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Murdered Model ID'd

By Her Breast Implants

8/21/2009 6:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0820_jasmine_fiore_wedding_bn_7-1UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have not located Fiore's teeth or fingers yet.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney says Jasmine Fiore was identified by her breast implants, since her teeth and fingers had been removed.

The spokeswoman said they were able to ID Jasmine by a serial number on the implants.

The US Marshals Service is offering a $25,000 reward for any information regarding the whereabouts of Ryan Jenkins -- Fiore's husband and the man cops believe murdered her.


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Hi Harvey & Mike,

First Re: MJ the Saga continues..1)Is Katherine Jackson waiting for the DEA's/LA County Dist. Attorney's office to complete their respective investigations in order to file a wrongful death lawsuit?
2)Is it 1 investigation w/multiple agencies involved or Several investigations at many different levels i.e.,county,state,and federal?
3)With "New" evidentiary details emerging almost daily of Dr. Klein's Years/Decades Active Participation of the Drugging of Michael Jackson-Do U think he is still going forward w/his scheme to petition family court in Sept to wrangle visitation/some sort of contact w/MJ's 2 elder children?
Re: Model Murder
No one,but a pedofile,deserves to die the grizzly horrible death that this young woman incurred a week ago Today.
1) What is the U.S. extradition policy with Portugal?
Jenkins father is a resort developer in that country. Obviously well connected there and he owns a learjet.I believe that is his fathers' residential country.
2) Do U believe that it is Jenkins SUV left on the U.S. side & his boat left on the Canadian side-Taken by Someone Else?
3) Taken by him or a red herring?
4) Will this end like the world wide search for Andrew Cunanan?
Thank You for your time....

1897 days ago


This crime is particularly heinous because of the quality of the breasts which the world is now deprived of. Amen. Let us pray that this incident raises awareness of violence against swimsuit models worldwide.

1897 days ago


Just another reason why all women should have breast implants.

1897 days ago


He deserves the death penalty due to the horrific and gruesome nature of his crime.

1897 days ago


Um Amber then why read it if you dont care? I think if someone killed your loved one you might want to catch the fool who did it.

1897 days ago

to little    

Same black shirt same channel. Do you all own any other shirts or do you wear the same one every day. I bet your rather smelly by now.

If I were to go on live I sure wouldn't wear the same sloppy shirt everyday and dress in a more professional manner.

I can smell ya over here

Just Sayin

1897 days ago

to little    


The black shirt is hiding your fat but you still look like a slob. Do you own any other clothes?

You should at least wear a shirt and tie when you go on Nancy Grace and the other shows cause you look like the fat slob when compared to the other panelist on those shows.

Just Sayin

1897 days ago


I wonder if police are ever going to find him, he's probably on his dads plane on his way to another hide away this is so terrible

1897 days ago


I wonder if this could have happened to Megan.

1897 days ago

Rocky's Friend    

I'm sorry she dies this way, not good for her poor family, BUT, she appears to be not so innocent and she looks like a plastic rodent. Not attractive at all.

1897 days ago


Jasmine was your typical female Vegas hustler - she chose this path in life. All these comments that she was so innocent are f***ing crap; of course her friends and family are gonna spread that! Albeit, she still shouldn't have died like that, it's sickening.

1897 days ago

Raven apologies for the multiple bitching about not getting my confirmation emails....guess you guys were just being slow,lol. just occurred to me!This Jenkins freak musta watched the movie A PERFECT GET-AWAY!The removing fingers & teeth is a rip off of that movie! I think if they don't catch him soon,they won't.They'll maybe find his body.I mean it's been almost a week.With so many LE looking for him& nothing yet,IF he's stillon the run,somebody must be hiding him,or he's dead.

1897 days ago

80's Gal    

10. Why is this story being followed as closely as Michael Jackson's death? Yes, of course it's a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to her family and friends, but people are viciously murdered everyday.

Posted at 5:34PM on Aug 21st 2009 by Jenn


Jenn is absolutely right. This happens all the time people. The fact that she was attractive, young, blonde, big boobs...that makes it newsworthy. How often do you see this kind of coverage for a woman who is overweight, slovenly and unattractive? True, I'll give you the fact that he was on a VH1 reality show, but still. If you're unattractive, you don't get this kind of coverage. Plain and simple.

1897 days ago


Sick guy. Goes to show you never know.

1897 days ago


Ahhhh, finally a good purpose for breast implants?

1897 days ago
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