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Ryan Jenkins: Motive for Murder?

8/20/2009 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who just spoke on behalf of Jasmine Fiore's family -- calling Ryan Jenkins "an animal" -- is the same man who may hold the key to what happened right before Jasmine was killed.

Robert Hasman: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Robert Hasman was a former boyfriend of Fiore -- who reconnected with her in the weeks before her death. As we first told you, last Friday -- when Jasmine and Jenkins were in San Diego -- she texted Hasman, saying she was going to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

It appears Jenkins may have seen the text because Hasman received a text shortly after saying "suck it."

Our police sources say Jasmine's text may have led Jenkins down a murderous path.

Jenkins faces 25 years to life if convicted of murder.


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Therese Rose    

I wouldn't....nor do I now.

Posted at 9:45PM on Aug 20th 2009 by Keith

Keith, you're an idiot. I do care if a human being is murdered period, not caring about race, religion or creed. No one deserves to be murdered. Especially out of jealousy. And your little comment about not caring should be a warning sign to whom ever you live with. It's men like you who give the male population a bad name.

1858 days ago


Keith, you're an idiot. I do care if a human being is murdered period, not caring about race, religion or creed. No one deserves to be murdered. Especially out of jealousy. And your little comment about not caring should be a warning sign to whom ever you live with. It's men like you who give the male population a bad name.

Posted at 10:28PM on Aug 20th 2009 by Green Eyed Lady

Um, screw you, you bitter manhater. I was commenting with regards to the putz who was trying to play that same old tired 'race' card again; no matter what the subject is about. I do not believe that I was directly speaking towards you...and this shall be the are one of 'those' women who make men gay. You're a bit of a 'turn off'.

1858 days ago


So he killed a plastic gold digging slut? Who cares?

1858 days ago


Funny how everyone's an expert on two people nobody has ever heard of. Losers

1858 days ago


This girl was beautiful! This guy is sick! I hope he gets caught and put in jail!

What a horrible death that poor girl went through!

This is all so evil and sad. Poor girl...

1858 days ago

Therese Rose    

I don't think you have ever been a "turn on" for any woman. You sound gay yourself. Hmmm, hit a nerve didn't I.

1858 days ago

dr fred    

this is horrible, poor baby, just awful.

My question :why are they saying she was a stripper & they met in strip club.... then her modeling agent says she was not a stripper,

personally i see nothing wrong with being a stripper, however,

she looks like a stripper @ a lame strip club not a upscale gentlemen's club..

But they say she was a bikini model,,I am confused how did she afford a Mercedes? most bikini models earn low pay( few hundred bucks for a full day shooting & the work is sporadic .

I think this guy is a monster

1858 days ago


38. 36. Green-eyed Lady - You make a lot of sense. (And sorry Tara, did not mean to post that other message twice...I completely understand your reply btw). Anyway, I can't TELL you the number of times, I've gotten push back when I've said 'no', even indirectly, even vaguely. The last time that happened was in a work situation. A guy was playing around, and getting too hands-on, and I said "please don't do that". He stalked off, and I knew he was angry. At the end of the day, my car, which was parked next to his, had two (small) new dents in the passenger side doors. Let's just say the paint color matched. So, tell me about it. Azzzh*le. Some men just can't handle it when you're not interested. Selfish, selfish pr**c*s.

DB, thanks for your reply. It is very scary that some men have the potential to do this. Most of us ignore red flags that they do tend to fly a lot. We figure, oh he's jealous...he really loves me. That should be deemed as jealous, he's a control freak who has the capability of hurting me if he should somehow lose it one day. If women are jealous it's a different story, we're a ball and chain, the old lady, the nag. This murder has really scared me. In the heat of passion, madness you can take a life.

Posted at 10:08PM on Aug 20th 2009 by Green Eyed Lady

So, you are saying YOU have to refuse men?? With that attitude you have just posting on this board??!! LOL! Okay, I'm falling for it. I'd love to see, just in one day, how many men hit on you....anyone else hear the crickets, or is it just me? SOOOO glad you don't have a picture posted, 'cause I just ate.

1858 days ago


5 bucks says Green Eyed Lady hasn't had a date (if any) since the 90s
and cries to her 20 plus cats every night about it while posting over
and over again on TMZ (which only morons with no real human contact with no life do). This is the only way she can get a rise out of guys and I can kinda see why this loser is single.

Don't blame the male population for your failure, sweetheart.

(if she replies to this then she really, really has no life)

1858 days ago


All this nation bashing is irrelevent. Jenkins will be extradited, but will go through a legal process (as an American would if Canada wanted to extradite him/her for a crime.) Actually, extradition treaties are good. They also ensure that citizens can not be prosecuted unfairly by a foreign government. And reading the comments on this board, I think that is a valid concern. Another thing, people are innocent until proven guilty. (So the monster comment at the press conference may actually jeopardise the trial. Extradition relies on both parties playing fair.
If the US was ever to go back on an agreement not to pursue the death penalty, that could be the end of extradition from Canada for murder charges. Bounty hunters are charged with kidnapping if they enter Canada to abduct a Canadian citizen.

As far as returning someone in legal trouble returning their own country and seeking legal council before they turn themselves in: that is always a good idea. But, if Jenkins really planned to do that, his Canadian lawyer would have arranged for him to walk into a police station and begin the process.
Another thing, he probably is not in a large city like Vancouver or Calgary. This is a top news story and even the federal Cabinet Minister in charge of security has commented on the case. I suspect that if he's not found within 48 hours, he is probably not in Canada or the U.S. And since he studied aviation at Mount Royal college, that's a pretty good bed. If he is in Canada, he's probably headed into the wilderness. (Where his more likely to starve, than escape justice.)

1858 days ago

KP 2312    

Yes, it is sad and tragic and very gruesome on how this person was killed. No one deserves to die like this. However, the debbie downer part of me is asking, why all the fuss over this ONE case? Why are there Federal Marshals involved? Does anyone realize the money and manpower that is going into this one case? Is there always a press conference? There are thousands of people found dead every day, especially babies in dumpsters. Why are the police, etc., focusing the majority of their job on locating this one individual? Jenkins will be found. I just want to understand the coverage the media is giving this. I can guarantee there is more coverage on the Jasmine Fiore case vs the Libyan man who was just released from prison (for putting a bomb on a Pan-Am flight killing all on board and 11 others on the ground in Lockerbie Scotland). I'm just sayin...

1858 days ago


again. who are these people? And why was she in playboy? she's not that hot. hell, she's ugly.

1858 days ago


39. Is anyone really surprised here, given the guy's apparent domestic violence history?
Most posts attack her for her background and her looks; beneath all this is a woman who evidently taunted her husband with her text-message to the old boyfriend: she allowed her husband to find out about it somehow. Maybe it signaled she was leaving him, he over-reacted and everything went downhill from there. 'Nuff said.

Posted at 10:17PM on Aug 20th 2009 by Hugh Jass


He probably went through here phone and checked her messages when she was out of the room. That's a pretty common thing that jealous men do to their women, check their messages and contacts list. I figure he either brought it up and a fight ensued when he replied with "suck it", or she saw the reply text in her phone later and it started then.

1858 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

She had brunette hair when found. TMZ will post pic of brunette hair late tonight or tomorrow am.

1858 days ago


What if someone got jealous that she just got married and killed them both and made it look like he skipped town. This guy has beedy eyes. Im just sayin

1858 days ago
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