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DEA Raids Mickey Fine Pharmacy

8/21/2009 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The DEA is at Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, warrant in hand, raiding the pharmacy that Michael Jackson used for years.

DEA Raids Mickey Fine Pharmacy

Law enforcement sources tell us they are searching for evidence of "improper dispensing of controlled substances," in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

The pharmacy was used extensively by Dr. Arnold Klein and other doctors who treated Michael Jackson. Jackson obtained prescriptions for Demerol and many other drugs at Mickey Fine.

Mickey Fine sued Michael Jackson in 2007 for non-payment of a bill of more than $100,000. The case settled.

UPDATE: 4:51 PM PT Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the DEA found irregularities in Mickey Fine's drug dispensing practices when it came to Michael Jackson. Agents are searching records at the pharmacy for the various aliases Jackson used.

They are also looking at the drugs various doctors -- including Dr. Arnold Klein -- prescribed for the singer. And, we're told, one of the "irregularities" agents believe occurred is that the pharmacy may have refilled prescriptions that should not have been refilled and completely bypassed the doctor.


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Stranger in NC    

To those who keep saying MJ is alive...send him to my house so I can hit that azz. He is the sexiest man I have ever seen and all the haters need to shut the f*ck up about him. Get a life and stop wasting your time insulting someone you didn't even know.

1853 days ago


Michael Jackson never in his life had sexual relations with any woman.

Even Lisa Marie Presley lied about their sex life because she was too embarassed to admit to the world that she married a man who had absolutely no sexual interest in her, and she did not want to answer any questions about him, so she tried to make things look normal.

Every picture of them, look at the gang of young boys tagging along.

1853 days ago


Listen the police raid in 2003 had tons of photographic proof that MJ used alias names and that other names were being used to obtain pills and things. They all saw the oxygen tanks back then. They had all of the pill bottles in their "f"ing hands! So, tell me why was nothing done then? They knew MJ used false names, and had other people getting drugs for him under more names and other home addresses. They were in Neverland where Mj lived. TMZ showed all the photos including percription drug invoices including payment. Seemed clear to me none of them were used with an insurance perscription plan. All were a high dollar amount. Get real people.. they were too buzy then with a bogus claim by a kid who lied and another boy who played the same game. No one cared about MJ. They would have done something then. Arrested him & all who got drugs for him and the pharmacies. I heard that MJ even called to have the named changed into the person picking up the pills! How do you do that? Oh Mr. Smith has a script here. I send Mr. Jones.. they don't wanna give it to him. So I call up the boss and he magically with hocus pocus he has it changed to Mr. Jones! MJ might still be alive if they had cracked down on him then.. and all his so called doctor "friends" Wake up this is all a scam for money. Someone paid off the police to go away and focus on something else. Oh yeah like kid abuse. Huh! neither kid had solid proof and both told lies. Even workers on Neverland ranch were paid to lie. One broke down on the stand and said so! MJ miss u luv u 4ever angels were not meant to live on earth, thanx for trying.

1853 days ago


Lisa, exactly what kind of proof is there for child molestation?

What would make you believe a child's testimony over a team of the best defense lawyers that money could buy?

While MJ was alive, and unwilling to submit willingly to blood tests, the drug charges are almost impossible to prove. Almost all celebrities use phony names, otherwise paps and informants, and TMZ employees would be all over their stories if they used their real names.

1853 days ago


One reason law enforcement is not so fast to act on drug use, is that if you aren't dealing, it is considered a "victimless" crime.

They would rather spend their resources where there is a victim involved.

1852 days ago

Paddles Webb    

I'm still amazed that anyone would think this was in any way close to a murder. Jackson took anything he could get his hands on. It was a dangerous lifestyle and it ended as it lived. He took those meds willingly, with knowledge, if anything Jackson assisted in his own drug overdose. If Jackson can be charged with his own murder, then YES ... it was murder.

1852 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Very simple this doctor did not full fill his duties to the degree we all expect from our Doctors.He may plea down that is the game oh well,but he did let us down.Hope your Doctor and mine never treat me or my family in this manner.

1851 days ago

mrez golucky    


1855 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    


1855 days ago


What a shock - NOT!

1855 days ago


All hell breaking loose?

1855 days ago


Isn't this pharmacy in the same bldg. as Dr. Klein? Maybe that report was true about serving one more search warrant at a pharmacy before charges are made......INTERESTING--THE PLOT THICKENS!!!

1855 days ago


why did it take them so long to raid this pharmacy, they give them time to get ride of evidence

1855 days ago


yeah!! Find out if Dr. Klein also sold/dispensed any tainted Propofol??? Dr. Klein I hope you go down. just cuz you are a liar/enabler and a drug pusher.

1855 days ago


Somebody, no make that somebodies are going DOWN!

1855 days ago
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