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Jay Leno Gets a

Ride from a Model ... T

8/20/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How can Jay Leno drive his ridiculously sweet/ridiculously expensive 1925 Model T around one of the busiest, most tourist packed streets in Hollywood, the Sunset Strip?!

Model T
Answer: Very, very carefully.


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I am at a loss as to why there are so many negative comments against Jay Leno and his wife, Mavis. Is it because Jay has had only one wife? Is it because there has never been even a hint of scandal about his personal life? Or perhaps, his professional life? Perhaps it is because his wife dedicates her time traveling to poverty stricken countries bringing financial and medical aid to its people? Is it because Jay's shows and his guests do not subscribe to obscenities? The answers are, he and his wife are too clean and too private for the likes of publicity seeking Hollywood. They do their own thing without hurting anyone. Looking forward to your new show time, Jay. We missed you. Welcome back!!!

1896 days ago

Linda Mott    

My dad had a 1926 Buick when I was 3 years old. I developed a love for the vintage cars from then on. Love Jay!

1896 days ago


Jay rules he is a self made man . Hats of to you Jay and your Mavis.

1896 days ago


It's nice to see one been driven instead of sitting in a museum. At least you know his cars are real cars and not a stage prop.Congrats on him for been bawlzy enuff to drive it on the streets.

1895 days ago


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1894 days ago


old fart riding old fart

1894 days ago


Funny thing is, Jezz J. too will be an old fart before he knows it. The dork doesn't even realize it.

1894 days ago


OMG!! What do I get for being first??? Jay Leno frankly makes me ill!!

1898 days ago


He looks like a real dork in some of his cars. Out of place. Spoiled, over-paid, Hollyweird fake.

1898 days ago


I'd love to drive one of those.

1898 days ago


This guy has entirely too much money, I'm a Stage 4 Cancer patient, and if i had 1 20th of 1 percent of what he has , that would change my life and medical bills forever...whew how do they do it

1898 days ago


The Model T is not an expensive car at all... you can pick a fully restored "T" just like that one for around $25,000.

But Jay does have some other very expensive cars!!

1898 days ago


Surely it's too slow of a vehicle for the freeways. But it sure is sharp. I think Jay should think about his own safety more. There's no point in being jealous about his money. We don't know what he is doing with it. Really, we have no clue. He has no children sucking any of it off him. For all we know he could be giving half of it away to charity right now. We really just can't speculate on that so shouldn't condemn him. I wouldn't doubt that when he and his wife are gone, some very needy and worthwhile charities are going to get a very nice boost from Mr. Leno.

1898 days ago


Its a stunt to get noticed. His new show starts soon.

1897 days ago


Homie1Kanobe, sorry to hear that. What charities does Leno donate too? I would toss him out of that just to ride it around the block to meet my arrest. Homie, did you watch that fawcett docudrama and scream at the screen? 98 percent of pts do not have the resources to fly all over the country to get the latest and best treatments. It is grade A manure that we have to fight with our insurance co's to get even the basic care...

There were pictures of his car "museum" online once--how could he drive them all even at one a week?

1897 days ago
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