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Heidi Montag -- Miss Universe? Hardly!

8/23/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag is scheduled to perform at tonight's Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas, but pageant production staffers are taking bets as to whether or not it will actually go down -- because she's just that bad!

Sources tells us pageant peeps are concerned that Heidi just can't pull it off. We're told "she's lip-syncing and can't remember the lyrics" (to her own song!!!), "looks like a trainwreck," and "she can't dance."

But she's got Jesus on her side, so we're sure it will turn out just fine.

UPDATE: From the mouth of Spencer -- "The allegations by certain production staffers saying that Heidi is not going to perform are 100% false. She will perform live tonight and she is an exceptional dancer."

UPDATE 2: A source at NBC, which is airing the pageant, says Heidi isn't as bad as producers were secretly hoping she'd be. We shall see ...


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That is sacrilegious for TMZ to put "She has Jesus on her side." You can taunt people and laugh all you want but that is not right to make fun of her for her Christianity. I will never look at TMZ again. You can take a shot at others but not judging them for their beliefs!! I am appalled.

1830 days ago


Heidi's performance - a combination between laughing and a gag reflex. I"m trying not to throw up in my mouth!

Trump should have his business license revoked if her paid her to be on the show......People need to stop giving her and her husband air time....Stop the Madness

1830 days ago

too sad    

somebody please put this on youtube so we can all laugh for free forever.
thank you

1830 days ago


Oh she was horrible. It was actually amazing just how bad she was. She can't sing or dance and she managed to pick an outfit that made her anorexic self look bad! What was with the panty lines as well? I guess she just wants to be thought of as a keeps her in the spotlight after all. Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself! Why would you subject the world to that? Don't enough people already hate America?

1830 days ago


The producers were correct Heidi is terrible and cannot dance. While we are at it Claudia Jordan should be seen and not heard.

1830 days ago

Mary Worth    

It was 7:30 p.m. Sunday, August 23, 2009. It was PST/USA.
I found out that Donald Trump had picked the Top Ten MISS UNIVERSE contestants. He chose:


If you've seen Miss USA, you'd note that she is far inferior to many candidates who missed the Top Ten. But, some of us knew when Carrie Prejean lost her title, that her successor would make the Top Ten. Donald Trump would see to that.

Donald Trump said his chosen Top Ten were the most beautiful in many years. He said his choices were better than the old choices.
He also chooses the titleholders for Miss USA.

So why the farce of having judges?

And a glaring absence was noted when NO ASIAN CANDIDATES WERE IN THE SEMI-FINALS! This despite MISS KOREA and MISS PHILLIPINES being better than some of the top ten.

(We watched the preliminary pageant online, which included the swimsuit and evening gown competitions.)

1830 days ago


Hey Sami, I have seen Taylor Swift sing live in concert and she is very good....she really can sing. Now, this mess? Heidi is about as good as Paris Hilton, lol = "echo singing" And Heidi dances like she has a club foot!

1830 days ago


OMG....WHO LET THAT GIRL ON STAGE?!?! Seriously!!! I totally agree that in comparison, Britney's MTV VMA'S performance was amazing!! Cannot believe this montag chick, she can't even walk (SHE looked like her hips were going to give out), let alone dance? and what was that horrific outfit with the seam down to her knees??? PLUS she is always naked or half naked, but TONIGHT she decides to wear granny panties that totally showed through those horrific pants she had on? It was worse than letting a random girl that usually sings in front of the mirror at home go live on international television!! DONALD TRUMP BETTER FIRE WHOVER LET THAT TRAIN WRECK ON STAGE!!!!!!!!!!

1830 days ago


I saw the Miss universe pageant and she was horrible she really can't dance it was obvious she was lip-syncing and for some reason wearing the ugliest outfit ever she should just stick 2 what she does in which i hope is not singing full time

1830 days ago


Who watches the Miss Anything pagent??

Maybe she'll fall.

1830 days ago

Mary Worth    

So a half hr. before it's to be shown on the west coast, usa, we find out that Miss Venezuela won over the Misses Dominican Republic, Australia, Kosovo and Puerto Rico.

It's so predictable!

1830 days ago


WOW!! that wasn't just was awesomely bad! shes a horrible dancer, she was lip sinking, wore an ugly ass outfit. holy Jesus that was amusing. they blocked out most of her little "performance" to introduce the contestants and show sexy pics of them. HA! i just love watching horse face embarrass herself!.

1830 days ago


OMG!!!! Someone please check on Brody Jenner, cuz if ol' boy was gavomiting and laughing as hard as I was you know he busted those stitches from his appy......Heidi, girl your 1st performance SHOULD NOT have been on live TV. If you insist with singing go back to standing in front of your mirror and practice, practice, practice cuz honey you need it bad. Better yet, just stop and go back to trying to be arm candy and don't open your mouth!

1830 days ago


she was very bad lip sync @ Mrs, Universe tonight. AWFUL! JUST BAD!!!

1830 days ago



1830 days ago
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