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Michael Jackson Burial Postponed, Daddy Says

8/20/2009 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's burial is being postponed two days, according to his dad.

 Joe Jackson & Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson tells TMZ the burial has been pushed to August 31, because there are things the family needs to get in order before Michael is laid to rest.

Jackson was scheduled to be buried on August 29, what would have been his 51st birthday.

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If the Jacksons could keep thier collective mouth shut. this would not cost a dime. So Joe aka The Devil. You need to pay the expenses ya cheap bastard. And that includes the Police

1897 days ago


Being postponed...AGAIN, so they can drag this whole debacle out even longer. This is just stupid BURY HIM ALREADY! Freeze him, cremate him, or inter him....just do something with his body already!!! It's ridiculous how long the family have allowed this crap to go on...and in fact add to the continuing drama. What they are doing is disrespectful to the dead...whether you liked him or not.

1897 days ago


Bury That Dumbass Drug Addict! what are they waiting for Nose Plugs?

1897 days ago


Humm..something fishy is around da corner maybe??........

1897 days ago


No more Wacko-Jacko the Little Freak is D-E-A-D Drop him in a Hole & Forget About Him

1897 days ago


I'm disappointed and some of the family members are probably disgusted at what is happening. Maybe they are planning a celebration for his bday and do the burial later? This is insane.

1897 days ago


First of all Michael Jackson always looked for the best when he was alive, His Mansions expensive spending, Michael Jackson will want a Muesuem like Elvis Graceland to be buried, Maybe rebuild a Neverland with a place for his fans to see his memorbilia and trophies, NOT THIS CHEAP FOREST CEMETERY CROWDED WITH B LIST ACTORS MICHAEL WAS THE KING!Build him a NEVERLAND BURIAL IN VEGAS OR INDIANA DAMIT!

1897 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

Michael said on phone to nurse, half of his body was hot’ and half of his body was cold’ the anesthetic must be refrigerated’ once unsealed or it fester’s and some lot’s were recalled, but’ nevertheless Dr. Murray grossly neglected his patient’s care by abandonment after administer, then’ made phone calls, claimed warm body' week pulse' cpr on bed' with one hand behind back, before disappearing for day’s after cranking the all the heat up, failure to arrest’ warrant’s refusal to believe autopsy’ justification, I think police got mad a Michael for singing about unreported paternity suit with Billie Jean’ … … … King
Michael was Also’ famous for requiring Confidentiality Agreement acceptance {wish I had a copy} wonder’ if police signed Confidentiality Agreement before inspecting Michael’s privates and if so’ whether that reason’s the autopsy’s delay, so many reprint’s, or if Confidentiality Agreement impacted final Autopsy report
If Michael’s autopsy reveals child abuse, will the length of his Vocal cords be measured, and if short will children be removed from Jackson’s

1897 days ago

Chief Gary    

That's suck for the Media that day on a Monday
it will be a Media Zoo in Glendale that day
Chief Gary

1897 days ago


ok,here we go again! Michael Jackson is not dead.

1897 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

First reaction-- WHAT THE ______?!?!?!

Second reaction-- Let's see, recent activity. Murray's video "I'll be okay"; Winter's re-visit to Klein's office (although, I think it was a follow up to his 14 July visit); LA DA's office denying-ish reports of Murray's possible arrest....

Hmmmmmm... either there is a problem with the amount of people that might arrive OR there is something behind the scenes happening.

WHY is it JOE that is making these announcements? No one believes him-- don't try to build his credibility -- that's just SUNSHINE up our patoots.

Now that everyone was getting used to his birthday as the day-- and it was a Saturday-when many could travel, they are moving it to a weekday?

For heavens sakes-- PICK A DAY and STICK TO IT! Why do you still need to wait to bury him? Sheeesh!?!?!?!?!?

1897 days ago


OMG no way!! too weird but also very interesting...

love you michael!!

1897 days ago


My Dear Michael,
I wish they would finally allow you to rest. You are missed so dearly, and loved so truly. I hope your family finds comfort in knowing how many people love you, and your memories and morals will live on in your fans, family and children. Although you are gone, you will never be forgotten.
Barbara B.

1897 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

I remember Joe talking about not having Michael's teenage voice change, also’ remember Emmanuel Lewis claiming Michael rarely slept' compared to the way normal people sleep {understand that the ultimate insult' is exactly what I'm claiming, Michael endured persistent insomnia throughout his lifetime, because’ he was neutered eunuch, like the Mormon Church Choir, Vienna boys Choir {halted practice in 1970’s} and my Catholic Church Choir {halted practice in 1900’s} Joe's crime to young Michael’ scarred their entire family with keeping the secret {likely doctor nipped connectors, around 10 years old’ later to shrivel-up} leaving the Jackson family to ‘dread the day’ pretending normalcy, completely screwed-up, while being disgusted by Michaels mannerisms, confirmed by Michael’s Book’s claim, that’ his reproduction ability was disrupted by Joe's kicking of his preteen privates, and later claim of chemical castration {both covert admittance’s of being made a eunuch} likely plastic was at sometime implanted for bulge appearance {reasoning his odd grab’ that wasn't repositioning or scratching} what Joe never allowed the World to hear' was Michael's singing of the Impossible Dream or performing with a "Jim Neighbor" like voice, the “what if’s” must include the genius of Michael {“Dancing the Dream” his book’s title} singing in deep voice, escorting female’s and having offspring, even altered he managed to marry Lisa Presley and marry again only’ to have children

1897 days ago


Michael Jackson's wishes were not to be buried. He wanted to be frozen until the future or plastinationed. Let the Family abide by MJ's wishes. It's none of our business what they do with the body.

1897 days ago
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