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Cop: Jasmine's Teeth and Fingers Were Removed

8/20/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials from the Buena Park Police Department just held a news conference about the death of model Jasmine Fiore and their search for her husband and murder suspect, Ryan Jenkins.

Here's the blow-by-blow of what went down:

UPDATE: Buena Park's Chief of Police Tom Monson is at the podium. Monson promises a "vigorous pursuit of justice."

UPDATE: Monson says he believes Ryan has escaped to Canada on foot.

UPDATE: A US Marshal is at the podium now. He says his agency is cooperating with law enforcement in Canada to find Ryan. He says anyone who helps Ryan in any way would be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive.

UPDATE: A close family friend named Robert Hasman -- who says he used to date Jasmine -- is speaking. He says Jenkins is an "animal" for what he did to Jasmine.

: Lieutenant Holliday just said Jasmine's teeth and fingers had been removed. He said there's a $10 million bail out on Ryan.

Lt. Holliday just said Ryan may be armed with a handgun. It's over now.


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MJ is ♥    

This is really unfortunate and nobody deserves to go through this.

I hope action is taken against the justice system in Canada because the system is a joke. Fugitives are harbored in Canada while the stupid Bush Puppet PM continues to ignore the concerns of citizens to pursuit economic development. While resources are exploited in the name of economic development, there is no protection against monsters like this Jenkins guy. Business is conducted as usual.

One would only hope the USA invade Canada and help restore some common sense in Canada. This is sick. Thoughts are with the victim's families.

1858 days ago


or if some very rare accident happens like a gun goes off accidently or something but lets hope not

1858 days ago


Very good que number 54

1858 days ago


Shocking. I have no words.

1858 days ago


He reported it to police thinking that if and when they found her, they would not be able to identify her. How stupid can he be! Science has come a long way,and im sure they would have identified her through DNA, or Pictures. Just glad her body was not disposed of where no one would find her, otherwise she could have possibly remained a missing person for years to come. I hope they find this bastard, and whats up with these reality shows???? Don't they do criminal background checks? I dont care if they are rich or not..CHECK! Let this be a reminder to future people on reality shows that you never know who you dealing with. Its a shame this beautiful woman lost her life like that.

1858 days ago


His picture is plastered all over the news sites here in Metro Vancouver. I'll keep an eye out for the bastard, as I live about 20 minutes from the US/Canada border.

1858 days ago

MJ is ♥    

In a very disgusting way, it doesn't surprise me that this Jenkins guy could prance around the planet mistreating women. He's only a product of his environment.

In Canada the legislative protection for women has been completely slashed. Programs to protect women from various forms of domestic violence has been slashed. Therefore Jenkins knew how to manipulate the system and get away with who knows how many crimes against women. And of course with his so-called his millionaire status affords him the luxury to be presumed the good guy, why? because he wears nice suits and flashes what?

I hope USA justice gives this guy what he deserves.

1858 days ago


MWAM = Megan Wants a Murderer?

Cause that's almost what she ended up with.

1858 days ago

Black Teef    

Maybe she bit his dong? Been there, done dat! It hurts, ya know!!

1858 days ago

Doug Berry - Alabama    

Watching the clip of this guy asking a date if this was her best date ever. And being surprised when she said maybe. What an arrogant, narcissistic A$$.
It's no surprise to me this guy is dangerous to women. Whats wrong with girls who like guys who pluck and shave their eyebrows anyway? Whats that about? His eyebrow plucking should get him a fine husband in prison.

1858 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Man that's some serial killer $hit right there...scary.

1858 days ago

Lee Ann    

He removed her teeth and fingers not for enjoyment but for identification purposes, he never thought given where he is from that they would even be on to him by now...the boat and walking across the border thing is pretty premeditive to me, so is knowing that without teeth or fingers, her body would be harder to identify.
Prayer goes out to her family, for no reasons ever, anyone deserves that end!

1858 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

New show: Megan Wants to be a Nun!

1858 days ago


Comment#5 Marion-looking for whose body-his? He's too chicken to kill himself or too vain-he cut her fingers off and pulled all her teeth out-which means he's stupid too-like the cops couldn't figure that one out.
I hope they find him alive and he rots in prison with Bubba forever!

1858 days ago


Megan, I sure the hell hope you didn't make the mistake of sleeping with this pathetic excuse for a human...

1858 days ago
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