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MJ Burial Could Cost Jacksons a Pretty Penny

8/19/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThrowing a memorial service for Michael Jackson is a lot cheaper when you trade the Staples Center for the more traditional places to honor the dead.

Law enforcement sources tell us the cost of providing police and other city services for the private memorial at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale could top $50,000. That's like a Costco version of a memorial, compared to the estimated $1.4 million to stage the event at the Staples Center in L.A.

A Glendale PD source tells us the Jackson family will foot the bill for police and other services associated with the service, which will be held on August 29.


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1890 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

How many times can you bury or memorialize the guy, for crissakes. Just get him in the ground and stop using his corpse as a cash cow.

1890 days ago


just wish that chandler kid would come out with the truth once and for all.he could have testified against mj at th 2005 trail from what i understand. he is a grown man why didnt he .was he afraid of perjury .i think mj was innocent but if i was that kid and he did it i would be telling everyone that he was a bad man.makes me more sure he was innocent of all that crap.all a person leaves with is their reputation.i think the father and the now adult kids silence speaks volumes

1890 days ago


9. Are the family members going to put the kids through the horrors of another service?

Posted at 2:09AM on Aug 19th 2009 by Finally

That was my FIRST THOUGHT! When are these children going to be allowed to move on with their lives. I can't believe the judge left them with one of the most visibily dysfunctional families on the planet. This is the type of hysteria that will haunt them until they are old enough to move on with their lives but by then they will probably be so brainwashed by all the hangers-on it won't even be funny. Somethings children should not be exposed to and the fact that Grandma is continually visiting her dead sons body is an example of the dysfunction going on in that home. Can you imagine the conversations they are exposed to as the family fights for their fathers money.

Their guardian ad litem should also be there for the childrens emotional well-being and it is quite apparent that Katherine is experiencing great remorse over the death of her 'meal-ticket' son. It appears with all of the continued conversations in the press that the family is not realizing that their comments are forever immortalized in print. And that one day these children will 'once again' be exposed to all the showing of disrespect this family had for their father. It is really sad to expose these children AGAIN to another FUNERAL!

1890 days ago


mike had abundance of talent ,heart and soul and for all the wealth fame and success by all accounts his life was soooo lonely.very sad.but he is gone now and God knows what he went through and will take the pain away.I am praying for those poor kids..they are the ones that need it.pleasse someone in that family put their need first

1890 days ago


i adored mj and just feel so bad that he is gone that i just cant get enough of this stuff..but i dont want him to become elvis and have his kids have an even harder time than they already have i am going to try not to by into the feeding frenzy that is all mj.maybe if we all step back alittle those kids might have a chance at a more normal life like mj said 'im starting with me"bye

1890 days ago


we all as mjfans really have to step back and go by the facts and not the news and much of what we get is really fact i just hope that everyone realizes just how much mj wanted his kids kept in secret and what the reason for doing so meant to him... fact!!! we are seeing his reason each and everyday after his death why he did what he did..some agree on the burial some dont--but ultimately it is the families decision, nothing simple and ordinary about mjs life or death--truly unusal and extravegant...that what he was about-if it had been so simple and ordinary we all would probably complain about that as well..he is the king of pop before death and after, and he needed a send off fit for a king!!!! i pray for his children and i hope they always know just how much mj truly loved and adored them, and that he knew they loved him above everyone else uncondionally...that is all he ever wanted and he did find that in his children no doubt about that!!!! may you rest in peace!!!! the fans are deeply saddened and hurt by your passing, but we know that you were are shining star on and off stage....sue from tampa

1890 days ago


Good Morning from Miami,FL!I have been reading comments and I agree with some of you regarding Michael fans having a place to pay our respects. WE SURELY DESERVE TO HAVE THAT. I hope TMZ you pass that along to Michael's family. I have mixed feelings about him being buried on his birthday but we can't stopped them from their own plans. Regarding his doctor speaking, sound phony to me.THANKS TMZ FOR IMPROVING ON MICHAEL PICTURES. you all will agree that Michael was looking quite fine this past year. when I come home from work, after I finished all my things I home I turn to YOU TUBE and watch all the stuff there regarding Michael, it has helped me feel better. they have a lot of his live performances. you guys should go there if you haven't yet.

1890 days ago


Why didn't they just have the private burial without telling the media? Instead of paying all the attorneys and tying up the court's time with frivolous posturing, Kathrine needs to have her attorneys have the judge impose a gag order on Joe Jackson regarding anything to do with Michael, his estate or his children.

1890 days ago



1890 days ago


I have been a very devoted MJ fan for 30 years and as much as I love MJ I do not feel like his resting place should be open to the public. As much as he loved his fans and as much as we love him, we truly need to let him rest in peace. Yes most of us would just lay flowers and talk to him quietly, but as history proves he couldn't go out anywhere without being attacked even by well meaning fans, so how could he possibly have a "resting place". We have his albums, his posters, his pictures, videos and youtube to keep his beautiful memory alive. His children need a place to go to talk to him privately. Thank God they didn't turn this into a circus like placing him at Neverland or in Vegas. He never had the respect and privacy in life please let him have it in death. I think if the story is true, Forest Lawn Glendale is beautiful and looks perfect for our beloved King of Pop. RIP Michael Jackson. We the fans miss you and love you more than you could ever imagine.

1890 days ago


Well said LuvMJbad. We, the "adoring" public, do not have a "right" to view his gravesite and nor should we. He has left enough of himself to us already; he gave his entire life to us. I hope this is his last resting place and that it is a relatively quiet affair and people, including the media, respect the family on this day. His death was almost two months ago, however, burying their son, father, brother, friend is most definitely a final, gut-wrenching moment. It brings home the reality.

1890 days ago


Michael's music sales in the next 3 days can probably pay for it. Hopefully the executors are making sure that bills do get paid.

1890 days ago

just sayen    

It's high time justice took place in this case. Until it is I am personally boycotting everything Cal. from fruits, wine to products produced to TV shows to movies. There is enough entertainment in the world to do with out their products. If enough fans do our voice will be heard & M.J. will one day with prayer find justice. We know in God's Kingdom he has & will. I just can't wait for the guilty who removed him from his family, fans & his beloved children face God.
It is indeed sad because of hate in the world of these haters, who are also the reason he distrusted so many & are just as guilty as the Dr. or Dr.s for him no longer being with us all that his body remains has to be protected in death from his fans saying their last good-byes. But if so so be it, protect his remains well from the crazies of the world. If it was my son I however would not lay him to rest in a state who hurt him so badly through it's legal system during his life. There are other as peaceful last resting places in America & the world. But I am glad he is being laid to rest it is past time. Candles will be lit in his honor that day here too.
Prayers as always for his children & those who truly love him for the amazing person he was.

Peace & Love

1890 days ago


Thank you Marv:) Your comments ring true also...

1890 days ago
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