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Kelis -- Nas Makes a Friggin' Fortune

8/20/2009 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelis -- Nas There's a bottom line to the divorce between Kelis and Nas, and it's money, money, money.

According to docs filed by Kelis' lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, the financial wizards have reviewed the earning of both parties to the divorce, and they've come to these conclusions.

-- Nas pulls in $244,826 a month
-- Kelis rakes in a relatively paltry $13,744 a month
-- Kelis should get child support totaling $17,225 a month
-- Kelis should get spousal support totaling $72,728
-- Nas should pay retro child support totaling $29,522
-- Nas should pay retro spousal support totaling $281,571


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barry Gordy is genius    

THis blogger b*tch Sarah is a waste of sperm. Her mother should've swallowed. In regards to Kelis, I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE $13, 000 per month. She needs to relax and perhaps get a job. If she can't live off 13k a month, then perhaps no amount of money will ever be enough. She's insatiably greedy, not necessarily attractive and has a sh*tty attitude. NAS has moved on. Good for him.

1888 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    




1888 days ago


I think there is a big difference in a man supporting a child and a women living off a kids child support. I'm a single mother of three that recieves no child support and at this point anything would help so stop being greedy and make his relationship with his kid be more important than money.

1888 days ago


this is just freakin insane..this lady is a freakin money hungry beotch who is obviously just after his money..ppl tlkn bout she is a legend..yea ok legendary my ass..the only thing ppl gonna remember her for is 2 songs nd for being a money hungry,good for for just laying dwn on her back then milkn a man out HIS money and being an abomination to every woman alive..there are thousands of mothers living paycheck to paycheck with kids and still manage..its ok to ask for his financial help but this is just too much..what freakin baby needs 72k to be suported..she's tryna support her damn greedyness..c'mon her income alone is more than enough.. i really feel bad for NAS ..damn this child is goin to have to grow up with this money hungry attention whore..damn and we thought the octomom was a mess!!!

1888 days ago


Seriously...if she can't support herself on her own, much less care for a child, according to her story then the child should be given to the father who can provide for him. How about that theory.

I mean seriously, I am a female but I am sick & tired of the court system being used as a way to exact revenge instead of a way to civilly settle a divorce...and I am even more sick of women using their children as paychecks or as ways to hurt fathers by not allowing them to have relationships with the child, all the while keeping them in court for $$$...these types of actions are truly embarrassing...I used to respect Kelis for being the independent, strong woman she portrayed herself she can't survive without Nas' income after she leaves him? Honey aren't you a recording artist too? Not to mention she is constantly twittering about buying expensive things & recorded 2 albums while pregnant (& talked about that on the net too), yet claims she isn't able to work...hello...singer/songwriter...recording albums = working...guess those won't be released until after she finishes milking Nas in court so she can keep up the "I can't work or survived without my ex" act to continue being Nas' dependent & taking him for all he has

and is it just me or does anyone else notice that her income numbers keep seeming to change...this says $13k/month, but I swear just a month or so ago she was saying it was 21K/month -- kind of a big difference...but either way I think someone making that much a month & complaining about not being able to survive without another person's money being taken & given to them is just plain pitiful

I hope he claims Kelis on his taxes as a dependent after this...he deserves to.

1887 days ago


Man this is such garbage. Kellis dosnt deserve a dime! She cant raise a child on 13g's a month? That is why, the golden rule is, DO NOT MARRY THESE MONEY STARVING BROADS! They will lure you in, and bail a year later with half your money. I guess its okay for a man to work his whole life to build a dinasty and let some hooker roll in and take half of it after she pops a kid? Skip that noise, the legal system is built to keep these women from ever having to break a sweat or earn anything on their own. Women want equal rights but damned if that means actually having to work for something. UFCK KELLIS!

1886 days ago


She can't raise a kid on 13,000 a month?


1889 days ago


Another slore using her kid for a paycheck. She's supposed to be famous, get a job you beedie eyed bitch!

1889 days ago

larry so harry    

Kelis? wtf are you thinkg? you suck. if you want money; make it like everyone else. Your ex is dope, and deserves he has. Your milk shake makes me stay in. Milkshake? ha, that song always blew nuts, and its the only reason 15 people know who you are. 15,xxx/ month is a lot of money. If your living beyond that, you need a job woman. Let Nas be. He's Nas..NAS! Your Not.

Stop expoliting your kids. They aren't a safety net. money grubbing whXXX...

1889 days ago


that's one expensive Milkshake, Kelis.

1889 days ago


Why should she raise THEIR child on just her income alone?

People just don't get it - the child is supposed to live the same quality of life as if he lived with both parents. Yes, the dad is filthy rich so that means the kid is entitled to have all the nice things he would have if daddy lived in the same home as him. But since daddy doesn't, then daddy has to give mommy the money to make it happen.

It's totally fair.

1889 days ago


OMG, I'd just be glad if someone would pay my electric bill for a month!!

1889 days ago


LOL! Now she's the one taking Nas to court. Remember when it was her accompanying him to court with his other baby mama? She should've known this guy makes babies and flees the scene. Then again she's a gold digger and knew what she was doing. SMH

1889 days ago


they weren't married that long and she didn't give up her career based on a pledge by him to support her forever so why the hell should he pay her alimony?

1889 days ago


sarah were you born stupid or do you work at it? a child is entitled? wtf are you smoking? noone is entitled to crap. you want it earn it. if you cannot live on 13K a month you got issues. i agree in paying some for the child but she is asking spousal support of 72K a month? that is more than the avg american makes repeat makes in a year. nas be better off moving out of country and not giving her a red cent. i hate gold digging women. you wonder why there is a glass ceiling? it is because of crap like this. the guy always gets screwed in the end.

1889 days ago
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