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Minor Problem in 'Housewife' Eviction

8/21/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Her three days are up -- but the "Real Housewife" who was facing eviction from her Orange County home isn't going anywhere fast ... and she has her underage daughter to thank!

Lynne Curtain eviction notice: Click to launch

TMZ has learned Lynne Curtin and her husband are claiming the 3-day notice they got from their landlord to either pay up or get out isn't valid -- because the legal doc was served on their daughter -- a minor.

As TMZ first reported, the Curtins -- who rent the home they live in on the show -- allegedly owe their landlord more than $12,000 in rent and other expenses.

Now, the Curtins have lawyered up ... contesting the eviction ... but we're told the landlord will re-serve the papers on an adult this time.

Looks like it's only a matter of time before Lynne has to get real ... or get out.


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I live in OC and believe me, there a quite a number of people here who are just like the OC Housewives. Pretentious, arrogant, no money, rent everything, and their kids are horrible. "Housewives" is such a wrong term anyway since none of them do anything themselves on their home. It's all done by someone else - cleaning people, yard people, nannies, dog-walkers, etc. Thank GOD I'm from the Midwest where we had some values growing up.

1853 days ago


Instead of running to a lawyer, why not pay the mortgage?????

1853 days ago


I work at a Sheriff's Office in Arkansas. Here it is legal to serve papers on anyone age 14 or older. If we go to a residence to serve on Joe Blow What's-his-name & he isn't home but his 15 yr. old child is we CAN serve on them & it is valid in a court of law.

1853 days ago


The Housewives Club all are totally lame and broke attention seeking females who are all one by one losing houses and going broke. I thought they are supposed to be sooooo rich and live luxurious lifestyles the show is fake and a sham.

Fake, fake, fake that what it is NeNe, Sheree, Lisa Wu Clan, Lynn just to mention a few of the custom jewerly wearing housewives are attention seeking and needing money and obviously BRAVO isn't doing it.

1853 days ago


# 35 LOL

1853 days ago


OMG, Huh?? So, they don't have the money to pay their rent, but they have money to pay a Lawyer? Help me understand this!

1853 days ago

Jeff in LA CA    

They owe $12,000 in rent, yet they use their daughter as an excuse to stay and not pay. At least leave with your dignity, how humiliating.

1853 days ago


What the h#ll is wrong with these people? No pay, No stay. I'm a landlord myself and I am SO sick of Deadbeats like this. I have to pay for the property, the upkeep, the taxes, the insurance and deadbeats won't even pay their rent and depostis but expect to still live there!! UUUURRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

And, how the h#ll can they afford an attorney if they can't even afford to pay their rent??? Just outright deadbeats.

And, to think that when I watched the RH of OC, I felt sorry for this deadbeat ding bat because the other girls seemed to treat her so poorly. Well, she deserved everything she got!

1853 days ago


True , you can not serve a three day pay or quit to a peron under the age of 18. But you can just pst it on the door and mail a copy to the address and to the tenants over the age of 18 that are listed on the rental agreement ands it is a legal served notice.
Maybe some of these news people need to do ther home work better....

1839 days ago


Vicky was right.........

1834 days ago


You'd think even thou her daughter got the notice ..she would never use that as an excuse not to move out of a place they arnt paying for since shes on tv.. what a loser..scam artist for sure..kick her off the show please i watch all realhousewives and shes so boring and seems like shes always on some sort of meds..she talks like she has no idea how the world works..her daughter cant even have a convo with her she just doesnt get it..i never want to see her old ugly face again,my life is more glamorous then hers will ever be.KICK HER OFF.Maybe then she can get a real job and pay her rent and not try to pretend shes something shes not.

1579 days ago


where are they going to get the money for the lawyer?!!!??! thats what happens when you try to live outside your means..

1497 days ago
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