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Jasmine Fiore's Murder

8/21/2009 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Jasmine Fiore murder investigation tell us authorities believe Jasmine Fiore was strangled last Friday, sometime after midnight, and surveillance video shows Jenkins leaving a hotel with a suitcase that may have been the receptacle for Fiore's body.

Jasmine Fiore's Murder

Sources say the video shows Ryan Jenkins leaving the hotel for good last Friday morning, although he never went to the front desk to check out. The video shows Jenkins leaving with his luggage, but Fiore does not leave with him -- she is never seen leaving at all.

The hotel -- L'Auberge Del Mar near San Diego -- was searched twice this week by Buena Park detectives. We're told the room in which Jenkins and Fiore stayed had no evidence of blood, and it appears she was mutilated elsewhere before her body -- stuffed in a suitcase -- was deposited in a dumpster in Buena Park, CA.

We're also told the smoking gun is the suitcase in which the body was found. Sources say one of the suitcases Jenkins left with resembles the suitcase in which Fiore's body was stuffed.

The white Mercedes Jenkins drove off in has not been found. Our sources say cops believe Jenkins may have murdered Fiore in the hotel room, and then mutilated the body after he left.

Fiore's cell phone also has not been found. As we first reported, Fiore had text messaged former boyfriend Robert Hasman numerous times Thursday night and early Friday morning, saying she wanted to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

And, in an eerie twist, as we first reported, Hasman got a text message last Friday night from Fiore's phone, which said "suck it." It appears that message was sent long after Fiore was dead.

Law enforcement sources say they believe Jenkins acted alone.


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tmz sucks    

Chris comment #65 You are a piece of trash. I hope you end up in a suitcase, you would probably need 5 of them because you are so fat and your small penis would be shoved in your ear because it would fit. Pretend that you care about someone and this happens to them. I know that is impossible since you are a loser alone in your basement. Don't have children please. Let your blood line die with you.

1827 days ago


Just another OC girl that never had a real job and adhered like velcro to men that could pay her way. Not sure if Jenkins was a US Citizen and it sounds like he was just another wanna be living off of his fathers money. Pretty normal relationship for that S California singles bigger better deal attitude. No US Citizen male that really has money marries a woman from S. California. In fact, with those California (Alimony) laws, no male in his right mind would ever marry without a prenuptial. My guess is these two misfits will actually be the subject of a movie. That is the sad part....

1827 days ago


The two most common ways a body is identified is by the fingerprints and the dental records. I'm sure that is why this guy cut off her fingers at the knuckles and pulled all her teeth. Guess he didn't know that implants had serial numbers. I hope this guys gets caught quickly and gets exactly what he deserves.

1827 days ago


This guy is a sick sob i mean to rip her teethe out and cut her fingers off is disgusting! when they find him they should do the same to him! what a sicko!and for others to say she was a nobody model is bs because i would rather hear about regular peoples lives rather then all the hoopla with celebs! they make way to much money for doing nothing half the time! people like teachers and cops should be the ones making millions! she should be headlining all the papers ect until this wacko is found!

1827 days ago

de Truf    

I wonder if the implants are going to be resold.

1827 days ago


Odd-looking high-priced hooker with unfortunate plastic surgery married the wrong man for money.

And for those of you saying, "it was so terrible what she went through," she was strangled to death, everything else came afterwards.

She knew the guy was violent, she stayed for the cash, and that was her downfall.

1827 days ago


What a sick bastard this guy is.

1827 days ago


Jays a Tardo learn to read and then comment

1827 days ago

Timmy Z    

She will be missed. She was a great Margarita Wrestling Coach. (youtube it)

1827 days ago


This is what happens when you are a gold digger. Meets and marries someone within 2 days.

Gets her assed kicked by him, and stays with him. Text messages another guy.

I hope they catch this creep.

1827 days ago


People, keep one thing in mInd....She could have been YOUR daughter. Now how would you feel????

1827 days ago


ALSO- what if this was Pam Anderson? What would you all say then? Panm is plastic too, is a model and actress, but more than anything, shes a woman, a human, a mother, and a wife, sister, aunt and daughter...I don't think anyone out there would appreciate thier loved one gettin cut up and having teeth pulled by some whacko that was supposed to love her that SHE TRUSTED.

Doesn't matter folks, a beating heart is a beating heart. She has loved ones too...don't foret they may be reading this too.

1827 days ago


Very tragic but in all honesty the lady was no lady and in my experience looks like trouble. Which in no way condones the murder or his behaviour, obviously.

1826 days ago


I feel lost I have never heard of her before TMZ but I think if he did do it......he will meet his justice, If not here in the here after.

1826 days ago


This is a horrible tragedy.No ONE deserves this,some people on here saying all the mean and hateful things about this young lady are no better than the man that killed her.Her life is just as important as yours.What if it was your wife? Mother? etc.? I can't believe some of you can be so cold hearted.How can you judge her?You don't know her.We are not to judge.Stop judging others and look in the mirror at your self.This girl was someone's daughter,sister,friend,etc. God Bless

1826 days ago
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