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Murdered Model's Secret Trip to Mexico

8/21/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing Jasmine Fiore and former boyfriend Robert Hasman in Los Cabos, Mexico ... and the video was shot less than a month before she was murdered -- just 4 months after she married the man now accused of murdering her.

Jasmine & Hasman: Click to watch
The video was shot at the Las Ventanas Resort on July 17. Fiore and Hasman are seen at the pool, along with her roommate, Christina. As we first reported, Fiore was texting Hasman in the hours before cops believe she was murdered.

A guest at the pool area tells us Hasman and Fiore used aliases -- Hasman said he was "Hans" and Fiore said she was "Ginger."

Law enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Hasman and Fiore were indeed in Los Cabos in July.


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No-one deserves to be murdered and carved up in pieces. However if you marry someone for money and not love the outcome isn't going to be good. Last I checked marriage was about love [or a green card-lol]. Gold-digging whores either end up divorced, killing or their spouses, or end up dead themselves.

1827 days ago


Don't you think the message of this Murray-guy is a bit weird?
I mean, couldn't he just send the tape to his few supporters?

1827 days ago


What's with the deep freeze? Forrest Lawn doesn't have a deep freeze
And I called them to order some flowers and they say Michael Jackson
has never been anywhere on Forrest Lawn....????

HUHH??????? Please explain.

1827 days ago


All you guys that are saying he married her for a greencard. SHUT UP!. His father is one of the wealthiet people in Calgary. If he wanted a greencard, he could have brought his investment to the States (opened an architecture business in the States). There are different ways to get a greencard. It's not only by marriage. And if he wanted a GC so badly, why didn't he leave when they had the marriage annulled? He could have left and married another girl for the so called green card. He married her cause he was possessive (and maybe obssesive) and looked at her like his property. And he killed her cause he could not have her alone to himself. SO JUST SHUT UP. Ignorant, undeucated people we have here.

1827 days ago


she looks kind of like the girl that bit Shamwow guy's Tongue

1827 days ago


I met Jasmine years ago when she still lived in the Santa Cruz area. She always seemed like a sweet girl and each time I would run into her after she turned Hollywood I would get this sinking feeling inside....I feel bad for her and am saddened by a loss of a friend...Too bad some of you feel the need to call her names and judge her without knowing her....She did get caught up in the lifestyle but she came from a simple life in the Santa Cruz mountains and was a good person inside....RIP Jasmine

1827 days ago


Harvey, you're reporting on this case is top-notch, but why is this relevant? I don't see hardly any mention on any other news site. Why are you seemingly signaling out this one of many murder cases? She wasn't well known before her death.

1827 days ago


Why was her body all hacked up..I wonder where he did this and ICK -WOW..I cant figure out the scene..He strangles her..Cuts her up and puts her in a suit case..ANGER like wow he was really PO..Jealous..This woman was butt ugly, not pretty at all, no waistline, no definition in the body, ugly mug but hey she was rich and sthooping the guys..I would never do her..Shes ugly and dead..I wonder if he did her after he killed her..Probably..Sick people..I feel sorry for him now..Prison 4 life baby haha4U ugly guy

1827 days ago


wow..she was messing around with 2 guys at one time... yup with that slutty shady dishonest behavior.. she was asking for what happened to her.. a recipe for disaster-- yup..

1827 days ago


So Jenkins kills Fiori and then texts Hasman on Fiori's phone, does this elaborate murder and body mangling leaving no blood trail apart from the body, then drives north to Washington state, boats it and crosses into Canada. There is NO WAY that this was a spontaneous act of rage on Jenkin's part, it's too sophistocated. He either had help, he planned it well in advance and did it himself or someone else did it and he's being framed and is running because he's scared the frame will stick. Either way it goes, we need him in court ASAP. If he's not found within a few days, his desperation level is going to escalate and he'll be one dangerous person to the general community, presuming he doesn't kill himself and presuming he doesn't have people helping him escape and stay hid.

1827 days ago


This does have a weird feel to it. Why was he always filming her (Ginger) seems set up...i havent been following too much, but where did they find this video again?

1827 days ago


Girl has some BIG FEET..Her guy is ugly but seems nice..What did he see in her?? Hubbie She in him?? Maybe she looks good in person...Big fat cheeks, cheap looking...Strippers 4 some guys is a big ego thing i guess..Like wow she is this amazing sex machine and she is mine dude..Pathetic

1827 days ago


"I'm recording this, I don't know why"...hmmm, could it be because you're a PI hired by Jenkins to find out what his wife was up to when he wasn't around.

1827 days ago


Maybe Robert Hasman killed both of them. He looks kind of guilty in the video.

1827 days ago


I wonder, how did Fiore afford the life she lived??

Penthouse in LA?
Mercedes CLS550?
Trips all over the place?
Parties everyday?

I think its obvious she had no credable job... ever! Gold digger, Hustler, Escort... Those are all 'jobs' you can have in Vegas to achieve the above mentioned items - by taking advantage of wealthy men... or several in Fiore's case.

1827 days ago
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