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Murdered Model's Secret Trip to Mexico

8/21/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing Jasmine Fiore and former boyfriend Robert Hasman in Los Cabos, Mexico ... and the video was shot less than a month before she was murdered -- just 4 months after she married the man now accused of murdering her.

Jasmine & Hasman: Click to watch
The video was shot at the Las Ventanas Resort on July 17. Fiore and Hasman are seen at the pool, along with her roommate, Christina. As we first reported, Fiore was texting Hasman in the hours before cops believe she was murdered.

A guest at the pool area tells us Hasman and Fiore used aliases -- Hasman said he was "Hans" and Fiore said she was "Ginger."

Law enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Hasman and Fiore were indeed in Los Cabos in July.


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Jumm geen    

She was a stripper/whore who looked like a bug with those bulgy eyes, thin lips, fine point eyebrows and store bought melon boobs. She did all that too herself and was still a dog. That being said, she didn't deserve to be murdered, but it seems her life of sex for money and free vacations with gruesome and dorky losers caught up with her. She was whoring herself out for free vacations and shopping sprees and payed the price. Seems like a logical conclusion, albeit a sad one

1799 days ago

Bobo Frog    

The guy filming was very likely a private investigator hired by the husband, and now he's cashing in on his video.

1799 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

She makes guys hard.

1799 days ago



1799 days ago


With no fingers, how is she going to dig any gold in hell - which is definitely where this skank went...

1799 days ago


@ All you dumbasses you say she was "Asking for it", or deserved it, do you say the same thing about rape victims? That if they were dressed in any non-moral way, or looked good, that they were "asking for it?

Jesus, half of you are so stupid it is unbelievable.

1799 days ago


Hmm something seems off here, i have a feeling they thought the guy with the camera was a bit shady and saw him from way off and decided they would give fake names when he approached them but why if she was afraid her man had her followed why if she had her friend with her it doesn't seem so much really like she was cheating to me, just hanging out with friends really, also why did Jenkins cut her fingers off and pull all her teeth if he was going to report her missing anyway, surely if a body turned up they would presume it was her after reporting it, if he didn't want her identified why not just not say anything and pretend he thought she left him due to their troubles?, so many questions. I do think Jenkins had her followed probably to see if he could trust her as he is obviously the jealous type, but the killer could be anyone really especially if they were involved in anything illegal, how come there have been no sitings of him on the run? maybe he got killed too?? it does seem like a professional hit but with all the stuff going on between them i can see why they think it was him, anyone have a theory and answer to these questions????

1799 days ago


Even with bleached blonde hair, lots of make-up and fake boobs, she wasn't pretty. Certainly her husband, with all his money, could have found someone who was more "eye candy" that she was. Also, in the video her hair looks like it is dark brown or black. Any confirmation on that?

1799 days ago


What a tragic story. Jasmine was an incredibly beautiful woman with a bright future ahead of her. From accounts given by people who knew her, she was a sweet, hard-working, professional person. She was in the process of getting her real estate license and was interested in becoming a personal trainer. She got caught up in a whirlwind romance. She discovered that her husband had a dark side when he became abusive towards her and had the marriage annulled. I don't understand why people are condemning her and am shocked by the hateful comments I have been reading. Just because she was naive, she didn't deserve to die. Abusive men can be incredibly charismatic and persuasive when they want to be. Ryan sweet-talked his way back into her life and chose to take her life when he found that he could not control her. He is the true monster in this whole saga. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

1798 days ago


what a whore! she obviously had no brains... just fake boobs.. its about time she saw the real world .. and it just so happen to be in the trash.

1798 days ago


Where did TMZ get this video? I think its your fault they are both dead!

1797 days ago


what a BUTT UGLY guy. Whew. Actually they both look like squirrels.
I'd say too ugly to die for thats a fact. What a woosie-looking guy in his little shirt and buck teeth. What a pathetic story in general.

1797 days ago


People these days want to lie, cheat & play with folks and this is the result. If you're not serious about a relationship, leave it alone. Most people are on anti-depressants or out of balance mentally/emotionally these days. They don't deal with problems rationally and will seriously hurt you or kill you. those that want to continue screwing over people and using them, better wake up. I feel very bad for this woman, her death should never have happened...but she played with the wrong person. I hope her spirit finds peace.

1797 days ago

Miquel Rogers    

No different than coming home finding your wife in bed with another man and filling them both with bullets.

Media hype.

1797 days ago


Hans and Ginger? What were they hiding to use aliases? Were they a secret couple that milks rich guys out of money? Wasn't Ryan filming a show in Mexico at the same time?
Hans and Ginger is just too weird... Maybe Hans killed Ginger after she refused to take advantage of Ryan for money?

Does TMZ have any dirt on this guy Robert Hasman?
I would love to hear more about Hasman.

1793 days ago
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