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Reality Show That Cast Ryan Jenkins: Oops

8/21/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins: OopsProducers of the reality show on which accused murderer Ryan Jenkins appeared admits it didn't do a "full" background check. What's not clear ... did it do any background check at all?

51 Minds -- the company that produces "Megan Wants a Millionaire" -- admits it was not aware that Jenkins had been convicted of assaulting a girlfriend when he was cast on the show. This is always a problem when you have someone with violent propensities sharing a house with unsuspecting strangers.

A company rep tells TMZ, "Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show."

51 Minds adds, "The company did have in place what it thought was a thorough vetting process that involved complete background checks by an outside company for all contestants on the shows." In the company's defense, it was just one little mistake.

51 Minds promises to do better in the future.


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This story is sad however is is actually getting boring who cares about a reality star, I feel sorry for the girl but why who in their right mind would marry somebody knowing them what a couple of days. Let the police do their job and give this story a rest.

1851 days ago


OK I could care less about Megan. It's too bad he couldn't have wound up with her and offed her instead. Shallow pig of a woman. Were his alleged abuses of women in the US or Canada? Would the vetting have uncovered crimes in Canada? Please weigh in people, I would like to know...

1851 days ago

Dave Evans    

If you are stuffed in a suitcase, would that be considered yoga or pilates?

Also, I smell a lawsuit.

1851 days ago

S. Belle    

@ #39 -

Yes, he did too beat another former g/f - in 2005 in Canada. Get your facts straight.

1851 days ago

S. Belle    

@ #41 -

He was convicted in Canada in Jan. 2007 & served 15 months probation along with counseling and supposedly a stay at a hospital for sex addiction on top of that. For some reason that escapes logic in these times, in Canada if you serve out your probation & get "letters of recommendation" from counselors, etc. THE RECORD IS WIPED CLEAN. How much sense does that make?? IMO they need to change that ASAP.

1851 days ago


VH1 will recycle the footage into a new reality show "Megan Wants A Murderer". A million dollars will be given to the person who finds her body stuffed in a suitcase in a dumpster somewhere around LA. Think of the ratings!

1851 days ago


That is horrible,most of the people on their shows are crazy and they have them in the shows because they are that way to make a quick buck.Their shows ahows are sleazy & trashy and now this.One of the stars of their awful shows commits a brutal murder.They didn't even do any kind of background check.They most likely cast this luntic because he seems nuts & that equalls higher ratings for these bottom of the barral type tv & reality shows.They should be trully ashamed of themselves for the awfull programing they produce.

1851 days ago

scott is yummy.    

#31. He wasn't a "welfare" actor from Canada, he was a millionaire and most recently a psychopath. Welfare actor??? what a f*ckin D-BAG you are. I'm sure you DO have plenty of your own thugs to take care of business though, don't get me wrong.

1851 days ago


Flava flav (sp?) has had several domestic violence charges against and vh1 gave him his own show w/ women competing for his wife-beating ass! Violence against women doesn't rate high on their list of priorities, so not doing a background check for megan does not surprise me!

1851 days ago


She was identified from the breast implants she had. There is a data base record kept on breast implants and the implants have serial numbers. Her killer tried to hide her identity by pulling her teeth and cutting off her fingers. He did this to buy more time to effect his escape.

1851 days ago


Failing to do the background check just goes to show you how sloppy, negligent and lazy some workers are, especially Americans. Those who were responsible for doing the checkup are an example of how people do not do their jobs. Nevertheless, the nexis between that failure and their hooking up is one that does not exist. Anybody can file a lawsuit. Proving liability is another thing. The millionaire killer is the one reponsible for her death, not the tv show. He should pay the damages.

1851 days ago

Dave Evans    

They identified her by her implant SKU code?
Cut off fingers and pulled teeth? Thats rotten right there.

1851 days ago


This is a TRAGEDY! VH-1 didnt even do a simple background check to see if he had a violent past which he did! On top of that HE WAS MARRIED! VH-1 has canceled any future airings of that sad show "Whatever her name is wants a millionaire". Sad to see a murderer/married man was lurking around all those inocent people! Shame on VH-1 for allowing this to take place. R.I.P.!

1851 days ago


Man, many of you posters are trippin over what appears to a severe case of couch potato syndrome.

Why is VH1 in trouble? [you dumb ass's]

OH MY GOD. If only they would of done a background check. [more dumb ass's]


1851 days ago


i agree, vh1 did not commit a murder, but now they are undre scrutny, and rightly so, how irresponsible to not have checked out this guys past. granted, offing megan would have been a ratings getter. i cant beleive they are not airing any more shows, thats not like them.

1851 days ago
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