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DEA Raids Mickey Fine Pharmacy

8/21/2009 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The DEA is at Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, warrant in hand, raiding the pharmacy that Michael Jackson used for years.

DEA Raids Mickey Fine Pharmacy

Law enforcement sources tell us they are searching for evidence of "improper dispensing of controlled substances," in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

The pharmacy was used extensively by Dr. Arnold Klein and other doctors who treated Michael Jackson. Jackson obtained prescriptions for Demerol and many other drugs at Mickey Fine.

Mickey Fine sued Michael Jackson in 2007 for non-payment of a bill of more than $100,000. The case settled.

UPDATE: 4:51 PM PT Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the DEA found irregularities in Mickey Fine's drug dispensing practices when it came to Michael Jackson. Agents are searching records at the pharmacy for the various aliases Jackson used.

They are also looking at the drugs various doctors -- including Dr. Arnold Klein -- prescribed for the singer. And, we're told, one of the "irregularities" agents believe occurred is that the pharmacy may have refilled prescriptions that should not have been refilled and completely bypassed the doctor.


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hope they all go down ..they all enabled him to keep the cash comming in and control his vast wealth...yes he was a mess but he had such talent and heart ,nobody gave adamn about him ...he was a walking atm to these people

1856 days ago

Justice for all    

Even is they get charged and arrested, ultimately, nothing will come of it all... it will be life as usual in LaLa Land... these Docs and enablers are all over the place, if you have the money you can get anything that you want, it's just that simple... you know the old saying..."Money talks, and bs walks..." Welcome to America....

1856 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Get them..Serving MJ up drugs, Klein acting like
his best buddy, keeping him addicted the whole time.
Poor MJ. His life is truly some many ways to describe it.
Murray and Klein need to go down first.ENABLERS.....

1856 days ago


Good Lord No more Wacko-jacko Stories The Little Freak Got What Was Comeing To Him, Drop Him In A Hole & Move On.

1856 days ago


You can never make me believe Mike was addicted to anything. He's the strongest man I ever known.
Long live the king Michael Jackson! A real King!!

1856 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

This raid is long overdue. This pharmacy is a co-conspirator in His death.

1856 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

27. Good Lord No more Wacko-jacko Stories The Little Freak Got What Was Comeing To Him, Drop Him In A Hole & Move On.

Posted at 3:44PM on Aug 21st 2009 by OhWell



1856 days ago


This is starting to play out like a silly Keystone Cops movie. Bumbling law enforcement folks stepping over themselves at every turn. This is DEA. Our Federal tax $ being wasted. As long as folks with money want drugs, there will be a someone willing to provide them. I bet many of the MJ enablers considered it an "honor" to assist him in his narcotics ruses. American's lust for drugs will not cease...especially among celebrities because they have more money and opportunity than the rest of the general population.

1856 days ago


OOOPS! Ya' think, the "squads" will come down the coastline and RAID all of Northern Cali pharmacies???

Now, wouldn't that be a BIZZARE TWIST!

1856 days ago



1856 days ago


18. Even though these doctors contributed to his death...MJ has no one to blame but himself. He was warned by several people about the dangers of the drugs he was taking. (Harvey, I heard MJ has sperm donors as he was afraid of being intimate with a woman. Going in cup isn't like sleeping with a woman is it? Makes you wonder about who he was sexual attracted to)....

Posted at 3:37PM on Aug 21st 2009 by hmmm

STOP these stupidities, Harvey and you are persons totally disgusting. MJ was a normal man with normal relations with women.

1856 days ago


About time! Of course they've had 2 months to get rid of evidence!

Pathetic! Of course they had to know they would be raided sooner or later? Especially with that Lawsuit they settled with MJ.

1856 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

You know what I bet they'll find there? Drugs. Lots of Drugs. If they're looking for a great place to hold a drug raid, I cant think of a better place than a drugstore. It's like looking for dead bodies at the cemetary.

1856 days ago

a fan    

MJ's brilliant creative genius in music, dance and short films will last for generations and outlive all the haters.

1856 days ago


Shut down that pharmacy. Put the owner in jail. Why? Giving out drugs without any refills on the prescriptions is enough reason.

1850 days ago
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