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Michael Jackson Burial Delayed Until September 3

8/21/2009 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson will be buried on September 3 -- instead of August 29 as originally planned.

According to a statement released by the family, the burial will be at Holly Terrace in The Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif. -- and will be limited to family and close friends.

Joe Jackson, Michael's dad, told us the burial would be delayed, but the day they wanted it changed to -- August 31 -- became problematic because of schools re-opening on that day.

So Joe was right -- who'd have thunk it?


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I would like them to bury him in Mekka

1885 days ago


More paid, pastoral pleas for Neverland
on Jerms behalf?
Back to reality, OK, the "film" keeps
getting pushed to come out EARLIER,
and the burial keeps getting pushed to
happen LATER. Lets see where this

1885 days ago


I will post here the letter to warner bros tmz as soon as it is sent.
Stop posting nasty comments about Michael or anyone else in my name or anyone elses name.
Leave the people alone here to post and enjoy the reading they came to tmz to read.

1885 days ago


I am sick of this ugly, lying, bulldog faced bastard. Shut up Joe! We can smell your stanky drawers through this board. Go and take a bath.

1884 days ago


I thought a "family friend" said Randy
was a dim wit and acting mentally challenged
at the restaurent and jo-joe was slapping
him up side the head?
Now, Randy wanna do what?

1884 days ago

carina Sweden    

Joe Jackson What are You doing? You should think many time and be for sure before you talk. Your words is very important. "THAT'S MEAN, WHO YOU ARE"

1884 days ago


Not sure how not burying Michael is making the family money. If someone could explain that maybe some of you can p!mp your own dead family members. Perhaps, and just maybe, they are making sure security measures are in place before they can bury him and that is what is delaying the burial. (First they had to plan a memorial-nothing like what you'll get-, then decide on where he would be buried, and make sure his body will be secured). Perhaps the comments should be about how awful for his family that they have to wait while these necessary measures have been taken to protect his burial place from his fans, weirdos, and creeps. It is the media that seeks out this information and reports it. Even if there are family members leaking information, the media doesn't have to report it. Oh wait, this stuff sells and somebody is making money. I notice that the haters always take time out of their valuable, talented, philantrophic days to post their well-thought out, cogent, intelligent thoughts. And besides, why the heck do any of you care what Jacksons are up to? Got time on your hands? As far as greed, I would bet that the families of any one of you nobodies, if you actually had any talent, would be p!mping you so hard and fast that your heads would be spinning (hello Brittany, Lindsey, and reaching way back, Patty Duke or any child star for that matter). There is a law out there (Coogan's Bill 1939) that was first filed on behalf of child star Jackie Coogan to protect future child stars from their greedy, p!mping families so the stars would have a dime left over when they hit 21. Money brings out the worst in people and I dare say your own families would be p!mping you to within an inch of your lives if you were actually worth something. When all of you croak, and all of you will, nobody is going to even care enough to say something nasty about you. Hope your families at least give a darn and bury you as fast as they can get rid of you and forget about you. Why would they want to hang on to your worthless, rotting corpses? We already know they won't have to worry about security - cause who would care?

1884 days ago


It would be perfect on the 29th of Aug. because it is his birthday, but I still do not agree to leave him lying in a casket in a freezer somewhere when he should be put to rest. HE IS A HUMAN BEING! For all you that treat him like burrying trash, HOW DISGRACEFUL!! He was a very caring person,PERIOD! That`s what killed him. It got to him in the end and there was no way out.........You never think of the fact he had LUPUS, a very painful disease, a lot to deal with.I should know. But I also think he was murdered for his $$$ and something about this concert deal stinks!
He was`nt WACKO, he was a genius!

1883 days ago


i feel dr murray should be arrested just like anyone else who murders someone he did not have to kill jackson i feel he did it for the money and maybe hatred towards michael you never knowwhatwas in the back of his mind for doing it michael may you rest in peace all of us your fans love and miss you

1883 days ago

mrez golucky    


1887 days ago


Well, that's their choice.

I think it's hilarious that Joe Jackson plays so many games with the media and makes them chase their tales that they never know when he's on the up and up. I think it's just desserts for the media. lol

1887 days ago


Just Drop The Little Freak In A Hole & Forget Him....No More Wacko-Jacko

1887 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

No way it was going to be on a weekend. Too much problem with crowd control.

1887 days ago

just sayin    

nah they've probably buried him ny imogen said they're just playing games with you.

1887 days ago


That's it, let's keep wheeling and dealing, Get that money coming in, MONEY MONEY MONEY, Oh but Michaels not buried yet, The Jacksons say ,SO WHAT we have to wheel and deal right now.And that's exactly what they are doing. It's not hurting thier son,or brother ,he's dead...MONEY...What about the children?? That's right , we are going to pawn them off to Aunt Rebbie, which is going against Michaels will.Day lights burning get the MONEY, those sorry Bastards

1887 days ago
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