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Murdered Model ID'd

By Her Breast Implants

8/21/2009 6:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0820_jasmine_fiore_wedding_bn_7-1UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have not located Fiore's teeth or fingers yet.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney says Jasmine Fiore was identified by her breast implants, since her teeth and fingers had been removed.

The spokeswoman said they were able to ID Jasmine by a serial number on the implants.

The US Marshals Service is offering a $25,000 reward for any information regarding the whereabouts of Ryan Jenkins -- Fiore's husband and the man cops believe murdered her.


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Hi Harvey and Mike! I have a question I would like to ask please. This question is about Jasmine. I would like to know please, if there is an active search in Canada now . Are they looking for the murderer Ryan now activley? Thanks Harvey and Mike.

1889 days ago


WHY am I not getting confirmation emails?????? I've commented more than once today but none are posted cuz you never sent me the email! Lol,maybe THIS 1 won't go thru either.For benjamin.....what's this you're trying to ask about MJ's 4th son???Even if that Omar guy was his,that'd only make 3 boys,duh.BTW,I think Omar isn't MJ's,possibly Joe Jackson's or the son of another Jackson & to let people wonder if he's MJs kinda give MJ an aura of manhood?

1889 days ago


Who is making out prescriptions under false names? Would this be Michael's doctors? If so, is it not against the law to use false names if the substance is controlled?

Surely propofol isn't obtained via prescription so are the DEA looking to demonstrate the over-prescribing of other medications as well?

1889 days ago


Do you think it could be a possibility that he cut her fingers off and got rid of her teeth because perhaps he has bite marks on him and perhaps she clawed him thus having his skin/DNA under her fingernails? She seems like she would be a fighter.

1889 days ago


A pharmacy sues a customer-one person-for a $100,000 overdue bill for perscriptions and no one seems to feel the need to investigate how the bill got to be so high??? They wait until the person dies to look into the matter?? Not a HUGE red flag???!!!

1889 days ago

barney google    


Since Canada does not have the death penalty and California does, wouldn't this mean that there would be a lengthy delay in returning him to California to stand trial? Would California agree to remove the death penalty in exchange for Canada to return him to California? This process can take several years to resolve (Charles Ng case took approximately 6 years) - would this influence his ability to have a fair trial in timely manner and possibly mean that he would never go to court?

Also, his mother is supposed to be living in Vancouver - has the police been in contact with her?


1889 days ago

my 3 cents    

Can they bring Ryan back to the US if they locate him?

1889 days ago


Harvey, I think you're too funny! Cracking me up every day. I think it's not fair they always make the nice comments about Mike (although you're very cute of course Mike).

1889 days ago


This is a horrid tragedy. That being said, my grandparents could not have conceptialized a cell phone, let alone pinpointing it geographically by triangulation and pings.

Now we identify remains, sadly, by identification of implants.


1889 days ago

Junior Olivas    

Ryan was on I love money 3 where his every move was taped, there has to be some footage of him talking to jasmine will these tapes be released?

1889 days ago


What about her former boyfriend, Robert Hasman. Is there any dirt on him. Was she caught cheating on Jenkins and if so how?

1889 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Wow, she must be hamburger. Fingers gone, teeth gone, boobs hacked open...What a mess!

1889 days ago


The murdered young lady looks exactly like adult film star
Britney Amber. Check it out. Is she the one in the same?

1889 days ago


Have they release the call to report her missing? You broke the news about this, I am just confused why it wasn't on TV sooner to make other be aware and on the look out for Ryan Jenkins. Is his family co-operating with authorities?

1889 days ago

my 3 cents    

Can't they trace his credit cards and put a freeze on them?

1889 days ago
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