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MJ Burial Could Cost Jacksons a Pretty Penny

8/19/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThrowing a memorial service for Michael Jackson is a lot cheaper when you trade the Staples Center for the more traditional places to honor the dead.

Law enforcement sources tell us the cost of providing police and other city services for the private memorial at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale could top $50,000. That's like a Costco version of a memorial, compared to the estimated $1.4 million to stage the event at the Staples Center in L.A.

A Glendale PD source tells us the Jackson family will foot the bill for police and other services associated with the service, which will be held on August 29.


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Why is he even buried, MJ said himself he did not want to be buried!!

1829 days ago


get over it! Serious.


1829 days ago


I do not know why they had to ANNOUNCE the burial plans. They should have just buried him and THEN announced it!! This family is a mess!!!!

And what a way to honor his date of birth--bury him. LOL It somehow fits Michael's dark and wacky life though.

I just want him buried and out of the news, really. Enough is enough.

1829 days ago

Karen Ann    

We, the taxpayers should pick up the cost of the burial. After all, he was a great star and a god in his own sense.

1829 days ago


can't people just stay home and news outlets stay out of this solemn private event. I'm shocked that a city like Los Angeles has to charge it's citizens for police protection. what are they getting paid for? I thought the police were getting paid to protect the peace. Don't people in LA pay taxes? There must be a lot of corruption in their city government to have to charge citizens for basic police protection. And, it is basic. The family is not asking for the publicity. It would just be nice if people could stay away and give them their time to say a final good-bye. I'm sure this has worn on them. And, just for once in that man's life TMZ and all other paparazzi outlets along with legitimate news stay away. Have a soul for once.

1829 days ago


i lik your pretty smile, i believe was arabelas smile...hahaaa. i love zou Michaeeeeeelll

1829 days ago


it's a shame that fans cannot visit michael's mausoleum, i never had the chance to see him when he was alive and now that he is gone i can't even go there and just kiss good bye the wonderful man and incredible artist he was... it is obvious that i will never get the chance to approach him but i wish i could say goodbye... it s been almost two mounths now and i can't even believe he is gone, i wished i could go to his grave and drop some flowers there and maybe that will ease my pain... but i know that i m not the only one in that case, so i totally understand that the familly want to keep it private otherwise michael would not rest in peace... after all michael' whole life was public and he suffered from that so at least his burial will be private...
i love him so much and this will be forever, I remember him saying that he didn't want to be burried because he wanted to live forever, and he will, in our hearts and in our memories, for ever and ever...
love you michael, rest in peace, you were the most shiny star on earth and now you are a star in the sky... rest in peace michael

1829 days ago


It is outrageous for the Jacksons to keep Michael Jacksons body out of the ground for two months. I question their Religious beliefs, their ethics, and the way they are continuosly trying to portray themselves as the Enabling Money Hungers that they are. And why not bury Michael with his Deceased Grandparents, or a Deceased Family Member. The upper scale are of the Burial Grounds were for the burial of Famous Causasians, not a drug addicted Soul Brother, that apparently will never RIP.

1829 days ago

MJ Forever    

#47 John Gramazio, What a very uneducated twit you are. Firstly moron, TMZ does stories on celebrity news. Not about your countries healthcare sevices and terrorism. This is why they talk about Michael and other celebrities so much, if don't like it don't read it and piss off.
For all the morons that call MJ a child what ever, i think you seriously need help, you must of had a very deprived life, and are still having one, like they say jealsouly is a curse. One more thing i hope to god everyone of you that bad mouth Michael don't need to use his services from the charities that will receive 40% from his estaste...
P.S Over Ten Million fans on facebook MJ, you are truly loved forever. Your Aussie fan from down under.

1829 days ago


You would think this would be covered in their (substantial) taxes as a 'freebie'.

1829 days ago


For you dummies asking why it was announced if it is private seem to forget that they announced the family gathering as well which was private. No one but close family and friends attended that as well. They also announced the repast after the memorial and that was private also. Keep up! lol

1829 days ago


I hope the cost of this is coming out of Katherine's 40% share.
Maybe Joe can foot the bill. He is the one who can't figure out if Michael was buried 2 weeks ago. Or maybe it was a month ago. Wait. It was...hold on. Oh,,s. huh? what?

Oh right..Its on the the 29th of August. Right, the day my new record label launches.

1829 days ago


god blesses him.

1829 days ago


Poor Michael he can't even be layed to rest under ground. My sadness go's out only for Michael not for his adopted kids or for his evil family. I hope one day people can visit his grave in the M.

Where ever you are Michael i hope your happy
RIP Michael

Love always

1829 days ago


It's called damage control baby.

They were planning to keep him on ice indefinitely (until they could locate the proper place to make $$$$$$$$ off him,Neverland and Las Vegas were out for the time being, and no time left to locate a suitable location in the near future)...but the public backlash got to be too much.

Damage control, it's all about damage control.

But you know, sometimes it's just too late to clean up grossly tarnished reputations.
Posted at 3:38AM on Aug 19th 2009 by zombiehunter
Damage control my a**!
It's called I need to get my face on tv some more. I need to promote my record label. I haven't had enough face time!
Gimme a break! Since when have you known this crazy looney toon family to not want to be on t.v. The media labeled Michael the crazy one. Hah! Looks like they missed the boat on that one!

1829 days ago
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