberger did not rape her."
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The more the facts come out the more you can see that this money grubbing unstable skank (her lawyer is no better and is a disgrace to the legal system and should have NEVER have filed this civil suit. I hope they go after her for false allegations.

Her are some facts from the Original Complaint filed by McNutty Lawyer

"McNulty -- an employee at the Harrah's hotel in Lake Tahoe -- claims it all went down on Friday, July 11, 2008 around 10:00 p.m. In the docs, McNulty claims she ran into Roethlisberger in the hotel hallway and he told her that the sound system on his television wasn't working. He allegedly asked her to come and "take a quick look" at it."

Then in these emails that was sent back and forth from "Ben the Soldier" (who in real life was the wife of a man that McNutty had an affair with 'pretending' to be Ben the Soldier - she found McNutty in a chat room through her husbands computer)


"hahah I was just reading this and noticed you said "tiored widdle bwue eyes..." That reminds me of when I was in Hawaii and you were "pwaying with your widdle hands." hahahahahahhaha I forget why you were pwaying ...you were probabably trying to get me to tell you something. Awwwwww"

Yeah right (rolling eyes) she just got raped and hour before sending this email....ARE YOU KIDDING ME !?!? WTF

(not only that - McNutty is an idiot and niave - what kind of guy writes emails in baby talk - that is so queer - it was obviously written by a woman and McNutty is a dreamer living in a fantasy world driven hopelessly into anything where she could create a relationship with some guy -- can you say UNSTABLE !!)

1890 days ago


TO#36 BREEZY-Why are you putting all your personal business on this site. Nobody cares about your story here so go tell it to your shrink. Why did you feel the need to say your rapist was black? What difference does his color make? I believe you made the whole story up and added a name to make it appear authentic. Maybe your story is just wishful fantasies of the big black stick.

1890 days ago

Yes I Have a Brain    

To kissmiass ... Did it make you feel big and powerful to attack Breezy for no reason? What a pathetic little jerk you are. Who are you to say whether anyone else on this site is interested in her story? If you had more than rocks for brains you'd understand she was naming and describing her attacker not out of racisim but because he pled down to a misdemeanor that kept him from being listed as a sex offender. So now he can roam freely, attacking others as he pleases. She was warning the public in the only way left to her. AND she was pointing out that lying nutjobs like Andrea McNulty are one reason real rape victims can't get justice. HER comment was relevant to this discussion. Yours was the ranting of an ignorant, hate-filled nothing.

To Breezy: Karma will catch up to Washington ... and to McNulty and kissmiass.

1890 days ago


Ben was probably drunk, didn't realize what he was crawling into bed with. He has admitted he knew her and it sounds like they did have a 1 hour stand.

1889 days ago


Mmmmmmmmmm that was some good time right there.

We should meet up for coffee and catch up on old times, or do you want me to just come on over?

1889 days ago


TMZ -- you are SLIPPING -- more news about McNUTTY ! . This makes her case even MORE RIDICULOUS --


1883 days ago


It wasn't Ben's wife she was sending the emails to. She was involved in another married man's life during the time she was with Bed and it was that man's wife (not Ben) who was gathering information. She sure sounds like a mental case!

1358 days ago
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