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Cop: Jasmine's Teeth and Fingers Were Removed

8/20/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials from the Buena Park Police Department just held a news conference about the death of model Jasmine Fiore and their search for her husband and murder suspect, Ryan Jenkins.

Here's the blow-by-blow of what went down:

UPDATE: Buena Park's Chief of Police Tom Monson is at the podium. Monson promises a "vigorous pursuit of justice."

UPDATE: Monson says he believes Ryan has escaped to Canada on foot.

UPDATE: A US Marshal is at the podium now. He says his agency is cooperating with law enforcement in Canada to find Ryan. He says anyone who helps Ryan in any way would be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive.

UPDATE: A close family friend named Robert Hasman -- who says he used to date Jasmine -- is speaking. He says Jenkins is an "animal" for what he did to Jasmine.

: Lieutenant Holliday just said Jasmine's teeth and fingers had been removed. He said there's a $10 million bail out on Ryan.

Lt. Holliday just said Ryan may be armed with a handgun. It's over now.


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Megan's show is still on the air - it shows Sunday nights and I think repeats throughout the week.

I just watched the press conference - did I hear right? That her teeth and fingers were removed from her body before he put her in the suitcase?? What a SICKO!!! I hope they catch him and SOON! I always thought he was creepy on the show and he reminds me of Scott Peterson! They should be cell mates.

1798 days ago

Sad sad    

That's probably the reason cause they try to match prints and dental records. Horrible. I'm wondering where he did that because there would have been blood. Maybe in her missing car. I'm wondering if he drove her car first then went back for his and rid of it somewhere. Maybe in San Diego.

1798 days ago


" Jasmine's teeth and fingers had been removed", WTF seriously this one sick f*cker, who does that. It's time for him to be caught and go to jail

1798 days ago


Canada won't extradite unless the DA takes the death penalty off the table. BTW, the officer is smoking something if he thinks US courts are going to extradite Canadians for aiding and abetting someone in Canada. The US seems to think they can exercise their jurisdiction outside the US like every other country is a banana republic. How would you react if a Canadian court tried to drag you out of the US to face charges for something you did in the US? A bit outraged, right?

1798 days ago


I find it ironic that the family says all the stories and rumors about Jasmine are a lie but wont specify which are lies and which aren't. The "Nuh uh" defense hasn't held up in arguments since Pre-School. This person married this guy after knowing him 2 days. That doesn't scream common sense.

1798 days ago

Amber Berglund    

See...this guy is a freak. They let sociopaths on TV and let them make movies. Not only did this guy Ryan (probably) kill Jasmine, he CUT OFF HER FINGERS and REMOVED HER TEETH (and you have to wonder HOW he removed her teeth...)This was not a clean procedure, I am sure. They should re-cut the footage from Megan Wants a Millionaire and break down this guy's disorder...and they should show it on TV, as a warning to women. This is what happens when you date sociopaths. These people who live without regard how their actions affect other people, end up killing women and stuffing them in suitcases, and throwing them away, in the trash. THAT'S how much this guy respects women. All women are trash to him. I hope they catch this guy. I hope with all my heart and soul that they catch this guy...and that they don't serve beer in Hell.

1798 days ago


NOTICE: All Canadian polar bears have joined the search for this miserable creature Jenkins and he will be caught faster than done already.

1798 days ago


Hey Em! Dog doesn't have "jurisdiction" anywhere! He's a bounty hunter! And, to all you other morons, bounty hunters don't pursue people accused of crimes! They pursue people who have jumped bail-- thus, the term "bounty hunter".

1798 days ago


He is *obviously* a very stupid millionaire. Has he never heard of DNA? It was senseless to cut off her fingers & remove her teeth - DNA speaks for itself! The truth would have come out anyways! I cannot believe what a sicko he is!

I wonder if this will be aired on AMW Saturday night! I hope so... people need to keep their eyes open and catch this psycho.

1798 days ago


It is rumored that he killed her in the hotel room they were staying in in San Diego. According to sources, there is security camera footage of the two of them checking into L'Auberge in Del Mar, but there is never again an image of her leaving...although they do have him leaving w/suitcases.

1798 days ago


Yup, he removed her teeth and fingers to prevent identification via fingerprinting or dental records. Idiot! (And how repulsive!) He must have known about DNA testing.

1798 days ago

A Man Among Men    

@23, j.r.

You're criticizing them on the clothes they're wearing? Really?

Think about this: the body was only ID'd yesterday. I would imagine that when the family got the call that their child/sister was found murdered that they then flew/drove the 400 miles to LA as quickly as they could. They probably weren't thinking ahead about a possible press conference.

And, really, I'm sure they have bigger concerns right now than what people think about how they behave or what they wear.

1798 days ago

two cents    

5. I wonder where the show Megan Wants a Millionaire went.. I haven't seen it on Vh1 at all! Posted at 7:05PM on Aug 20th 2009 by You Stink
VH1 pulled the show. What a monster. To think he was SO smart by removing her TEETH and FINGERS? OMG! Disgusting, and still so very stupid. It's just a matter of time. I only hope he gives the cops a reason to open fire. Give them a reason! F'ing coward!

1798 days ago


Removing teeth and fingers? That seriously sounds like some Mafia sh*t. I wonder about his previous connections...

1798 days ago


Wow he went all out. Nut case

1798 days ago
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