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Jasmine and Jenkins

Days Before the Murder

8/21/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than 2 weeks before she was murdered and stuffed into a suitcase, Jasmine Fiore spent a weekend in Vegas smiling, goofing around and dining with her husband Ryan Jenkins -- the man accused of killing her.

Jasmine & Ryan: Click to launch

TMZ obtained the last known photos of the couple together, taken August 3rd at The Palms hotel.

Though previous photos of Fiore show her with blond hair, we're told the model was a brunette (as seen above) when authorities found her body.

As we first reported, Jenkins was charged yesterday with the murder of his wife.

UPDATE: We just got additional photos of the couple during their trip to Las Vegas -- those pictures are in the gallery on the right.


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Dave Evans    

See this is my point! Women are stupid.
I could make her very happy. All she'd need to do is a little sexie, perhaps some anal, throw in a BJ or two (mornings nice), and she could do whatever she wanted. but noooooo

1888 days ago

Lucy Fur    

Scott Peterson's twin brother!

1888 days ago


I agree with Christy and amber. u can tell who has a heart here

1888 days ago

Need Publicity?    

At least she was packed and ready to go...

1888 days ago


I am sorry that she was killed, but this is not celebrety news, this is just a horrible murder that happened in the Los Angeles area. I really think TMZ should stop covering it. Local media is also covering it here in the San Fransico bay area, but that is because this lady grew up here. This belongs on the six o'clock news, but not TMZ.

1888 days ago


she looks much better with dark hair

1888 days ago


What is that Miller Lite container he's holding?? It's like a bottle/can hybrid, I've never seen one before. I'm intrigued.

Enough about this story - men kill women every day, and these are people are not famous or even particularly interesting.

1888 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

His arm is around her waist. Looks like someone else might be holding can.

1888 days ago

Pete Kosednar    

Has the medical examiner confirmed that she was a girl? Reports are out that she was born a male.

1888 days ago


"What is that Miller Lite container he's holding?? It's like a bottle/can hybrid, I've never seen one before. I'm intrigued"

It's a plastic bottle shrink wrapped with the label for use at pools and other areas where you wouldn't want broken glass or cans that could be used as a weapon. They are very popular in Las Vegas.

I heard this morning that she was ID's by the serial numbers on her implants. I guess Ryan didn't know that tidbit of info.

They will get him, it's just a matter of time.

1888 days ago


All these people calling her ugly are obviously jealous and cold-hearted. She was murdered, and you people are busy disrespecting her like that? Can't you people have some sympathy? In my opinion, I think she's really pretty! If you have anything negative to say about this woman, i think it's best that you keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear it. Nobody should be called ugly and nobody should be disrespected it like this when they're not even here with us today.

And I'm sure if this was about an average woman, everyone on here would have sympathy...but since it's about a model's death, i'm guessing the females here feel some type of way? LOL You guys here are pathetic & really need some self-esteem. SHOW SOME RESPECT!

1888 days ago


You people should be talking about what a sociopath this guy is, instead you are disrespecting this murdered woman...she isn't a celebrity and doesn't deserve you demeaning her looks post-mortem. One can only hope when you die, it's a high-profile death so others can go "Man, he had a messed up face". I hope then you are victims of necrophilia. Karma's a bitch

1888 days ago


Seriously, why cover this?? And to top it off h she looks like a freak. Nice body but her face is terrible! Supermodel my a**

1888 days ago

my 3 cents    

If something like this happened to Lindsy Lohan would the immature posters on this comment section be saying the same thing. Yeah she was not even considered "z" list, she was just a model thats it. On the other hand Ryan is a Current Reality Star - that makes him relivent. He is a very sick and jeolous person and should have not been on the show. If they left the show on the air most people would boycott it and the ratings would fall and VH1 would suffer because commercials would not air and they would have less viewers then public television. Airing MWAM and ILM3 would be in very bad taste.

1888 days ago


Yea its a horrible story but at the same time people are murdered everyday. And to be glorifying this murder and saying this woman was the hottest thing on the planet is asinine.

She was beat with an ugly stick as a kid, bought fake titties to make herself feel better and got paid to show them off. Now THATS talent.....

1888 days ago
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