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See Jon Shop a Script!!!

8/19/2009 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case you had any doubt that Jon Gosselin was thinking of moving on to greener ($$$$) pastures, take a look at this photo of Jonnie boy with Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael -- wheeling and dealing for a new reality show.

As we first reported, Jon was talking to producers about a new show featuring celebrity divorced dads. Look at the picture -- featuring Lohan's fiancee holding a paper with the title "Divorced Dads Club." Also in the pic -- Mike Heller (sunglasses -- he manages Lindsay). The guy in the black T-shirt behind Jon is Charlie Walk from Endemol -- the production company that is developing the project. We don't know who the dude on the right is.

A rep from Endemol tells us Jon came to them but it was established he couldn't do the show because of his commitment to TLC and "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Endemol says the show is still a go despite Jon's absence.


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1890 days ago


This guy needs to get a life. WAKE UP JOHN!!!!! You have a family and responsibilites. YOU NEED TO BE A DAD! I was on your side but the more of this crap I see with you I am beginning to think perhaps that Kate is the one to support along with the kids.

1890 days ago


What a bunch of Losers!!! What kind of morons would brag about being divorced? And what kind of Losers would even watch a show about Losers? Time for Kate to cut off the money pipeline so Jon gets a dose of reality. He is an immature pimp who is living a high life off the money his kids have made. He did nothing to make that money and now he is even doing less and he still expects the money to keep flowing. Come on Kate, get mad. As for TLC how about a name change for the show to the Kate plus 8 who is showing alot more class than her spineless ex.

1890 days ago

doc murry    

if you look at the new lineups for the upcoming season it makes me want to throw my tv out the window,,nothing but trash shows..why do these networks run these shows,because they are cheap to produce and make money I guess at the expense of or children and our minds.It used to be the time to look forward to when all the new tv shows were coming out in the fall,not anymore I guess.i suggest make a visit to the local library and watch reruns of good old shows

1890 days ago

river rat    

Five douchebags and a ho !

1890 days ago


He makes you want to "puke" I have done so already. He is a "sleaze ball"

1890 days ago

Proud Black Person    

Sorry but I'm not sure if everybody was watching the same show. It seemed to me like Jon was the only one there really for the best interest of the kids. Kate always tried to control him, wouldn't let the kids be kids and the kids like they could not stand Kate and loved being with daddy.

I'm almost sure that half these people dissing him are people who went through a nasty divorce and are REALLY bitter because he has a young girlfriend and NOT that he was a terrible father.

1890 days ago

Great-You're an asshole.    

He makes me sick. And from the looks of the other comments, I'm not the only one. Jon, go to hell.

1890 days ago


What is this guy's appeal?

1890 days ago


All I have to say to the women that like him...Poor taste for SH*T.

1890 days ago


I agree with #5. Add Lohan to the list. They all look like a bunch of losers. And what is supposed to be so sexy about Gosselin? He looks like a fat 15 year old.

1890 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Lindsay's gonna like her new step-mommy.

1890 days ago


To Brandy.. Maybe Kate had a good reason for acting the way she did. These are Jon's true colors coming out.

1890 days ago


Well that is just what Jon needs. To be associated with other looser dad's.

1890 days ago


Trailer trash America! Wake up and put this d-bags out of our misery!

1890 days ago
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