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Murdered Model's Secret Trip to Mexico

8/21/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing Jasmine Fiore and former boyfriend Robert Hasman in Los Cabos, Mexico ... and the video was shot less than a month before she was murdered -- just 4 months after she married the man now accused of murdering her.

Jasmine & Hasman: Click to watch
The video was shot at the Las Ventanas Resort on July 17. Fiore and Hasman are seen at the pool, along with her roommate, Christina. As we first reported, Fiore was texting Hasman in the hours before cops believe she was murdered.

A guest at the pool area tells us Hasman and Fiore used aliases -- Hasman said he was "Hans" and Fiore said she was "Ginger."

Law enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Hasman and Fiore were indeed in Los Cabos in July.


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joe king    

This just shows you that living life a a total slut ends badly. She was married to one guy and on vacation with another guy. Slut!!!!!!! Her Ex BF is lucky he did not get killed. Messing around with a married lady!!!!

1853 days ago

grossed out    

What a strange group of people. First, this so called millionaire on a skanky reality show meets a stripper in Las Vegas and marries her in a few days. This girl marries this so called shiester and gets back together with her old boyfriend while she is married?? She even stays with her husband after he beats her...strange group of people. She does not deserve to die, but this is why we are called "trash america"

1853 days ago

packo pasko    

Los Cabos rules, El mejor lugar de México para vacaciones " Los Cabos, The best place of Mexico for vacation"

1853 days ago


maybe he killed her... then went to talk to the media and blamed it on the other guy!

1853 days ago


people cheat all the time and they don't wind up dead. And Ryan Jenkins seems like a douche so how do you know he wasn't cheating too?

1853 days ago

grossed out    

This smooth operator from Canada needed a green card. Heads to a stip joint to find an insecure gold digger to agree to a shot gun wedding so he can stay in America. He is pissed that she is going back to her ex so he will be headed back to Canada with no green card. Psycho goes crazy and kills this woman he never had respect for in the first place. He always treated her like trash and even dumped her in the trash bin. She didn't deserve to die, but who in their right mind marries someone after knowing them for only two days. Welcome to skankville America.

1853 days ago


You guys need to bring back your "...and stuffed in a suitcase." It had a certain pizzazz.

1853 days ago


so who cares? i'm willing to bet that many people are not happy in their relationships and wish they could go back to someone they're no longer with. maybe she realized that getting married was a mistake. MISTAKES are no reason to be MURDERED. she didn't deserve what happened to her- no one does. if jenkins was a real man, he would have left her, not murder her.

1853 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

She sold ass on and all of a sudden she's a model???

WTF ????

1853 days ago


Jenkins is a total creep for murdering this beautiful woman. But I am having a hard time standing behind anyone involved here. First, when you marry someone after knowing him only a few days/weeks, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. I think Jasmine saw $$ and did whatever she could to get her hands into his pockets. She continued to see her ex, so it is obvious that she did not marry for love. Hasman is not without fault either. There are lots of single women in Vegas. Why take up with another man's wife? Were they both looking to score off this "mark?" If you still cared for each other, why did she marry Jenkins in the first place? Again, it is wrong to murder someone, but cheating couples assume the risk that the wronged party will react violently. I'm not sayin that it was right to kill her, but Im just sayin that you roll the dice when you live that way.

1853 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

My cousin Reynaldo ordered strippers at his frat party at Fresno State. Guess who showed up? Jasmine Fiore and three other hookers.

1853 days ago


obviously this girl didn't "deserve" what she apparently wound up getting, but this one had some really poor decision making skills that wound up costing her...

1853 days ago

grossed out    

I think there is a lot more to this story than model being killed by jealous husband. A lot more...

1853 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Her teeth and fingers were taken because he didn't want her body to be identified so quickly. I still think they were having rough sex that went a little too far...ehhh manslaughter at most. He loved her as says in his email and if he goes to jail I will marry him so bitches stand clear, he's mine!

1853 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Come on TMZ. You went from wall-to-wall coverage of one of the most famous people in the world (MJ) - to wall-to-wall of someone TOTALLY UNFAMOUS (Jasmine whatever .....). What's up with that??? Cut it out.

1853 days ago
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