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DEA Raids Mickey Fine Pharmacy

8/21/2009 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The DEA is at Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, warrant in hand, raiding the pharmacy that Michael Jackson used for years.

DEA Raids Mickey Fine Pharmacy

Law enforcement sources tell us they are searching for evidence of "improper dispensing of controlled substances," in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

The pharmacy was used extensively by Dr. Arnold Klein and other doctors who treated Michael Jackson. Jackson obtained prescriptions for Demerol and many other drugs at Mickey Fine.

Mickey Fine sued Michael Jackson in 2007 for non-payment of a bill of more than $100,000. The case settled.

UPDATE: 4:51 PM PT Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the DEA found irregularities in Mickey Fine's drug dispensing practices when it came to Michael Jackson. Agents are searching records at the pharmacy for the various aliases Jackson used.

They are also looking at the drugs various doctors -- including Dr. Arnold Klein -- prescribed for the singer. And, we're told, one of the "irregularities" agents believe occurred is that the pharmacy may have refilled prescriptions that should not have been refilled and completely bypassed the doctor.


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dr klein funny how his name keeps coming up?hope they find what they are looking for

1856 days ago


Hell , Raid them all. How many millions is the D.A.s office going to spend on this Dope Addicts Case?

1856 days ago


michael please feel me in your heart and you will know i love you more !!!!

1856 days ago

The Source    

I hope they throw every single person involved in MJ's death in jail. The doctors, pharmacists, pharmacies, etc need to start paying for their actions. They are the reason there have been so many deaths linked to prescription drug use. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

1856 days ago


This pharmacy has long ago gotten rid of anything that can implicate them. So has Klein. So has Murray...that is why he called the storage unit to have items removed. MJ was dead long before he ever called 911. Too, the security video was missing so people were covering their tracks to hide a crime.

Klein is the father of the kids...they look just like him. He is the one that called Debbie to get them cause then they can both control quite a bit of money.

1856 days ago


Dr. Klein will be arrested. I bet you he is busted. We know he has been illegaly dispensing narcotics to Mr. Jackson. Not only that, we know that Klein has been breaking the confindentiality laws in California. It applies forever. You cannot go onto TV talking about a patients medical history. Simple as that. BYE BYE DRKLEIN

1856 days ago


1. TMZ, please, hire me, you won't regret it. I have so many wonderful stories and plots that won't be repeated as yours are being constantly.
2.I wonder btw, where is 3p.m. promised video with answers? Russia is waiting, not going to bed!!!
"Midnight in Moscow it's a lunch time in LA"!, remember?(the time, hee-hee)

1856 days ago


Red Knight going down, down down down

1856 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Nice that Mr. Jackson put so many doctors, pharmacies, etc. at risk. He was such a dope fiend, wasn't he. He had to use his own children's names to get his fix. And yet, TMZ is loaded with Wacko Jacko stargazers, dittoheads, minions, fans and groupies who think WJ could do no wrong. And all those stargazers, dittoheads, minions, fans and groupies want to silence the individuals who have a brain in their head and don't abuse drugs. Mr. Jackson may have been a druggie, but many of WJ's fans are dopes.

1856 days ago


Well........looks like the cops are really building a solid case! GOOD

1856 days ago


Even though these doctors contributed to his death...MJ has no one to blame but himself. He was warned by several people about the dangers of the drugs he was taking. (Harvey, I heard MJ has sperm donors as he was afraid of being intimate with a woman. Going in cup isn't like sleeping with a woman is it? Makes you wonder about who he was sexual attracted to)....

1856 days ago


Looks like they are getting real close to Dr. Klein's office. He's next. 3 Dr.'s will probably be arrested. See Dr. Klein, you should have kept your butt off the telliTV. This pharmacy is 2 doors down from Dr. Kleins office. I bet he's sweating right now!! Good

1856 days ago


OMG! All the pillheads on Beverly Hills are scrambling.

1856 days ago


I'm starting to feel like the LAPD is running around in circles....I'm not sure this case will ever see the light of a courtroom or the that the killers will be punished.



1856 days ago


Nice that Mr. Jackson put so many doctors, pharmacies
, etc. at risk.
OK he was a doper but the docs and pharmacies could have said no, not for MJ but to protect their own ass. After the trials why would they even consider getting their businesses anywhere near that train wreck?
They worshiped the dollar and he the drugs, they are to blame for their own risk in this..tell the druggie to piss off and keep your name clean. Just my opinion, could be wrong

1856 days ago
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