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George Hamilton Questions Obama's Skin Color

8/19/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, perma-tanned George Hamilton suggested that President Barack Obama also has a tan line ... as in ... he's not really as black as he appears to be ... as in holy crap, it just got all racial up this piece.

George Hamilton: Click to watch


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Some people are not bothered about reading their history and understanding the other. I guess it justifies the way they think and what they do. I mean, everyone has got an interpretation of history. Obviously the slave race will see how it affected them and how it continues to affect them in terms of racism and others will see it as necessary evil that had to be done be it not all approved of it. But at the end of the day racism causes all this because it is a slave master mentality. Can't we all draw strength from our pasts and get along? Still wishful thinking i know.

1861 days ago


And people who go around saying that you are an african and you were never a slave therefore you have nothing to do with it, i advise you to revise that statement because if an african and anafrican american are put infront of a racist, guess what, they are the same because their skin colour is exactly the same and that was the origin of slavery. people are going to have to stop changing things because at the end of the day it is what it is. But we should all work hard together and move forward, but some people do not want to move forward together, they want to move separately and feel on top of others, which is why we still have problems. The slaves and their offsprings are not going anywhwere and we have to live with them but for some, that is not acceptable to this day. sighs

1861 days ago


46. Sorry to rain on your parade Kevin but my stat is accurate. That was the PEAK of African American involvment in WW2 and was reached in 1944. Don't feel bad... it's not your fault that your ancestors didn't have the balls to STEP UP and save the world... you just leave that to the white man. And yes, there was segregation back then. Thats the way things were... it was a dark time in our nations history, but hey, it's not like that anymore, so stop BITCHING!

And I could care less about the color of the presidents skin. It has nothing to do with the fact that he is an incompetent, lying a$$hole who has no idea what he is doing! You think he is gonna be in there after 2012 you are smoking crack buddy... his numbers are dropping faster than your boy GWB... LOOK IT UP

Posted at 2:26PM on Aug 19th 2009 by Hot Carl
How can people step up if they are NOT allowed to. No matter what race or what not. Like if a person wants to join the millitary. Well they arent allowed to do it if they have physical conditions. So certain things are beyond control of a individual. Has nothing to do with balls or lack thereof.

1861 days ago


If i may ask, who was saving the world from what? What was very wrong back in the day that it had to be changed? Excuse my ignorance but i am curious. How did Africa come to be involved in other wars when apparently it was an undiscovered world? Just curious and would appreciate an answer. Thank you. Sometimes i fail to understand our interpretation of events.

1861 days ago


Your saying that slavery was then and this is now. And that it has no effect on today. Well that is not the case. It all shapes they way EVERYONE is today. The caucasion and african americans. It shaped the way our attitudes are towards each other. Resentment on african americans part for what happened to our ancestors, and pure hatred(have to hate to do what they did to us) on the caucasions part. Native Americans were taken over. This was their land to start with. And the "White" man took that over to. So I mean even though its history it has a direct link on how everyone acts today. It just how you deal with it. I guess.

1861 days ago


Not me, i have not said that at all and i totally what you are saying. Racism is as good as slave-master mentality. At the end of the day, some races still feel superior to the other when they do not need to and have no reason to because the slaves contributed alot to the development of this country. But where do some people get off feeling superior. That is what i do not understand. The slaves had no choice in the matter of being taken away, no negotiations and pay for their work, which is why they lagged behind for a long time. But for heaven's sakes, why the racism especially in Britain and America? There's no justification whatsoever for it. NONE

1861 days ago


George gets spray on or at least he is dyed, bet he does not even have a tan line. How can anyone have that tan for that long and survive no ill effects?
well, besides apparent social etiquette brain damage

1861 days ago

Jeny are PBT (Po Black Trash for you uneducated silly is that PWT stuff?). YOU are the biggest racist on this board. Gotta love your "typical white attitude" comment of yours in post #25. Kinda like President Obammy's "typical white person" comment that he made about his grandmother when he threw her under the bus.

Hate to break this to you, Kevin, but YOU *are* what you hate...a racist and a bigot. You hate white people. You are quite clear on that.

I feel sorry for you and will pray that God will relieve you of this hatred and free room in your heart for more positive thoughts and activities in life.

God bless...and be well.

1860 days ago


"Mr Black President" is in fact MIXED RACE! His mother was white, so was his Grandparents etc. His BLACK father deserted him as a child and f**cked of back to Africa. It was his WHITE family that brought him up!!!!!!!

1860 days ago


I thought his old azz was dead, He is the Prez, whether you like it or not. Suck that stuff up, and get a life.

1855 days ago


This is not funny, it's stupid!

What is funny however, is how most white people believe themselves to be the center of the universe. FYI!!! Black people tan too!!!

1854 days ago


this is absolutely outrageous. what has this country come to you. would think that the older people get the less ignorant you would become.its a shame if a 13year old can see past trifle differences like color or gender or race but commenters on here, who are years older than me i dont give two damns about what color you are im just apalled that all of us who claim that they live in revolutionized america cannot see past color lines and at least act like they have sense

1847 days ago
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