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Plaxico Burress

Pleads Guilty

to Gun Charge

8/20/2009 11:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NY Giants star Plaxico Burress just pled guilty to illegally possessing the gun that shot him in the leg while he was at a Manhattan nightclub last year.

Plaxico Burress: Click to watch
He'll be sentenced on September 22 -- the prosecution recommended two years in prison.

The judge says Plax will get two years or less ... unless he screws up before he gets sentenced.

Geez, one bad night...

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Sparky's goin' down    

53. Some of you prejudiced blogger need to do the world a favor and go swallow a bullet!! Burress, I believe, has received a harsher sentence than he should have based, probably, due to his income and the color of his skin. Do I think players should get paid as much as they do?, no. And they're have been other public figures that did receive preferential treatment when we would have gotten the book thrown at us. The questions that should be addressed are, is this man really a menace to society, does he have a bad record, and did he receive a fair trial? Our judicial system needs to be restructured plain and simple.

Sherryo, seriously? First of all, you comment on prejudiced bloggers yet you assume he got two years due to the color of his skin. Isn't that prejudiced? Not to mention he technically got off sort of light. He could have faced more time. And yes, any retard walking around with a loaded firearm, drinking alcohol, and having it tucked oh-so-safely into an elastic waistband is by all means a "menace to society". Lastly, since you seem to think you're a legal expert, explain how someone who takes a plea agreement can possibly get an unfair trial?????

1891 days ago


everyone knows No Guns in NYC. He is lucky he didn't shoot his privates off, guess it is just a myth.

1890 days ago

Linda Mott    

It takes a real man to admit this and I hope they go easy on him.

1893 days ago


Another dumb jock.

1893 days ago


This is the guy that shot himself by accident right? Gun tucked into his sweats or elastic waistband and it slipped while dancing? The absolute laughing stock of many gun oriented forums, priceless.

1893 days ago


Good riddance Plaxico. You ruined it for the NY Giants and all their fans. Hope you enjoy your jail stay !

1893 days ago

The Truth    

Another NFL IDIOT.Oh my gosh!!!! He's Black...The gun must have been planted...

1893 days ago

Howard Hughes IIV    

THANK to my own personal hidden RABBI CLYDE DECKER& ELDON HARROLD two WWII ops who killed TON`s of nazis and whom saved my life endless time from the cuban/russian missles and STARFISH prime cook down to the present...THANKS for all the LOVE

1893 days ago


I'm just glad I wasn't in the club dancing next to CAPTAIN RETARD!

Loaded gun, crowed dance club, no holster and safety off.

I am so glad that the person this jack-a$$ shot, was himself. LMAO

1893 days ago


These NFL players got to get real and forget about being pseudo gangsters.

1893 days ago


Dante Stallworth drove drunk and killed a guy, he got 25 days in jail...Vick didn't kill anyone and did 2 years...Plaxico shoots himself and also gets 2 seems ridiculous, but then again OJ roamed free for 10 years after whacking the heads off 2 people then finally landed in the pokey for stealing his own stuf...

1893 days ago


good! who takes an unlicensed gun into a club for protection? no one but a thug. let this be a lesson to all those carrying unlicensed guns.

1893 days ago


Agreed, he's a moron, but 2 years??!! Donte Stallworth ran a guy over and killed him in his car while drunk and isn't going to spend a day in jail. For some reason the prosecutors seem to be going hard at Plax.

1893 days ago


"TAKE IT EASY ON HIM"?- Are you out of your mind? These guys have had it easy for far too long! Vick should have gotten alot more time as far as I'm concerned. If he hadn't gotten caught he's still be doing the same thing. All this "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" now is simply an attempt to rehab his public image. It's always the same story for every one of these pro athletes who "get caught" doing something they shouldn't. If playing in the NFL is supposed the be a "priveledge & not a right", then when do these frickin CRIMINALS actually lose that right? Doesn't look like they ever really do to me. Always someone willing to take them back no matter what they do. It makes me sick! Thanks, had to vent there.

1893 days ago


I dont know guys..The guy goes out to the club for a night,
takes his gun and accidentally shoots himself.. Isnt that punishment and humiliating enough?? Ok So it was retarded!
The only person he hurt was himself. I really dont think he should do any real time.. sorry but I dont see the point...
There are alot more serious crimes against people and animals that go unpunished! This guy was just a jerk off that night.. I think he learned his lesson 2 yrs less a day, Isnt gonna make any difference! He shot HIMSELF PEOPLE !! Duhhh

1893 days ago
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