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'Twilight' Author

Sued for

Vampire Rip-Off

8/19/2009 10:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

steph2-1The author of the "Twilight" series is being sued by a woman who claims the 4th installment is a rip-off of her work.

Jordan Scott claims in her lawsuit, filed today in federal court, that she began writing a novel "in the vampire genre" when she was just 15 -- back in 2003. The novel was published in 2006 and called "The Nocturne."

Scott claims the 4th installment of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series lifted her work. She says Meyer's book -- "Breaking Dawn" is a "significant literary departure from [her] early books..." She says it seems the book is "written by a teenager." Yes, Scott was a teenager when she wrote "The Nocturne."

Scott claims the two books "show striking, articulable and substantial similarities in the ... plot lines, themes, dialogue, mood, setting, pace, characters, sequence of events, ideas and other similarities."

TMZ published a story about the specific plot similarities. Click here to read.

Scott is asking for damages, and that the court impound the "Breaking Dawn" books that are being sold.


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First of all, the actions that happened in this book were set up in the earlier books. You can tell that Meyer planned on having Bella and Edward get married and have a half breed child. She talked about the immortal children on previous books. As for the (allegedly) copied wedding scene, what would a wedding scene be without the bride and/or groom having a moment of breathlessness as they see their mate for the first time when coming down the aisle? It was hardly an original idea.

1856 days ago


It's so not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that author just wants to become as famous as Stephenie Meyer!!!!! BUT IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1856 days ago

too funny    

This is such old news and I hope Jordan Scott ends up owing Stephenie for bringing up such crap. Look it up, Breaking Dawn was copyrighted way before Scott did anything. Breaking Dawn was actually a re-written version of a book she wrote right after Twilight, but then decided to do 2 books in between. How funny that some people take this Scott chick seriously, because we all know if you are going to stir a pot you got to TMZ and then MTV. I would really like to see Scott publicly say she is sorry, but she only wants to further her careers. So sad!

1856 days ago


I found this artical and checked it out....

So the big news not 20 minutes ago was that Stephenie Meyers is being sued by Jordan Scott for ripping off her book. Complete details on that here. Well it is amazing how a copyright search can really throw mud on an issue. The Twihards at TwilightLexicon took the time to do a copyright search and found something interesting.

Forever Dawn ( the original name of Breaking Dawn) was copyrighted in 2004-01-05 and Jordan Scotts book the Nocturne which it apparently borrowed from was copyrighted in..... 2008-09-19. I am not lawyer and I by no means have all the facts but I can do simple math. Anyone else think this closes the case? Anyone else wondering why this author would sue with a 4 year discrepency on copright?

1856 days ago


People are retarded. In BLUE letters saying CLICK HERE thats what you click on. Thats the link. You know how many people write about vampires, and vampires having sex. Most of them have the same story. I have never heard of the other lady, but I do read Stephanie Meyers books so Im for Stephanie

1856 days ago

Lia Johnson    

To the person going "why, after all these years?" Maybe Scott never read the book.

Personally, I wouldn't give two cents for any of this romantic vampire drivel, and the twilight series is about the worst--it glorifies a weirdo stalker 'hero' and the heroine is a ninny. And the notion that 10% of Meyers' profits go to the Mormon Church? Aren't vampires against their principles, or something? Isn't that considered 'immoral earnings?'

I hope Scott proves her case and makes a bundle. Ripping off another writer is just ... bloodsucking.

1856 days ago

Chico D.    

If anyone should be unleashing an army of lawyers on these vampire
copycats it's Anne Rice, who wrote: Interview with the Vampire, the
Vampire Chronicles way back in 1976. It was made into a movie back in the early 90's with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. We just keep on
reinventing the wheel. Young people...Wake up!

1856 days ago


it has been how long since Breaking Dawn came out??? I think the lady suing is pretty much jealous because her book didn't come close to being popular!

1856 days ago


I have never heard of Jordan Scott and i have never heard of her book. She is just jealous that the Twilight series is making more money then any of her books. The Twilight series is awesome. Jordan Scott should be sued by Stephenie Meyer.

1856 days ago


As old as I am, (and I am old in my 50's) and reading being my biggest hobby...I have read for ever vampire genre type books. I agree, that Ms. Meyers has taken some creative license to "borrow" thoughts and ideas. It's nothing Nikki stated...similar themes and how they are expounded on with slight "twists" is nothing new. As for Ms. Meyers I have read all her books, they so far make better movies! She's a little too prolific (wordy) for my patience!

1856 days ago

Scott is a Faker    

When this story first broke, I looked into everything I could and made up my own mind about what is going on. For starters, I see no evidence of a physical book written by Ms. Scott, it appears that only e-books and PDFs are available. Stephanie Meyer's lawyers stated they had not received a physical copy of the book to review re: the lawsuit. When you click on links to purchase her book at Barnes & Noble, the ISBN for her book appears to be the same ISBN for a book called "Texas Aggies:True to Each Other". This is very fishy to me. She is conveniently "sold out" of her supposed book on her websites, but conveniently you can purchase the eBooks from various places. Her "book" has been flying off the "shelf" since her claims have been made known, and many reviews of the book state it is because of her claims and that they wanted to see if there was truly any similarity between The Nocturne and Breaking Dawn. Most reviewers said they saw very little to know similarity. So while this faker Scott isn't asking for money in her lawsuit, she IS making money off of all the people buying her book. So I would recommend not purchasing it - don't get suckered in and let her make a buck off you or the Twilight series.

Then there is the afore mentioned copyright issue, and most true Twilight fans know Stephanie Meyer wrote Breaking Dawn (Forever Dawn) immediately after she finished Twilight - her publisher requested 2 additional books to make it a series. The themes in The Nocturne don't seem altogether original anyways, the whole lawsuit is ridiculous.

And to the person who said that Breaking Dawn would be impounded and the movies would not be made, all because of the lawsuit being filed, well it is our right as Americans to file a lawsuit over basically anything. A judge will determine if it is frivolous or has any merit. So it really doesn't matter that she filed a lawsuit, that means nothing.

1856 days ago


My wife read the series in about five days back in December. Yeah, five; and I recall her saying that "Breaking Dawn" seemed very familiar to her. In fact, she stated, "Y'know, I keep thinking that I've read this book before." She even went as far as to say what would happen when she came to the halfway point. When she reached that point, and found she had indeed read it before, she put it down.
Good enough for me.
Now, I'm not going to search out the dates and times or anything like that, because I don't care that much about it.
However, as a working artist, I can say that regardless of the form, be it e-book, or printed material, whoever initially wrote the story in question is the owner, and is entitled to compensation, or at least credit for the work, whether it's crap or not, despite who published first.
As far as copyrights go, once you create something, it is yours BY DEFAULT for 75 years (in the U.S.), provided you can prove when you created it and that you are indeed the artist, inventor, etc. (though seeking a Copyright or Patent is the best way to go).
Now, if Meyer altered more than ten percent of the work, then it's considered a derivative work. Until the laws change governing said pieces, the new work is hers, and she is entitled to full copyright, and Scott will just have to suck it up.
However, if it turns out that it's a blatant, having to part with all that money and losing your professional credibility.
Well, we need people to flip burgers too, I suppose.

1856 days ago


i read all these books..and Breaking Dawn was so ridiculous...i caught myself laughing at this craptastic plot...unfortunately when I start a series i have to finish it no matter how big a piece of crap it is.

1856 days ago


To #77:
Maybe Jordan Scott didn't read Breaking Fail until recently. And what grounds is there for SMeyer to sue her? For so-called jealousy? Now *that* would be a ridiculous lawsuit.

I'm pulling for Scott here. SMeyer needs to lose some of her planet-size ego.

1856 days ago


Anyone posting on this message board should really check out a few websites. The first two are Jordan Scott's personal website and her myspace page and the third is her imdb page. Here are the links:

This girl is immature and egotisical to say the least and, in my opinion, completely delusional. On her personal sites she talks about all of her "achievements" and yet, there is really no evidence to back up her claims. Try the links to her discography and tours - they go to photos of her. She states that she spends all this time working in tv and film, writing novels/screenplays and working on musical projects. What is interesting to me about this is that myspace has been used by several aspiring musicians to promote their music and yet she does not provide ANY samples of her songs. She also constantly praises herself speaking about the "award-winning" scripts she has written, lists The Nocturne under her favorite books and states "wow" after citing all of the "special" things that she has done with her apparent "talent". When you go to her imdb page you will see that she has worked on two projects (in total) which I'm sure most people have never heard of. How is it that she has had to take a break from film and television, yet, since 2001 she has received two roles? I studied film and theatre in University and know people who work more in a month than she has in her entire life - and they do not have to brag about how they've had to take a break from their busy shooting schedule to work on other projects.

I have read all of Stephenie Meyers books in the Twilight series and while I don't think they are perfect and certainly had a few issues with the writing, I liked them for what they were - an enjoyable way to escape from reality for a while.

As any sane person can see, the similarities that Scott has cited are incredibly vague and common to several other stories. Some of the facts are not even correct ie. the statement that both stories feature a woman impregnated with an evil child - Renesmee was far from evil. I know that several people have also mentioned the article on the Twilight Lexicon that proves Stephenie Meyer published her ideas in Forever Dawn long before Jordan Scott had her work copyrighted so I wont go into that in more detail.

Though I refuse to read this book and give this girl the result that she is hoping for, I have read the reviews of her work, the majority of which are very negative. These reviews also clearly reveal that the books are not similar at all. The few reviews of her novel that are positive are poorly written and I wouldn't be surprised if they came from people who know Jordan Scott or, perhaps Jordan Scott herself. There also seem to be a lot of people who simply dislike the whole Twilight phenomenon so any positive comments on Scott's book might also come from people who, like Jordan Scott, are just jealous of Stephenie Meyers success.

Just because you did not like Breaking Dawn does not mean that Meyers copied the work of a 15 year old girl. Besides, how would Stephenie Meyer even have come across this girls work which was only, apparently, posted on her website and then "published" online. I'm sure that Stephenie Meyer was too busy writing to be searching for and then reading the work of a teenager. Had anyone else posting on this website heard of this girl before she made this crazy claim?

I hope that someone who is actually a credible writer reads Scott's book and chargers HER with plagiarism. On one of her websites she talks about playing the piano, if that is true, I'm sure she has probably played a nocturne and stole the title of her book from one such musical composition.

I have no doubt that this case will not hold up in court and hope that the judge will scold her for wasting everyone's time. I don't know how anyone can take her case on and call themselves a lawyer. I'm sure the "lawyer" representing this case is just looking for some publicity himself. What a seedy way to get your name out there. They should be ashamed of themselves.

As part of my work at a local University I grade student papers and essays. When students write on similar topics, they have some similar ideas but this does not mean that they have plagiarized another author/students work. If it did, we would have hundreds of students being kicked out of classes and university.

1856 days ago
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