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Ryan Jenkins

Charged with Murder

8/20/2009 7:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan JenkinsTMZ has learned the Orange County D.A. has charged Ryan Jenkins for the murder of his wife Jasmine Fiore.

Fiore's body was found Saturday morning stuffed in a suitcase which was thrown in a dumpster in Buena Park, CA.

It appears Jenkins has fled to Canada. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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bet hes going to wish he wasn't so pretty when he goes to jail. i actually really liked the show, but it really can't ever be shown again, out of respect to the young lady and her family, plus i don't fancy seeing a murderer up on my screen. Whoever's responsible for the show should be held accountable for not conducting a basic criminal check on the contestants, they really put them all at risk, as much as i dont like Megan, it could have been her, nobody deserves to die like that.

1867 days ago


Doesn't anyone do background checks on these so called "Reality Contestants".
Or is it anybody, anytime, anywhere just for TV ratings. Damn People's SAFETY!!!
Remember it has been said by those more important than me, "Someone will Actually be killed in a reality show just for the sake of ratings". Those people on that show are pitiful.

1867 days ago

scott is yummy.    

He probably went back to Canada thinking daddy could $$$help him out$$$ or give him the plane

but it's too late for any of that now...

1867 days ago


That's just sad she was so young.. I don't understand how a person can just take a life.. Now it's time for him to spend the rest of his life in jail...

1867 days ago


How do you stuff a body in a suitcase? He must have chopped her up

1867 days ago


I don't get it, NO woman is worth going to jail for the rest of your life. If she was cheating on him, than screw her, divorce her, don't kill her. What a dumbass. As for her, tsk tsk, she's more famous dead than alive. I never even heard of her before now.

1867 days ago


He went to Canada for the same reason Mexicans go to Mexico when they commit a capital offense. They can't be extradited for the death penalty. Hopefully they can extradite him for a non-capital offense and then charge him with a capital offense. There was an episode of Law & Order based on something similar to this.

1867 days ago



1867 days ago


Samsonite is going to the be the Isotoner for the 21st Century...Look I can fit a body in here

1867 days ago


He looks like a spoiled brat who's always gotten whatever he wants. People like that (especially if they happen to be male) often develop sociopathic tendencies, and come to believe that they can act or do anything they want, even if it's illegal. Clearly, he has to be caught or he could potentially do something like this again. It's too bad that he was able to get to Canada before the charges were filed, because that's going to make finding him significantly harder. It's a huge country, and he doubtless has connections there.

1867 days ago

Leslie H    

Hey.. I'm in Vancouver.. where this guy is supposed to be... Hope someone catches him QUICK .. feels like when Johnny Versace was killed, and everyone is out looking for this guy, just don't think the RCMP is as good as Miami Dade PD. When I travel, Customs is so tough.. yet they let this guy slip through the cracks...WOW.. Who's ego didn't let one hand know what the other was doing... always seems to be that when the truth comes out.. ..They knew he was on the run... I know that border crossing... THEY STOP everyone, so... what happened here.... Well... Canada tasered some poor Russian guy to death, who didn't speak the language, OMG I wanna come home and go to In N Out Burger... that's what I get for marrying a Canadian!

1867 days ago


What's up with the stupid comments of 'she's too pretty to have died, she's too young to be killed',etc????? What? Only ugly old people should die? Whatta buncha tardos posting here! sheesh! fyi,OMI,she wasn't so pretty....just another fakeass plastic Barbie wannabee,but still,NO ONE deserves to be abused,or murdered.....

1867 days ago


This is so unfortunate.

Having said that, I need to get this out. I know its callous. But the woman is truly strange looking. Exactly like a scary Barbie doll.

1867 days ago

dr fred    

I agree he is most likely guilty, but do they real evidence?

Other than he is a sleezy douch bag?

Like fingerprints ,blood ,fibers etc...
he was her husband ,so it would reasonable to have his fingerprints on the suitcase
It does not sound like a good case, he should have divorced her

& he was stupid to run, he could have played it like she was turning tricks on the side & a"john" did it

1867 days ago


When will they show the last episodes of Pirate Master? Did someone kill the captin?

1867 days ago
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