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Murdered Model's Secret Trip to Mexico

8/21/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing Jasmine Fiore and former boyfriend Robert Hasman in Los Cabos, Mexico ... and the video was shot less than a month before she was murdered -- just 4 months after she married the man now accused of murdering her.

Jasmine & Hasman: Click to watch
The video was shot at the Las Ventanas Resort on July 17. Fiore and Hasman are seen at the pool, along with her roommate, Christina. As we first reported, Fiore was texting Hasman in the hours before cops believe she was murdered.

A guest at the pool area tells us Hasman and Fiore used aliases -- Hasman said he was "Hans" and Fiore said she was "Ginger."

Law enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Hasman and Fiore were indeed in Los Cabos in July.


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One less gold digger. She Played with fire looking for some fast bucks and couldn't keep up the game. I think Jenkins wasn't going to be played as the fool and got the last laugh on her and that douche bag pimp she was messing around with. I bet he was going to be next on Jenkins list.

1852 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

It's really sad when a gold digging, two timing, lying , stripper , whore, alien looking , implanted , injected, useless hooker ends up in a garbage can behind a gas station .

If you play with fire .,.,

I'm just saying .,.,..,..,

1852 days ago


Don't you think it is a little strange that some guy came up on them and said that he lost his camera and just bought a new one at Cosco? Do you think that maybe that was someone who was hired to follow her and get her on tape? The guy behind the camera was very talkative the ones on camera were just caught off guard trying to be polite.

1852 days ago


To be honest, I don't think this guy is in Canada. I have a feeling he's still around in Washington State...but that's just my guess.

1852 days ago


This is a bizarre story!

1852 days ago


They should talk to the ex boyfriend and get a description/sketch of the guy that videoed him and plaster his picture all over the internet and force him to come forward to find out if he actually lost his video camera or if he was hired to video her.

1852 days ago

joe king    

So how much did she charge per hour? Did she do anal when she was an escort?

1852 days ago


Michael sounds totally cool. Ginger and Hans seem relaxed.

1852 days ago

Mrs. Sutter Homes    

This is all so scary! This definatly looks like a set up or someone was following her. This Ryan Jenkins coward has a domestic violence charge already on his record so OBVIOUSLY he is insecure and mentally unstable so it would not be surprising if he DID have someone follow her! I can't wait til he is caught and another low life creep is off the streets! He has all this money too ... I sure could use his money for good means. Making a better life for my son and I.. a new house ... he is just a waste of money. We should distribute all his money to battered women charities, or single moms in need .. anything to do with females. I think we should pick 10 of the most beautiful women in the world and let each one cut a finger off.

1852 days ago


What substantial evidence and/or DNA evidence do authorities have linking this guy to the murder? What about other suspects or accomplices? However this plays out it's a tragedy what happened to this woman and my heart goes out to her family and friends.

1852 days ago


6. This video is kinda weird to me. Why would this so called Michael guy record them if he doesn't even know them? And why would they let some stranger record them if they don't know them? I would tell him to fck off and turn the cam off. For me it looks like he was there watching stalking them. Maybe he was sent to follow her? Who the heck goes around and record strangers? Only weirdos, pervs or someone that was sent to do so. This looks like a set up.

Posted at 4:31PM on Aug 21st 2009 by Hmmmm?

AGREED... It was absolutely a set-up. I've been to Mexico 100 times and have never had some dude randomly walk up with a camera poolside. Not there or anywhere else I've traveled. And then this footage magically ends up on TMZ?

Um Yeah...we're all stoopid.

1852 days ago


u people are acting like she was such a mary poppins.. and u dont have any idea what she may have done to him. or IF HE even killed her..." I thought in this country one was innocent until proven guilty? we don't know yet if the husband did it. We don't know what drives people to kill someone, how outrageous it may sound: the girl did look far from sincere. First of all everything is plastic on her, including her face. The only people that would call her beautiful must be emptyheaded plastic fantastic Californians. Her facial expressions on her wedding picture tell it all. This chick did not care about the person she just had married. Then months later, as a married woman she tries to hook up with a former bed partner. Why? To play scrabble? I don't take think so. She was nothing more than a little prostitute who crossed the wrong man when playing with fire. We just don't know which man it was. For all we know it could also be the ex BF that finished her off?"
Posted at 1:29AM on August 21st 2009 by BELLA

1852 days ago


I find this whole story very odd! How this video was filmed and why is strange too. So, Fiore is filmed vacationing in Mexico with her roomate and boyfriend while her "husband" is also in Mexico filming a reality show...then just a week ago she's photographed with her "husband" at nightclubs and pools looking happy and wearing her wedding ring? I think these boyfriends/ex's of hers need to be looked at too. This Robert guy seems a little off too.

1852 days ago


gonna be kind of hard to find that tan in canada, hey? this guy minus well drink the kool-aid.

1852 days ago


76> annette... I agree... How did TMZ get a copy is what I'd like to know? cough it up tmz how did you get this video clip? Who sold it to you? The camera guy, that I bet was paid to stalk her while she was in Mexico? Pretty sad!!

1852 days ago
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