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Cop: Jasmine's Teeth and Fingers Were Removed

8/20/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials from the Buena Park Police Department just held a news conference about the death of model Jasmine Fiore and their search for her husband and murder suspect, Ryan Jenkins.

Here's the blow-by-blow of what went down:

UPDATE: Buena Park's Chief of Police Tom Monson is at the podium. Monson promises a "vigorous pursuit of justice."

UPDATE: Monson says he believes Ryan has escaped to Canada on foot.

UPDATE: A US Marshal is at the podium now. He says his agency is cooperating with law enforcement in Canada to find Ryan. He says anyone who helps Ryan in any way would be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive.

UPDATE: A close family friend named Robert Hasman -- who says he used to date Jasmine -- is speaking. He says Jenkins is an "animal" for what he did to Jasmine.

: Lieutenant Holliday just said Jasmine's teeth and fingers had been removed. He said there's a $10 million bail out on Ryan.

Lt. Holliday just said Ryan may be armed with a handgun. It's over now.


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Bobo Frog    

I want to see the clips of this guy on the dating show. I always thought those shows deliberately put mentally unstable people on there to increase the drama.

1898 days ago


what an animal!!!

1898 days ago

A Person    

hes a sick monster. he deserves life in prison

1898 days ago


WOW...this is just horrific. What a monster. I agree with the poster that stated he has probably killed before. This is serial killer stuff. Just awful. I feel so bad for Jasmine's family and friends, you are in my prayers.

1898 days ago


Pretty girls should be careful how they use their blond hair and big tits. Plenty of perverts out there!

1898 days ago


Pretty good Ryans' a good Canadian. Knowing that Blain was directly across from Point Roberts and then a simple walk into Richmond. Good oh eh? What Ryan, know someone in Vancouver? Call the dog.

1898 days ago


I bet Megan is thinking she'd rather have a jobless, penny-less guy right about now.

Then again, maybe she's not. I think the almight dollar reigns supreme in her little world.


1898 days ago


For those who have seen him on "meghan wants a millionaire": Anyone else's gaydar going off?

1898 days ago

Perez Hilton's Bumhole    

I'd like to help him - help him get caught that is.

1898 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Actually, she had brown hair when she was located in the suitcase. Her brunette hair pix will be shown here late tonight or tomorrow am.

1898 days ago

dallas boy    

She was a swimsuit MODEL???? I hope only from the neck down....she's FUGLY!!!!

1898 days ago


Was watching Nancy Grace with the latest on the Fiore/Jenkins case & that Ms. Fiore's fingers & teeth had been removed. Plus there was a camera showing the hotel room. No report from that front yet.

I guess Mr. Jenkins was hoping against hope that the dumpster that the body was in would be picked up by the sanitation department & dumped in a landfill. Then praying that it would be several days or even months before the body would be found if ever. Hence the removal of teeth & fingers.

To me Mr. Jenkins has to be the perp. Why call & report an ex-girlfriend missing & hightail it out of Dodge? The SUV & boat have been found but not him. I think he's going to try & get out of Canada & probably head for a country that has no extradition. He's got the money unless any & all accounts have been frozen.

Been reported that his family has money but wonder if he'll try & get help from them. If they're smart, will instead turn him in. Will have to see if any new developments transpire within the next day or so.

As for Dog the Bounty Hunter-his job is to apprehend bail jumpers, not go after people fleeing to escape presecution for a crime.

1898 days ago


This is a very sad story.

1898 days ago

Wine of Month Club    

Talk about trying not to get caught, I hope this story gets told as the terrible act that it was instead of the simple woman with questionable career, according the mainstream media, had some bad luck but she could have partially prevented it.

It's sad and the coverage of it is no better.

Wine of Month Club

1898 days ago


THIS GUY IS A PIG!. WHAT? he thinks he'a a gangster to remove her teeth and fingertips??? he doesn't think they are going to figure out who it is stuffed in the suitcase????? this guy should put that handgun the cops thinks he has in his mouth and pull the friggin' trigger. i bet he has already done that; or he might be the narcisstic type that won't hurt himself. i hope he's dead so we don't have to waste our time and money in this country giving him a trial.

1898 days ago
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