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Murdered Model ID'd

By Her Breast Implants

8/21/2009 6:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0820_jasmine_fiore_wedding_bn_7-1UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have not located Fiore's teeth or fingers yet.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney says Jasmine Fiore was identified by her breast implants, since her teeth and fingers had been removed.

The spokeswoman said they were able to ID Jasmine by a serial number on the implants.

The US Marshals Service is offering a $25,000 reward for any information regarding the whereabouts of Ryan Jenkins -- Fiore's husband and the man cops believe murdered her.


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About the Jasmine case:
1. Is it possible that she was strangled accidentally during rough sex and then he mutilated her body and put her in a suitcase after the fact to cover up? I wouldn't be surprised if this is a defense explanation.
2. Has Jenkin's mom in Vancouver been questioned?
3. Do we know where Jenkin's dad's private jet is right now? On its way to Honduras possibly?

1888 days ago


Why are they only showing Michael's "This Is It" movie for only 2 weeks. Will they put it on DVD for the ones that don't get to see it???

1888 days ago


Hey Harvey,

Can you point out where the no-contest clausule is in Michael's will?
Maybe you have another one there, but we can find it in ours!


Mo & Souza

1888 days ago


Did Dr. Murray drive a relatives car to MJ's house the night before he died? If so, where was his own vehicle?

Any info on what he did/where he went once he left the hospital on June 25th?

What can you tell us about the bloody shirt hanging in MJ's closet?

What is the name of the New York Dr. who gave MJ the supposed 4 hour physicial for the Lloyd's of London Insurance?

Do you think other doctors besides Dr. Murray will come under scrutiny by the LAPD? Will the actually face charges or merely be reprimanded by their medical affiliations?

Do you think there's a chance Dr. Murray will not face any criminal charges?

1888 days ago

Amber Maddox    

Whats the update with the search for this POS guy Jenkins?

1888 days ago


I remember seeing this girl or a girl that looked alot like her in the show "Married With Children." Can any of you confirm this, she used to play the dumb slut Bud Bundy used to "date" in the last seasons of the before its cancelation.

1888 days ago


TMZ i'm about to call it a day with your site - friggin sick to death of reading about the same old sh*t - Michael Jackson and now this murdered who ever she is - never heard of her before, don't care now.

1888 days ago


Guess he missed that episode of CSI.

1888 days ago

bye mj    

why in the world would AEG agree to show the confidential contracts to know scam artist/felon L. Rowe?

1888 days ago


Is it true Jasmine had the marriage anulled? Has anyone seen the anullment papers?

1888 days ago


Hi there... How did the OC police find the suitcase this poor girl was in? How big was the suitcase? It seems crazy that this girl, who wasn't very petite, could fit into one suitcase. Where are her remains now? Her family?????

1888 days ago


What I want to know is -A. Did he win megan wants a millionaire?B. did he win I love money 3 ? C. Is he using his prize money to hide out in canada?

1888 days ago


Can you explain how the people currently running the "Heal The World Foundation" were able to obtain the name? How are they being able to deceive people into thinking this organization is the same that Michael Jackson formed years ago? If you look at the Heal The World website it very much seems as though Michael Jackson is involved in the organization.

And, how are the female employees at TMZ able to accomplish any work with all the good looking men around them? I would be too distracted to get anything done!

1888 days ago



1888 days ago


How? Why? First, why did this guy think he could get away with murder? Second, he had to of taken everyone of her teeth out and there had to be someone that heard that commotion. He must have been a very angry and insecure man. This is so sad. My heart only goes out to her family and friends. Why couldn't she have run away early on in the relationship?

1888 days ago
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